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What's to come, & A Contest!

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First, I'd like to say sorry for now update, I've been feelin sickish, and this weekend, i'm goingt o be gone. I plan on having a update released on Moday, but i don't know..

Anyways, this isn't really a update, but more of a teaser post. It will contain teasers for what's to come...

Official Teasers!

Winter, will take it's Toll..

Raising a Child can be hard..

A Lost Brother..

Medical Break Throughs..

A Hero is reconised..

Those are the Teasers, Read them, and Speculate.. Comment on what you think they mean, and maybe I'll tell you, if your right..

Anyways, here is some info about how i'm going to be updating stuff..

As you know, I have 2 segments in most updates. The Regular Update, and the Joey Stories.. I have these 2 parts of the same story, to give you 2 persectives. It makes understanding the story better, atleast that's what I think..

The Current Date for the CJ is now August 30th. I know I skipped the entire month, but that sort of stuff happens.

Don't think that December 31st is the last day of the year, I'm changing that to July 3rd. Meaning Every July 4th, is a new year, in the story.

Now, What I want you to do, is leave a comment below, giving me the details of a new Character.

This will be a contest... Which will last some time.. But, leave a comment below, describing a Character, include the following info:



Where their from

Where they are

What they do (citizen of militant)

How they can be included into the story

How they can interact with Joey.

I want this all, and I will personally choose the best character that will fit into the story. Please note just cause I don't pick yours, won't mean it isn't a good character, it's just not the one fit for the story..

I'm going to include the new character as soon as I can into the story, after the Contest is over..

Please Take Part in the Contest! The more, the better!


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Recommended Comments

 Name: Justin De'maro
age: 20
home Location: Detroit,MI
Current Location: Phoenix,AZ
Background:  The outbreak started on Justin's 20th birthday. when the world outbreak was posted on the local news, the city of Detroit was thrown into mass hysteria. Many people fled the city in fear that the virus would be more easily spread to them because they share an international border with the country of Canada. with traffic back up on the freeway for up to 60 miles Justin and his family decided to flee the city via Boat. they were succesful in their escape attempts and docked their little boat on the shores of what was then the thriving city of Erie,Pa. their common peace of mind and internal serenity would not last long. the infected quickly discovered them and greatly outnumbered a small group of people  including his mom ( whom was a worker for the Atlanta CDC [ center of diease control]) before being grabbed and presumably taken "hostage" by the infected. she handed justin a file of her work. upon thier escape from the city of  Erie and the review of the file. Justin, His father , and his little sister moved to phoenix. the file stated that the new infection could not withstand extreme temperatures while in a host's body, and this was true to a certain extent. but once again justin lost the ones he loves when the fastly adapting virus quickly adapted to the city of phoenix's heat and overthrew the city with minimal effort. Now with the information that his mom has passed onto him through her written works, Justin has Plotted a course up through the Rockie mountains and into  the thunder bay region.

how justin may interact with  Joey: guess what area is right below the thunder bay region.... thats right its st.cloud, and i think that justin might have some information for the people at the st.cloud refugee and Quarantine base.

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Very short: Make a old ninja guy in a wheelchair kickin' zombie butt turning out to be Joey Grandad... then agian maybe not :/

I cant think of something really... cant wait till a real update.

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My goodness Iowndiscti, what a read! That was way more than what i expected! That was a perfect example of what I want lol..

MayorAwesome, your idea, isn't far off of what I have planned for the future of this storie.. A abandoned city still may have uninfected residents..

Don't worry, a real update is gonna be released sometime on monday.. It'll be a pretty decent update, where some interesting things happen!

Oh, i don't want to get your hopes up, i just want to let you know!


P.S. I've started thinking about what the last update could be for Year 1..

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I thought you wanted us to give you our personal info... Anyway, this is great as you allow your readers to interact with the journal.

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Oh, Nah I don't need to know stuff like that, lol I just want people to help make the story. I'm going to do more stuff like this eventually..


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Thanks Nuclear! Oh, and for those 10 more people that are gonna see the journal today, It will be updated! With a whooping 16 pictures!


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