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Burton II

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We still stay in "Burton". But this time around we will have a look towards the western end of the city. Due to the 1972 Olympic Games hosted by "Burton", the city experienced a sudden growth. Businesses who were formerly unaware of the city wanted to come to get their share of the cake. And with the businesses came the people who needed living space. What we can see now is the methamorphose of a former industrial & railway town to a bustling city. Today is just a broad overview of the development the city took during the past years.


After the olympic games, the city decided to build a convention centre for the industry & businesses. The "BICC (Burton International Convention Centre)" is build at the old railway maintenance yard. Here, they also did build the first TV-Tower for "Burton". it is now mainly used for radio stations & as a tourist attraction.


The Stadium of the "Burton Football Club" in "Whitington Park". The park is a great are for the people of the surrounding boroughs to realx as well as for tourists to visit the highest building in "Burton", the new TV-Tower ("Aurora Tower") build in the 80's. This picture also gives us the possibility to follow the M24 South. It passes "Whithington Park" and continues towards the west, underneath the railway and connects "Burton" with some of it's suburbs and the south of the country.


"Whitington Park" from another angle. The M24 south heads to the right while going southbound (upwards) at the "Crumpsall Intersection", you will end up at the A35. On the left of the M24 is the borough of "Crumpsall". A poorer neighbourhood with council estates and high unemployment rates.


Heading on the M24 towards "Burton", you are bound to end up at "Camille-Jones-Square". A bottleneck in terms of traffic which is now beeing renewed. The idea is to build a sort of underground motorway intersection which is supposed to let the traffic flow without any traffic lights. Also, the space created could be used to create a park for the people in this borough. In addition, 2 new office towers and a park are beeing build to raise living quality in this borough which really struggles with the amount of traffic coming through here every day.


"Burton Victoria Station", one of the 2 main stations in the city. Just off "Victoria Square" and "St. Peters Church", this station is one of the architectural highlights of the city. Beeing build over 50 years, constantly renewed and changed it now is finally finished. 10 platforms, located on 4 levels and trains leaving at least every 3 minutes. Outside, the statue of "General Prestwich" welcomes the cities guests.

burton31jul123128147163.png Just of "Victoria Station" is the "Burton Metropolitan University" located, formerly known as "Burton Polytechnic". The university is located on both sides of the "Kearsley Avenue". On the right, the oldest building: "Swinton Building", once a museum and now the main teaching facility. On the left, the newest of the 2 buildings: "Eastwall Building". The halls of the students are, unliek the ones of the "University of Burton" located all over the city and not on one campus.


An image which was actually supposed to be included in the last update. "Baron Cross", the big railway junction in the east of "Burton". At the bottom you can see parts of "Picadilly Station", the largest station in the city.


A nightime picture of the two suburbs next to the M24. On the left "Newton Heath" with the ruins of "Worsley Abbey" and on the right "Wythenshaw".


And last, but not least, a overview of the city centre at night.

Comments and ratings are, as per usual, welcome and appreciated.


dudkis: Thank you very much for your comment. I think I might have accomplished my goal now ;)

JGellock: Thank you as well.

k50dude: Thanks mate.

TekindusT: Cheers for that. I must confess that it is also one of my favorite pictures.

YorkshireLlama: Well, it is all about West Yorkshire. But ye, I know what you mean. I tried to create, again, a british city but I really wanted to be a bit more continental this time. Especially with W2W buidlings since they seem to fit more. Sadly, most of the W2W buildings on the STEX or other fanpages are German, French or Eastern european. Thank you for your comment - and I tried to work on the council estates.

Jamondread: Thank you!

Cisco2: Ah, I wondered if someone would realise. Even though trying to create realistic cities I also try to creat functioning citys. This means that, in order to grow, I need to place an airport in every city which somehow seem to really attract wealthy sims. It is very strange... Thanks for commenting.

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Glad to see you back, iGod! I see lots of new stuff here, RHW, NWM, new stations, even construction areas! I've liked many things of this update, but the abbey in ruins has really caught my attention. Can I ask where have you taken it from?

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Those NAM features you put in are HOT! Nice work. May I ask where you got the huge church off to the left?

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I see this for the first time and go

Absolutely excellent my friend, Not a fan of the Urban places but offer you strong respect.


P.S. Have an urge to shout go Newcastle but wont :P

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Great update! I really like the use of Elevated Rail, it blends into the city very well. Keep up the good work!

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