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Commuter track

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@encomnium: It came a bit too late... and nice that you like it:)

@monay: thank you 1.gif

The blue skyscraper was part of one of theese CAM commercials @SC4D

Update 16 "Commuter track"

Heyho and welcome to the sixteenth update of my MD Dragon Islands Cities Smiley

Do you remember the rail station of Shì dàotián? (Update 7) It’s possible to see something more than just the usual XTER trains since last monday. The LCRT Cooperation (Lòng Chèng Rail Transit) stretched the line 2 until this station, part service but direct trains into the downtown and to Dà nàng. It’s a reason for me to intreduce you to line 2.

Shì dàotián. A for the LCRT typical Tokyu 5050 series train is waiting fort the green light.


The train departures as usual punctual and heads through the rice fields.



The first stop is L?o Gang, Here you can find a small industrial area beside the old habour. (after which the station is named)



Luckily the other train on this image was a bit too late....


A old steel bridge buildt in colonial times crosses the Dragon’s Neck.


Another curve, another sraight piece of track....


The next station is Lóng Dàquiáu.


Lóng Dàquiáu is the last not suburbian station. Fom now on the trains will dive into the suburbian regions of Lòng Chèng.

The first stop on the city area of Lòng Chèng is Xiaocun. A parking garage and some bus lines make the trains more attractive.


Rice fields... a last time along the A2...


The line meets a bit later the shinkansen line and it will follow it for some miles...


The stationX?n shìch?ng is below a shopping center, transfer to the line U2 is possible. Btw. The name of the station means „new market“


L?olù, next station, next transfer station, this time to the line U1...


A train crosses Hàn ji? shortly before it arrives at the station with the same name....


This station is one of the last not modernised ones, no glass roof and about the lengh of two train wagons shorter.


That’s the point where line 2 meets line 1 and 6...


Central station


This was one of the last railroad crossings on even ground, but this sollution is better for traffic flow....


The station at the downtown hides behind the skyscrapers. The tracks crossing aboth are the ones of the line U3......


The city boarder to Dà Nàng is reached in some moments. This train heads to Tíng zài hú, the last highrises of Lòng Chèng to it’s left.


The stop Tíng zài hú was a station in colonial times, tuday it’s building is used for different things. It also can serve only 4 of the reccomended six wagons with it’s plattform lengh...


Dà nàng. The last station, since the departure at Shì dàotián a half an hour went by....


This is a small mosaique that gives an overview of  line 2....




^(I know that theese three pics are saved in PNG, but in this case they need less memory than JPG, at least, Paint.net said so....)^

Is someone interrested in how the interior of a Tokyu  5050 looks like? Here is a example.

I hope you’ve enjoied this update,

Greetings from Lòng Chèng, Skimbo.

Comments are always welcome Smiley

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Recommended Comments

wow really beautiful. Realistic and simply beautiful. Anyway you know how to speak/read Mandarin?

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This is AMAZING!! Very nice shots of the trains in motion and stationary. The comments add nicely to the pictures.

The map is great! I use Paint.NET also for my maps. The layers make map making easy. 

I'm looking forward to the next update.

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 This is awesome! I have always liked trains, also in simcity. The transit-lines are very realistic and the city is really beautiful!

Could you also tell me where can i download those stations in xiaocun and laolu? I would really appreciate that!  

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Simply amazing!

There are a couple of stations I have never seen (and I thought I had seen it all)

Also, the realism and scenery is top notch, all around, one of the best rail updates I've seen!



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@ Tigeria:
Thank you

but about Mandarin: sadly not.

Nice that you like it too.

Sometimes it took me over five minutes until the automata displayed some trains in the way I'd liked them.

Thank you for thoose motivateing words
About Xiaocun:
http://kurier.simcityplaza.de/details.php?file=932 (I think they are somewhere on simtrop too but I haven't found 'em here jet.
About Laolu: see below.

@DC Metro:
Thank you! Nice that you like it :)
My often unknown stations are mostly from japaneese and some from chineese sites.


A lot of people ask me about the station and shopping center on the 12th pic, here is the link:


And I also get a lot of questons about the station on the 13th pic, it can be found here:
At the same site you can find the stations on the pictures 1, 7, 15 and 19 too.


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I really like thias CJ but i think using bus stops on the road will look much better and save space and it's a shame you can't nderstand the Mandarin it's a fairly easy Language to learn to speak but reading and writing is much harder

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oh my god, just looked through every update. wow, that was awesome, i want everything in ur bat folder!!! and i'd go back to simcity 4 right now. Love all the trains. just amazing work.

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Absolutely love this CJ, hope to see more of it soon.

Sorry to be a pain, as I'm sure this gets annoying, but I can't find those awesome Chinese W2W buildings you're using... mid-rise, covered in Chinese writing...wondered if you wouldn't mind pointing the way?

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I can't resist a CJ with a title like this, which is why I came and peeked.  :D

You really do the Asian style very, very well.  Made me feel like I was back home in Japan again.  :D


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CIUU96: No problem

@Smirk: Wow, theese pics must have impressed you I hope to see some more pics of your cities too! Thanks for this nice comment.

@Solace101: thank you :)
You ain't a pain at all, but I cannot give you alota specific information, just some.
Some of theese buildings are downloaded from the STEX, search for asian buildings, chineese buildings etc, you will find some nice downloads. Then pick a translator and go over to SC4D where you can fond some links to japaneese sites Last but not least I would visit Simcity.cn, if you search through the site you may find alota links and interresting downloads.

@Timmystwin: Thank you, it was hard work to build the rail system, such comments are motivateing me.

@K50dude: thank you, nice that you like it.

@Zelgadis: Thank you for thoosepositive and motivateing words, and thank you for stopping by

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This has been an awesome update! I've enjoyed very much your work with the labels and graphics, but the way your railroad lines zigzag on your cities is the best thing for me!

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