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Whitemud Creek and Lansdowne

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Welcome back folks! Today, we're travelling further west down the Whitemud Drive, towards the Whitemud Creek - the freeway's namesake. Lets take a look...


Here we have the creek itself. One of the more prominant creeks in Red River, the Whitemud Creek creates a natural border for the wealthy south western corner of Red River. Many sizeable houses have been built along the creek - some ending up in the creek. But that's a story for later.


The city opted for an unintrusive creek-level bridge, rather than spanning across the top of the bank. Although it also preserves the look of the creek, a natural habitat for many critters, it was by far the cheaper option.


And here we have the neighborhood of Lansdowne. The neighborhood has two natural borders - the Whitemud Creek to the west, and the University Farms to the north. The southern border of the neighborhood is the Whitemud Drive, leaving only limited access to the area. There are only two roads in and out, leading to interesting commutes in the morning.

The large gap you can see at the center is for a natural gas pipeline that runs through the neighborhood. I believe that we've seen one before, in the Mayfield area. Residents are growing concerned that the sizeable trees that have grown will inadvertantly cut the line with its roots. The city and province are investigating.


And an overview of the Lansdowne area.


Just across the Whitemud Drive from Lansdowne are the Lord Nelson apartments. There are many similar developments that have sprung up near the Whitemud. We'll be taking a look at a larger one near Heritage Mall in a few updates - but not today. ;)

And that's all for now, folks! Hope you enjoyed the update!

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Recommended Comments

 I really like the aesthetics of your cities but the downtown areas always look abit empty. I mean, the parking lots are cool, but there are never any cars on them, like in your fifth entry. There is also alot of unnesecary pavement which do nothing. Just a suggestion to add a bit of cars onto the parkinglot, thats all. Overall, I like the buildings you used and you build great suburbs! Good use of the highway walls. BTW, if you don't like the waves in the 4th picture, try turning them off in the graphics menu.

Sorry for the really long comment....

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To make the creek look a bit better, you can turn the waves off while taking images of inland rivers and such, so its just the water, since rivers dont have waves.

Another city! Always liked how you did your suburbs and neighborhoods.

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BlondeTwiggy: Thanks! Glad you like it! :D
tkueller@gmail.com: Thanks!
ImVhozzi: Not especially, this is still a central area of the city. Lets pretend it's 6am on a Sunday morning (aka beebs pauses the game to take pictures, leading to a graveyard like city )
sepen20: Don't apologize! I like reading novels for comments! I totally hear you on the parking lots being dead.. I'm sorta torn between the wonderful look of these parking lots and using ones that have some cars. The ones I use at the moment is a mod that turns any 1x1 tile of streets or roads that's by itself, into the parking lot. I do think I have started going a bit crazy with the amount of parking lots in each development that uses them though.. I'll try and remember to tone it down. Glad you're enjoying the rest of it! :)
ComputerGuy890100: Thanks! And welcome back! 
Archean: Ah yes, the waves.. always forget about the waves. Thanks, Archie!

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in the second and last picture...how did you get the avenue and highway to slope that way, its really smooth...i know the BRF slope mod (which i use) isnt the only slope mod out there...did you use a different one?

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kolnikov inc: I definitely have a slope mod, but I'm not sure of the exact version I have. As I recall, some folks in chat recommended it to me, it wouldn't hurt to try posing the question to them, or someone in the Help Desk room.

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