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Let There Be Rail - a look at Whitefall's rail system (part 1)

Shadow Assassin



Let There Be Rail

An integral part of Whitefall is its basic rail system. Thirteen stations, one line. Shared with freight. Basic grade-separation on major roads. The rail system was intended to provide a back-bone for the majority of the city as it stands today. (region views are on page 1)

The rail system is well-used, being the only means of transport for many people. Trains run every 20 minutes with limited connecting bus services.


Today, we look at the first six stations on the network...

Whitefall Industrial Park

The current terminus of the main line that runs through Whitefall, Whitefall Industrial Park is the most heavily used station on the network, with an average of 1500 passengers per hour passing through its doors. Whitefall Industrial Park station also has the freight and rail maintenance yard located next to it, making this particular station very important to the entire network.

It services the industrial park and much of the northern-most suburbs of Whitefall.


One of Whitefall's largest single employers is located here: Joseph Rank Ltd. A flour mill that was constructed to provide the region with finely-milled high-quality flour, the facility employs 1805 people. In a classic example of vertical integration, a number of wheat farms and bakeries also fall under the Joseph Rank banner.



Castlemaine Street

The next station on the line is no less important, either. Completely surrounded by development, it is an important interchange station providing connecting services to nearby Whitefall North Station by bus. The catchment is entirely residential. Whitefall's only radio station is also located here.


Whitefall North

Another terminus station, for the spur line, Whitefall North is located close to the State Fair and the town centre. However, it suffers from infrequent services, so the station is basically underused.


Whitefall State Fair is a popular attraction, located conveniently close to transport. The station for North Whitefall originally stood across the road until a decision was made to move it further into town to provide better transport options for these people in the southern part of North Whitefall.



Whitefall Heights

Back on the main line, Whitefall Heights is the last station before the rail line enters the tunnel under the subdivisions of Whitefall Heights. Located next to a smaller hamlet that is technically part of North Whitefall, Whitefall Heights has not changed much compared to the rest of the city.

Located at a busy intersection, Whitefall Heights is also a heavily used station.



Whitefall Heights is also the largest suburban subdivision, and provides many nice views over the rest of town to the water, depending on where you live in the Heights. Of course, this comes at a cost: it is one of the more expensive areas in Whitefall, which really isn't saying much, but it is.


Whitefall Central

Another major station, Whitefall Central is important as it provides service to the majority of Whitefall proper. It is the second-busiest station on the network, with 1250 passengers per hour passing through its doors. It has been planned to become a major hub for many rail lines in the future, however current situations prevent this from happening for upwards of 50 years.




Whitefall Central stretches from the Heights to the shores of the Whitefall River.



Woodcroft Road

The last station on today's tour, Woodcroft Road is one of the busier stations on the network, providing access to the industrial park there. It also is the oldest passenger station on the network, since it was formerly the original terminus for the Whitefall River line before it was extended to Whitefall North.


Where to from here?

The future of the northern part of Whitefall's rail system is bright. Future extensions will definitely occur, and these will be done over the next 20 years if necessary. Most extension will be done from Whitefall Industrial Park, in Whitefall's northern suburbs. Investments in road infrastructure will go hand-in-hand with the extension of the rail line.

Part 2 of this update will go up tomorrow. If not, it will go up Friday. Remember, I update sporadically.



Recommended Comments

I like the first map picture thing. It looks real and offical haha. Looks really good man. I will look forward to seeing more updates, yes?

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Very nice Shadow Assasin!  The CJ looks great, even the Maxis content looks nice in there. Good luck!

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Thanks, guys, for your replies. It's greatly appreciated.

rusty_777: Thanks, mate - though I feel as if I'm a bit rusty when it comes to SC4 playing seeing as I haven't really played in a while.
chptrk: [insert cliched response here] Tee-hee. Thanks for the comment.
rawr APPLES: Thanks :) I can't wait to see your ideas, whenever you get around to posting them.
Nickuga1: Thanks! :) And more updates are on their way.
Equilibria: I would have gotten an 'unsuitable slope' error message if it was closer to the main street... though this is really a moot point when I can just expand the industrial area further.
CSGDesign: Thanks! :) Of course, I've got you to thank for getting me to post this in the first place.
Gilikov1994: Thanks!
un1: I'm one of these guys who have a great appreciation for what Maxis have done... so thanks for noticing that :)
TekindusT: Thanks!

...and of course, browse page 3 when you get the chance.

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wow, Daniel...

great rail stuff here !

this would even make Zezug proud of you pal ...

Nice work with your region so far, and nice to see you investing som heavy duty

time in this..,

regards, Brian

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Nice.  :)  I'm loving on the road networks that you've put together here.  It's good when things aren't blocky, particularly in an environment such as what you've put in here.  

I'm intrigued by your water mod too.  What is it?  :)


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