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_marsh_: Thanks for your vote and comment! When I was writing the story, I think the "if one happens then the other will too" type of thing, so thats a very good observation! Also, 1 vote for the ranch!

Retep Molinari: Thanks for your comment, and I'll take it you voted the same as _marsh_, so two votes for the ranch!

Shulmanator: Thanks for your comment, I'm glad to see I can tie my cities together nicely

simcitymasterman: Haha! Thanks for your comment, I especially like edgucation, hehe. Also, 3 votes for the ranch!

mustang34: Glad to see that you've decided to start to vote! I wonder if you were previously a lurker, or just recently discovered the CJ.....in any case, 4 votes for the ranch!

In Other News: The City of Spokane voted overhwelmingly to sell the land to the ranch! The transaction will be completed within 30 days, and from there, its up to the ranch!


Bright and early, I got up and hopped on one of the daily trains that heads into BrookStone’s farthest settlement, Jeffory. The train to Jeffory always left at around 6am, because it would take a couple hours to get to Northern Jeffory, where it would spend time waiting for passengers or picking up supplies. After that, it was another half hour to get to Southern Jeffory, where the train would receive well-needed maintenance before heading back into central BrookStone. I fell asleep on the train, until it came to a stop at Northern Jeffory.




I was one of two people that got off at this stop, and when we got off, we were the only two people on the platform. I went out onto the street, and that’s when I realized that the other person who got off had disappeared, seemingly into nowhere, and that I was the only one on the street, from what I saw. The train wouldn’t leave for another hour, so I had time to walk around, and find out why this place was so empty.




I began to wander about the city, and in a few minutes I realized that every single store was closed-no exceptions. This was quite odd to me, added to the fact that no one was out on the streets, and I saw no cars. I was beginning to suspect this place was abandoned, even though it was newly formed.




By the time I had walked around a bit, there seemed to be so many indications that the place was abandoned, but just as many that it was completely inhabited. Most of the stores looked like they had just been closed a few minutes ago, and some houses were in perfect condition, even the shrubbery was well trimmed. At the same time, I saw no people, no cars, and some houses were even actually abandoned! I really did not know what was up. I knocked on some doors, and all came unanswered.




Then, I noticed something that made the situation even more perplexing. These strange concrete blocks in the ground. They were just about the size of a manhole, but all hatches were locked. They were littered all over the city, and I wondered if it was some secret underground area.




All of them lit up as well! Power was flowing through this small town, at the very least. In any case, I wondered to last part of Northern Jeffory there was, the industrial sector and railroad spur.




Again, no one. Not a single soul. All of the factories seemed in perfect condition, yet, no smoke, no sign of activity whatsoever. I looked out over a ledge, and that’s when I saw something even more peculiar




It was a singular antennae, about 40ft high. This was very odd because it was on the edge of town, and Northern Jeffory didn’t have any radio stations, nor any businesses or industries that required radio connection, not as far as I knew. I was beginning to think that maybe there was an underground set-up in Northern Jeffory, but that was preposterous to think about! I boarded the train, and started south, towards southern Jeffory. I was wondering if that area would be the same




This time, the ride was shorter, and I managed to stay awake through it, soaking up the sun and nice scenery all around the track.



Soon, I ended up at ‘South Jeffory Terminus’, a newly-built Terminal Station that served two lines, the BrookStone Regional Rail line, and the Canadian Nation rail line. It was a very modern Station, in contrast to rest of the city, but it still was a beautiful addition to the small town of South Jeffory.




I knew South Jeffory was far different from North Jeffory once I got near enough to see the town. Everywhere there was much more hustle and bustle of people in the station, and far more cars out on the street. Everyone was kind, and I entered a liquor store to get myself a drink. I spoke with the clerk, and he said that the town was formed just a few years ago, when the station was built. Most of the people that live here have come from other parts of Canada, down the CN line. I walked down main street, which after a block turned into a dirt road, and was lined with houses and farms instead of businesses.




I visited a house of someone I had talked to over the phone before I got here, and asked them about Northern Jeffory. He told me that Northern Jeffory was a very odd place, and most of the people in Southern Jeffory have never visited there, or if they did, never found anything and had to leave. Some had asked train conductors if they knew what was up, but they didn’t know either. It seemed no one knew about Northern Jeffory, or knew anyone who lived there. Some speculated it was a fake town created so that the military could conduct operations below. Some thought that the residents of Northern Jeffory did all their business underground, still others thought the place had been abandoned, and a lone man went around town cleaning up certain houses of people he knew. However, no one really knew for sure what happened in the town, and over time everyone just came to accept that it was there. I thanked the guy for the interesting conversation, and continued one my way.




I walked a little ways further and then I realized that I had just passed most of the town. At around 500 residents, Jeffory was awfully small, so there was really nothing more to see, I waited around and looked at how natural the area was for a bit, and then boarded my train.


Thats all for this time guys! Sorry about the no-vote. Jeffory, like Karling, is far too small for any sort of large development to be going on. Also, I intentionally did not mention where our journalist was going next, partly because I don't know and partly because I want it to be a suprise! ...ok, so its completely because i haven't decided where he is going next, but its much better as a suprise! See you all later!

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Very interesting update...  Wonder what the whole prediciment with northern jeffory is though too.  Maybe a goverment conspiracy  or somthing else even! who knows! Like it Can't wait to see more!

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Hey there!
It's been a long time since I commented.
I've read all your updates the day they came out, but I didn't have the time to comment...
Anyway, it's not that your updates weren't good enough: they were very great!
And this one is not an exception!
I wonder what's all the story behind the strange situation!
You've definitely succeeded to turn a simulation game into a suspense story!

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Could you do an update of Trenton?
Also I am wondering if you have considered my high speed rail link between Trenton, Lexington Bay and Calgary.
Anyway well done so far.

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