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The Story of Spokane

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k50dude: Thank you!

Retep Molinari: Thanks for your comment!

_marsh_: Thanks!

Mars250: Haha, if you've been waiting for them to become big commerical centers, then I must say your very very patient! The Equitable Building can be found here, and those lines come with the NAM, just check the box that say's 'left-hand turn lanes'.

simcitymasterman: haha, thanks for your comment. I often look back and can see just how much the region has grown.

newyorkrunaway1: Thanks for your comment!


The ride into Spokane was rather uneventful, but the moment I stepped out of Spokane’s only train station and onto the street, then the story really changed.




Right across the street was a new town hall, and this main street was hustling and bustling with people going about. There were dozens of new stores that lined the road, and a lot more high-end stores. For this trip, I was assigned a special task, I was to find as diverse a population as possible, and ask them about life in Spokane, and then I was to compose this into a nice short story for the newspaper. My first stop: John’s General Store




It was a rather small store, typical, where John and his wife lived upstairs, and tended to their store downstairs. I stepped in, and a small bell rang. John knew that I was going to be here, so he greeted me very warmly. We talked a whole lot about how its been in Spokane, and how this small town differs from where I come from, one of the bigger cities down in the US. John told me that business has been especially good for him recently, since industrial companies have started to set up shop.

            However, John was really concerned about other, bigger chain stores opening up here, and worried that soon he might be bought out. That’s why he’s saving up all his new earnings to expand the store! He says, “No longer will this simply be ‘John’s General Store’! It will become ‘John’s Great Big General Store!’”. He told me that he plans on devoting space to a new assortment of goods, so that he’ll have everything anyone needs! It was very ambitious of him, but I wished him the best of luck, and started walking down the street.




Down a cul-de-sac, I found the Lombard house, a rather wealthy family. I arrived just as they were leaving, however, so I only had time to ask about a few things. Mr. Lombard said that their family moved in right when Spokane was founded, so that he could work at the new Kandex offices. Mrs. Lombard thinks its great that all these new businesses are coming to town, and all these new people are moving in, because she was starting to get bored, she also said that thankfully the new poor residents were across the railroad tracks, because she didn’t want them in their neighborhood. Following that, the couple jumped into their Jaguar and drove off, I didn’t know where they were going, but, I once again set off on foot, towards the new residents.




I crossed the railroad tracks, and nearly immediately I could notice a difference. There was an odd smell about, the road turned to dirt, and farms popped up. I had to walk somewhat farther down, and started to guess at the roads, since there weren’t any signs of any sort. Eventually, I ended up where I wanted to be.




This was

1200 Sinclair St.
, or the home of Kovacs. The Kovacs are a middle-class family that decided to move into a developing neighborhood in Spokane. They constructed the house themselves, and have been living in Spokane for at least 3 years. “We really hope this area will develop soon, I would like a nice sidewalk and a couple of parks around here.” Mrs. Kovac said. “Yeah, and maybe a decent sewer system. I know we didn’t construct this in the best of neighborhoods, but we are really hoping that Spokane will get the funds to develop this area soon!” Mr. Kovac added. Mr. Kovac worked at the railroad station, as stationmaster. Mrs. Kovac worked right across the street at a local specialty store. They were also expecting a child, so they really wanted the place to become a little better in time.

            I talked a little more with them, and the couple explained that they had made very many friends in Spokane, as even the residents in the more snobby neighborhoods were very welcoming. They said that they had to prepare for a block party coming up soon, which would be right around where Lombard’s lived. I thanked them very much for their time, took a small drink of water, and continued on my way. I was starting to wish the area had a sidewalk too, as I was sneezing clots of dirt every time a car passed.




Just down the road, the houses got smaller, and more downtrodden, and weeds were starting to permeate the road. This looked like the sketchy side of town, and I was going to the Elber Residents. There, I met Mr. Elber, a single man in his mid-20s, working for a new smelting plant down near the Oil Terminal. Elber told me that he just recently moved in, and was actually glad that he now had a plot of land, somewhat, and that he had his own small place to live. Mr. Elber moved down from his apartment in LexingtonBay, and although he’s not too much better off, there’s much more open space for him to move about. The only drawback for him though, is that he can’t find what he needs for cheap. He told me “Sometimes I go down to Calgary to find what I need, and that alone could cost me a hefty amount of money. In the end, I might make a little more, but purchasing things here is ridiculous, I don’t know if I can keep living like this.”

            For Mr. Elber, things were light and bright, but also hard, he lived day-to-day, and his only solace from his budget was sitting out in his yard and soaking up the sun. I thanked him for his time, and bid him goodbye. The day was going into the afternoon, and I made my way back across the railroad tracks, and up to the steps of Fenchan’s Foundry.




I stepped in, and the entire large room was bustling with activity. On the far side workers were pouring molten steel into forms, and around the back forms were being broken and steel shapes were being stacked up. In the center, there was a press, where hot steel was put under intense pressure and formed into everything from car parts to toaster shells. Off to the other side, chunks of iron ore and recycled steel were all going into a big vat, to be lifted by crane to the other side of the foundry, and poured. I met the foreman, who was none other than Mr. Fenchan. He took me up to the upper level offices, and began to tell me all the great things about moving to Spokane! Mr. Fenchan spoke with a passion in everything he said, so it sounded like a miracle had just happened to him when he started telling me about moving from Lockheart to Spokane. He told me the labor was cheaper, it was easier to get raw materials and ship finished goods out, and there were far fewer taxes! He told me, not only that, but if the foundry could expand, they would receive a bonus from the city of Spokane!

Yes, it seemed like Mr. Fenchan was living his dream, that was, until he told me that unions were starting to form, and demand higher wages. He told me that if he gave them higher wages, he might lose his competitive edge, and not be able to expand, therefore not receiving the bonus. All of the sudden, it seemed like a precarious position for the foundry, but time was running out. I bid Mr. Fenchan goodbye and made my way down to the new Town hall.


I was to take a peek at today’s vote before turning into a hotel.




This is where you can Vote! The City of Spokane today debated whether they should sell this land off to a ranch and small slaughterhouse. The ranchers say they can help the economy, but at the same time demand that the city add sewer lines and a new spur track to their ranch. Some residents would rather see their sidewalks paved, so its up to you to vote on whether residents get new sidewalks and roads or whether they get the possibility of a richer city!


I made it just in time for conclusions. The speaker concluded his presentation saying: “You see, if you sell this land to us, not only will you make money, but we’ll also help your town’s economy! Of course, we’ll need a few city funds for the construction of sewer pipes and a new rail line spur, but, what else could you use that for? Sidewalks? Please, economy first.” “well, we Can use the funds for sidewalks, but thank you very much for your proposal, sir. Voting will begin in five minutes” It was a very interesting last few minutes, and I hope the city council voted to make sidewalks instead. I was tired of getting dirty.

            Afterwards, I made my way just up the street to the local motel, where I would stay the night. You know, Ramen is not that bad of a dinner, especially when you’ve been walking about all day. These stories I heard today will all be great for me when I write my short story, I was glad of all the walking. Tomorrow, I was going to one of the newest settlements in BrookStone, one that hardly has a name!

Thats all for this time! I hope you all like the storyline, and I won't keep making these long exhausting stories, it was just this one time. Next time there'll be more photos, so until later!

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build the ranch, it would boost the economy, and when you make sidewalks you will have a surplus for more important things like edgucation and health, cant wait to see you new town:)

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woo! first vote! anyway...

I say build the ranch, pave the roads with the profits from that

This is an amazing CJ so keep up the good work!

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