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Getting the Ball Rolling

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sneakeypete: Thanks for commenting! and, as far as the north goes...I don't even know! very secretive

gotsomemilk: Thanks for your comment! That seems like a very interesting idea, I might entertain it, since normally I don't look so far ahead on my cities

Shulmanator: Haha, or maybe they're not even underground bunkers!

simcitymasterman: Hey, good connections there, but...the place also happens to be in pristine condition!

tepodon: Hahaha, Mole Rats, they sure do have a good taste in housing!

Anarcho-X: Haha, thanks for your comment! I'm not really minded by people not commenting, its always great to know that I have 'ghost' viewers who follow my story but don't actually comment.

lordmungus: I'll certainly try to aim my Journalist in that direction! As for the high-speed rail link, i'm really on the fence, because on one hand it would be great and fun to build, but on the other hand I cannot find a suitable realistic path, and the realistic costs in-game would be immense. At this point, if I can find a good path, there would be some way to rake up the funds.

k50dude: Little thingy's? Huh? the man-holes? the weeds? they're all PEG's stuff...but...I don't know!


Notice: hey everyone, sorry for being away for such a long time. The thing is, I was all prepped to play SimCity on my vacation, however when I arrived I found the computer out of order, which means that I was disconnected for 10 days. As well, it has been a mere 2 days since I have been back, so this update will be short, but I hope will explain a lot of what comes up in the future.

Allright, In the past few weeks a peculiar thing was developing in cities across my region, and it affected my three largest cities; Calgary, Lexington Bay, and Trenton. This peculiar 'thing' was very blatant, it was a distinct lack of growth, and it occured when I filled up all the space in the city, or at least, the rather flat space that was easy to develop. And so, development came to a near standstill across the region, and it was beginning to hurt as businesses started moving out, without any new ones moving in.


Above you can see how Calgary once looked. The land that was developed was all at the bottom of hills, where the area was relatively flat and accessible, and things were easy to build. Then, if the terrain got even moderately steep, development stopped. This of course, left beautiful mountains and hills intact, but soon, space ran out at the bottom, and something must be done.

For developers, the choice was easy: simply build on top of the mountains, using winding roads and marketing the suburbs on top as having "great views" and "fresh, mountain air". However, for the politicians and the residents, this was unheard of, literally. None of the residents would have thought that building on a hill or mountain would be viable, much less a good Idea.

So it was when a team of developers from McKracen corporation approached the council and offered to buy much of Calgary's remaining undeveloped land, that the politicians finally realized they could sell off the remaining hills to be developed. Because Calgary was in such a pinch and there appeared to be no more space to develop, the proposal to sell off the majority of the mountains and hills in Calgary was met with little opposition, the only big fighter being environmentalists. Thus, the proposal passed with a good majority. Now in the present, Eastern Calgary looks like this:


Near the Marina, there is also a new suburb:


So with thousands of new residents pouring in, Calgary finally go the ball rolling again, and is prepared to surpass Lexington Bay once again as the largest city in BrookStone! Just in case you all are wondering about where this is, I have a small reference photo:


So it was not long before Lexington Bay caught onto the idea, and started selling off their extra land. Today, Lexington Bay has a brand-new suburb, overlooking its downtown! However, The Bay still has a way to go to jumpstart its economy, and available land of any sort is expected to be gone quite fast.


Pictured above: Lexington Bay. To the right, downtown, to the left, the Stadium and Lockheart.

Trenton is also getting in the game, although its a bit late on passing the proposition to sell off land. However, developers a intensively eyeing this patch of hill:


Very close to the airport and docks! Great place!

Thats all for this update! sorry its so quick, I just haven't had too much time to play. Next one will be a lenghty one, and i'll have more adventures! Until next time!

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Amazing nieghbourhoods! As for the high speed rail link, its all cool. Take your time so you don't ruin this beautiful region. I just wanted to know if you were still thinking about it.

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