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Mars250: Thanks for your vote! And i'm glad you think this CJ's improving! I had a small feeling in the back of my head it was getting worse, but I guess not!

stoney525: Thanks for dropping by and voting!

Paul5: Thank you!

Anarcho-X: Thanks for you vote! That was actually a really good analysis, and I don't think such a small town could support a new commercial sector. Hope you like the new update!

lordmungus: Thanks for your vote!

politicman: Thanks for your vote! I think C is getting quite a few votes, looks like there'll be some new houses soon.

prussanai: I don't exactly know what to think of the Music Video, but thanks for dropping by and commenting!

sunrise: Haha, yeah, the mayor sure likes oranges. Good observation about the trees, as well! Given that there was a palm tree farm nearby, it could be justifyable, but i'll make an attempt to get rid of them. Also, thanks for voting!

In other News: Residents have voted to have around 3 new blocks of prime real estate set up for residential sale! It is estimated around 150 new residents will be able to move in!


I'm really happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best music videos of ALL TIME.

We continue with our journalist as he attempts to walk to the next town....

The route leading up to the next town was long and dusty. I went around at least three hills, what a long walk.


However, by midday, I was at the top of one of the hills, and farms were around me, particularly, more orange orchards.


This seemed like a nice little place to live. I walked a little further and finally reached the town center, and some pavement. To my surprise, there was a bus stop! I could’ve taken the bus here, and suddenly all my arduous walking seemed to be worth no more than a good exercise. 


nonetheless, I asked around town, and found out that this place has no mayor, however they have come up with a name, Karling. They said this was about as much to see, there were a couple houses farther down the road…


And if you went even further, you’d see a trail, they said….


and if you went up that trail, they said…


You’d find some lumber. Its stray lumber, supposed going to be used to build a bridge. They said if you went farther, you’d find a couple houses and a farm. This is supposedly where the ‘flower man’ lives. He owns a small flower farm, and every so often, he comes into town from the east…


and sells his flowers. They are very beautiful, but after a couple days he disappears in the middle of the night! People have gone up that trail, and they say it ends at the lumber piles…but some believe it’s a red herring, that there is a trail up the mountain, one that leads to his mass of flower fields.


It was a great story, but I received a call from my boss. I had to go to

Lexington Bay, people were writing to him about it, they wanted to know what ordinary life is like there. I thanked the people that told me the story, and went to the bus stop. Within a few minutes, a bus came, and I was off, to Lexington Bay. Until next time!


P.S. Unfortunately, there is nothing to vote on this time, as Karling is too small of a town to really have any projects going on. Sorry, but next time there will be, for sure!


In other news, Phase I, Phase II, and Phase IV have been completed on the BrookStone Regional Highway! Phase III was opted to be delayed, as engineers and surveyors cannot find a suitable way to expand the highway past 2 lanes. Photos of interchanges have been gathered from all along the two routes, and I gladly received them from the BrookStone Regional Planning Authority!


Closest to the airport, this interchange in Trenton lies close to a tunnel that brings the highway to Trenton’s industrial sector, where it terminates. It is a rather simple interchange, yet very effective.


Farther up, Trenton’s largest interchange is near Lockheart. It features the highway elevated, and the ability to turn around, or simply get off and on the highway. This was expensive for the city of Trenton, but proved a great relief to commuters between Trenton and Lockheart. The pond project accounted for at least 20% of overall costs.


Lockhearts only interchange, simple, yet very effective. The two ponds accounted for 46% of overall project cost.



Calgary, Interchanges are little bit more….off-beat. Due to lack of space, only certain directions may enter or exit the highway. Together, though, the highway is a very effective mechanism for transporting traffic, as these have been built only after extensive research on commuter routes.


In LexingtonBay, this interchange has just opened, however a new project to expand this portion into a 4-lane highway is already underway. Some commuters between Calgary and LexingtonBay are now choosing to use the highway rather than the ferry. Ferry commuters account for around 68% of all commuters between the cities.


That’s all for this update! In the next one, expect a drop-by on the new oil terminal in Spokane!
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Great success!
This update is very nice, dude!
Even without the voting thing, you amazed me with the Karling story and the transportation network.
I would also like to see the whole region!

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