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As we know, Schulmania is the universe’s oldest, largest feline nation. But it is a diverse nation, hosting a small but loyal group of non-feline citizens. Humanoids and yes, even canines, are just as proud to be Schulminion and just as loyal to the Supreme Wirdle as the felines. The canines are represented nationally by the Wirdle’s Canine Council (WCC), an organization also tasked with maintaining relationships with foreign canine states. (We currently have diplomatic relations with Schulmauckland and Terra Canis, both canine states.)

And, as we also know, dogs love to ride in cars. Cats hate it, by and large. And the Supreme Wirdle is definitely NOT a motor vehicle fan. Thus the near total exclusion of vehicles from the nation. But, the WCC has presented the Supreme Wirdle with a study funded by its canine advocacy group, RUFF (Rover Upholding Feline Friends) stating its reasons for allowing more vehicles in the nation and the benefits that motorized vehicles would bring to Schulmania.


The WCC’s CEO, Sir Fido Rover, brings the petition to the Supreme Wirdle’s chief of staff, the Duke of Felidae.

The Duke gave a copy to the Supreme Wirdle and one to the Bureau of Feline Affairs (BFA). The BFA officials immediately arched their backs and fluffed their tails in anger! To allow hated vehicles all over the country just so dogs can stick their heads out of the windows was awful! After all, these dreaded vehicles carry cats to the v-e-t… and no one likes going there! So the BFA decided to commission its own study to show why cars were not welcome or needed in Schulmania. And they formed their own special interest group to do the study. Now, let’s see if their argument is convincing enough…








CAT says cars are wrong for felines and wrong for Schulmania. Looking at the pictures above, would you agree? The Supreme Wirdle will read both reports before issuing her ruling.




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Recommended Comments

Yeah, nice Cat logo and a very clever way to incoporate CAT in a slogan!

But Onoes. ALL those animals are being attacked by those vicious cars D: What is happening to the beautiful Schulmania!? :P

This is really a great updates, funny to see some animals involved too!

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I think this is spin! Those animals are attacking the cars! I remain unconvinced, and see this as a hot-button issue that will forever form rifts in Schulmanian society...

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[i]NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.[/i]

[b]Benedict[/b] Thanks! My usual fauna are the eagles, moose and deer. But if you catch the wild animals as soon as you paint them in, you can get some cooler ones, like the rhino and lion.

[b]Ggagmus[/b] I really don’t think TSW will approve cars just so dogs can ride around in them. Too many cats hate cars for that to become an accepted practice.

[b]Huston[/b] I think the CAT presentation is more compelling than the RUFF one. Expect Schulmania to remain vehicle free.

[b]NMUSpidey[/b] A conspiracy theorist?? :D

[b]MatthewB13[/b] Thanks! And welcome to Schulmania. Please visit us again soon.

[b]Konstantinll[/b] Then again, most people can’t drive cars either…

[b]USFighter15[/b] I agree that the CAT presentation is compelling.

[right][Volume 3 Update #270][/right]
[right]Please feel free to continue to view and comment on this entry.[/right]

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