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District of Wenzel REVIEW

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Luiz P. Romanini


"Under the overpass

In the parking lot we're still waiting

It's already past

So move your feet from hot pavement and into the grass

Cause it's already past

It's already, already past"

(Arcade Fire - The Suburbs)



Since June 2010, packersfan delivers to us the District of Wenzel, an always changing, chalenging and realistic region, from farms to skycrapers, from small townships to a bustling metropolis, from highways to parks. Two years later, this CJ haven't lose the breath and keeps impressing us with the typical 'American City' style.


The CJ follows the traditional "Natural Growth" style, showing in it's first updates, the founding and growing of the city of Martin, the main setting of the journal, and the farms and townships scattered around the region. During the next updates, it shows the growing of the places (Martin becoming a metropolis and some townships becoming small to medium-sized towns) and it's main features.

The way the places grow are impressive, especially in those small towns. Like St. Paul, a samll setting in a riverside peninsula, with a gigantic cathedral serving as the main town spot, has spreaded north in the last updates becoming maybe the second biggest place of the region.

The growing of the main city can't be ignored. Martin has evolved in a incredibly realistic mode: The suburbs in the edges of town, the wall-to-wall apartments near the center, the rail lined industrial districts and the skyscrapper-filled downtown are mindblowing.

Transport is frequently remembered, with the impressive rail line, the still-growing highways, and, by far the most impressive tansport feature in the CJ, the subway lines. Packersfan crafted an outstanding system, which connects Martin, Jefferson, Hohler and South Martin. One of the very best public transport systems in Simtropolis itself.

The parks have a special place in this CJ. Nothing is so nice to see as a block filled with green grass, trees, playgrounds, benches and fields. The inhabitants of the region can't complain about having no place to hangout.


Packersfan doesn't need to exaggerate in photoshop effects, cause this city itself is beautiful in every way. The building choices are perfect and well thinked. The Government Center, the Universities, the gigantic factories are well placed and nice-looking. Kudos for the creators of those lots and BATs, by the way!

One of the main characteristics of the CJ is the constant use of mosaics, which expands the beauty and the size of the district. In fact, even where's not a mosaic, there is no way you can't get lost in the gigantic city. I've never seen a place with such a size in Simtropolis.

The region used by the creator is a tricky one, but so far, wasn't commited any kind of mistake in town positioning of anything else. If you can go se the 50th update and check the region views. You'll be amazed!

Talking about the region, did you ever have the luck of seeing the District of Wenzel Map? NO? Well, then you are losing the greatest map made to a fictional city i have ever seen. Seriously. I don't think that even the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V will make a map like that. And Rockstar knows how to make awesome city maps.


In closing, the District of Wenzel is big in everything: big region, big city, 'big' small towns, big farms, big towers and, of course, big dedication from packersfan to bring what I would call a Simtropolis Classic. I hope this journal continues for much more time.



Here goes two links for you:

The District of Wenzel City Journal: community.simtropolis.com/journal/1560-district-of-wenzel/

The District of Wenzel Street Map: mjwenzel.netne.net/streetmap.html

And again, thanks for your attention. Thanks for the positive feedback from the first review (even if where from only two people :P ). I hope I can keep getting better at this thing.



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Recommended Comments

This is a very clever idea, and I think you did a good job reviewing packersfan's CJ. I have a couple suggestions regarding future reviews:

1) SC4 is all about visuals, so you should include pictures. When you describe District of Wenzel's region view in the 50th update, go ahead and include the pic. Most people won't go digging though the CJ to find what you are writing about, but it is really easy for you to add the image - folks will be much more inclined to read future reviews if you make it easy for them.
2) If you don't want to clutter the review with too many images, I would consider including links within the text to examples that you are writing about. Again, this isn't a print review in the paper, so take advantage of this medium and make it easy for readers to see what you are describing.

I just wanted to give you a couple ideas for future reviews because I think this is a great idea. Keep up the great work.

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Review was great - very in depth, very thorough. It really shows that you took your time and read the entire CJ - something that Im sure will be very much appreciated by your readers and the CJ writers you will be reviewing :)

I agree with SimCoug in that adding pictures could add yet another element to what has been an outstanding start!

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Great job providing an in-depth review of packersfan CJ! THis is truly a resource for many junior members like me, to be able to see what they have to look up to!

You have done a great job praising the CJ, which was very nicely condensed. It is clear a lot of effort went into this.

I do agree with the above posts- pictures would definitely bring things into context, and showcase what it is you are reviewing even more. Even a random picture at the end is sure to bring out a few smiles! (At least from me!)

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