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About this City Journal

The greatest reviews in the Simtropolis history... I guess.

Entries in this City Journal

Luiz P. Romanini




Why, hello there. I'm back to the Romanini Reviews. This time to talk about a really interesting city journal, which is made by Lyhoko Leaci... and us!! That's right, today we will talk about the unique city of Galesfeburg.



The territory of Galesfeburg and it's neighboring small towns. There's still pretty much to explore around here.

The journal accounts the creation and growing of the city of Galesfeburg and it's neighboring small towns. The main city was founded by Myonan colonists, located south of Yanar River, overlooking the Melemon Ocean. During the updates, we see the city grow, expand, and the creation of other towns, like Nyuumau and Bredi.

And during the city showing, there's glimpses of an sace exploration that, so far, hasn't been really clear but intriguing enough to see the story unfold.



Early Galesfeburg, August 46 EL. Lyhoko goes so far in the Myonan cultture that he created it's own vocabulary and time counting.

The cities are simple, but very pretty. Seeing Galesfeburg grow it's an satisfactory experience, mostly because we have influenced that grow. Lyhoko makes sure in every update so far to ask it's followers which part of the city should be expanded or what changes should be made in one determined area.

One of the nicest touches of the CJ it's the Myonian language. I still doesn't figured out what language it was based, but it brings that nice sensation of going to an unique place



A walk in Downtown Galesfeburg, around Staar Ave. Yep, we made this.

It's such and interesting CJ because the city maintains Lyhoko's visual aesthetics of other cities made in it's other CJ's - Euro houses, a lot of trees, a mix of old and futuristic buildings, the Myon's mythology, language and timeline, and space stuff. Creates an pattern that make all these cities exist in his own universe.

Want an example? Go to

Galesfe City and you'll see what I'm talking about.


And the feel of the places is good: when you see a rural area, the great mixes of plantations make us believe that we are surrounded by crops and plants. When you go to the city, you have that fill of a growing, but movimented place, that suburban feeling, or hi-tech feeling. It manages to be beliaveble and enjoyable.



A nice view of an unburg (small town) at the outskirts of Galesfeburg

Lyhoko Leaci and it's friendly avatar

photo-51417.gif?_r=1356030763 has made one of those feel-good city journals. Sure, it's not groundbreaking or impacting, but it doesn't need to be. Such simplicity it's what makes this journal so special and one of the most watched in Simtropolis this days.


I don't know how's "SIMPLY great" in Myonian. If I knew, I would put at the rating.


So, that's it. Thanks for watching another update of the Romanini Reviews. I hope i keep updating these more, I love doing this and I'm seeing so much great jobs these days.

Anyway, go to

Galesfeburg and give Lyhoko Leaci a holla!!


Luiz P. Romanini

Hello there, ladies and gentleman! Welcome to another ROMANINI REVIEWS!

After 5 months without doing it - thanks to college and total laziness too - I'm finally returning to do my reviews.

To begin this review, let's set the tone a little bit...




Image: The vast New Sorgun territory and it's towns.

New Sorgun is a fictional territory in the Oregon region of the United States. The story begins during the Gold Rush - most exactly, at the year of 1851 - where the explores begin to "civilize" the untouched region. From there, SimCoug jumps onto several themes of the period: The Western Colonization, the contact with the indians, the American Civil war, the nation-wide railroads.

That is the focal point of the CJ, the storyline. It's so well constructed and so accurate with the times (so far, the region story spanned between 1850-1870) that any unadvised person would think this is a true story.


Image: the use of real-life photos help the storyline accuracy of the CJ.

Passing through the gold rush, the indian alliances and conflicts, and the advent of railroads, SimCoug made something different for this kind of story city journal: it didn't make us cheer for an specific character or family, like Farmer Ben or Mr. Finch, it made us cheer for the whole town - or towns - New Sorgun it's not just composed of the titular town...



Image: New Sorgun "downtown", around 1870.

The Junction, Materburg, Porthaven, Steamer's Bay... these are the towns situated in the middle of the wilderness; each one with their characteristics and stories and all of them extremely well-crafted. Like the Junction, the town built in a crossroads, that was destroyed during the conflict with the indians. Or Porthaven, the town born at the outskirts of the region's millitary base.

Every home, bussiness, farms, plantation and ruin is carefully placed and has it's own peculiar tales, like the New Sorgun first school, built thanks to the city first "gentlemen's club", the Illahee. Every lot blends with each other in a marvelous symbiose, that pleases the eyes of the reader.


Image: Illahee - the brothel that saved the world... kind of.

And, i was just talking about the towns.


When it comes to the natural environments, SimCoug punches us in the face with pure awesomeness.


Look at this, no, seriously, LOOK AT THIS!

It's so beautiful it makes me wanna jump thru my computer screen. It's a true masterpiece, made with so much passion and effort, I imagine.


Actually, I think that was the shortest of my reviews. Well, maybe because nt even a thousand words would be enough to describe the spetacular job made by SimCoug in this incedible CJ.


Well, that's it. Thanks for watching another Romanini Reviews. Sorry for any mistakes in my english(I'm brazilian, y'know). It means a lot to me seeing you reading and apreciating my reviews and, most important, the City Journals I'm reviewing.

Talking 'bout it: http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/3468-new-sorgun/

Here, the link of New Sorgun: CLICK IT! NOW!

Luiz P. Romanini


After almost 6 months, the unofficial greatest CJ Reviews of Simtropolis are BACK!!

And we are going west...


That's right. Brace yourselves. I am returning...


Luiz P. Romanini

"Under the overpass

In the parking lot we're still waiting

It's already past

So move your feet from hot pavement and into the grass

Cause it's already past

It's already, already past"

(Arcade Fire - The Suburbs)



Since June 2010, packersfan delivers to us the District of Wenzel, an always changing, chalenging and realistic region, from farms to skycrapers, from small townships to a bustling metropolis, from highways to parks. Two years later, this CJ haven't lose the breath and keeps impressing us with the typical 'American City' style.


The CJ follows the traditional "Natural Growth" style, showing in it's first updates, the founding and growing of the city of Martin, the main setting of the journal, and the farms and townships scattered around the region. During the next updates, it shows the growing of the places (Martin becoming a metropolis and some townships becoming small to medium-sized towns) and it's main features.

The way the places grow are impressive, especially in those small towns. Like St. Paul, a samll setting in a riverside peninsula, with a gigantic cathedral serving as the main town spot, has spreaded north in the last updates becoming maybe the second biggest place of the region.

The growing of the main city can't be ignored. Martin has evolved in a incredibly realistic mode: The suburbs in the edges of town, the wall-to-wall apartments near the center, the rail lined industrial districts and the skyscrapper-filled downtown are mindblowing.

Transport is frequently remembered, with the impressive rail line, the still-growing highways, and, by far the most impressive tansport feature in the CJ, the subway lines. Packersfan crafted an outstanding system, which connects Martin, Jefferson, Hohler and South Martin. One of the very best public transport systems in Simtropolis itself.

The parks have a special place in this CJ. Nothing is so nice to see as a block filled with green grass, trees, playgrounds, benches and fields. The inhabitants of the region can't complain about having no place to hangout.


Packersfan doesn't need to exaggerate in photoshop effects, cause this city itself is beautiful in every way. The building choices are perfect and well thinked. The Government Center, the Universities, the gigantic factories are well placed and nice-looking. Kudos for the creators of those lots and BATs, by the way!

One of the main characteristics of the CJ is the constant use of mosaics, which expands the beauty and the size of the district. In fact, even where's not a mosaic, there is no way you can't get lost in the gigantic city. I've never seen a place with such a size in Simtropolis.

The region used by the creator is a tricky one, but so far, wasn't commited any kind of mistake in town positioning of anything else. If you can go se the 50th update and check the region views. You'll be amazed!

Talking about the region, did you ever have the luck of seeing the District of Wenzel Map? NO? Well, then you are losing the greatest map made to a fictional city i have ever seen. Seriously. I don't think that even the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V will make a map like that. And Rockstar knows how to make awesome city maps.


In closing, the District of Wenzel is big in everything: big region, big city, 'big' small towns, big farms, big towers and, of course, big dedication from packersfan to bring what I would call a Simtropolis Classic. I hope this journal continues for much more time.



Here goes two links for you:

The District of Wenzel City Journal: community.simtropolis.com/journal/1560-district-of-wenzel/

The District of Wenzel Street Map: mjwenzel.netne.net/streetmap.html

And again, thanks for your attention. Thanks for the positive feedback from the first review (even if where from only two people :P ). I hope I can keep getting better at this thing.



Luiz P. Romanini

"You're really growing on me,

(or am i growing on you)

Any fool can see..."

(The Darkness - "Growing on Me")




Kafra, the capital city of Desera, during the update 6

From two or three weeks, while wandering through the CJ's, i saw one called "Year Two - Building the Foundations" by nedal2001. The only thing that made me have some interest in that entry was the rating of five stars given to that. So I clicked, to see if those five stars were deserved.

Well, they were! 'The Land of Desera' delivers to us a great - and, now thrilling - storyline and eye-catching images of a small but growing city in the middle of the Atlantic. Let's know more about this CJ, shall we?



Image above: Kafra (Yes, it's the same town of the first pic!) in its first days

Acording to the author, Desera is a nation situaded in an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which has been rejected by explorers in the past. This nation is formed by nomadic tribes, which the responsibles for the growing of this land were, mostly, the Mallam.

The Mallam leader's son, Diallo, future Prince of Desera, discovers, after travelling through the seas, the discovery of oil in that very land to his father, the soon-to-be Royal President Sidebe Mallam. With no time, with the help of Brand Oil, they created the settlement of Kafra, which stayed behind the seaport and was cut in half by the only road of the nation at the time.

Soon after that, Sidebe Mallam, unites the other tribes and form the Nation of Desera, the new black gold paradise. During the years, Kafra, the capital, grew up in an instant boom. In the (current) six years of history, the city already have over 30000 residents. During this time, Desera has built the royal presidency residence (Independence Hall), an international airport, a national bank (Bank of Desera), a preparatory school and an university, a public hospital, a mosque (Bahr Mosque) and a christian church (Church of Peace), a resort hotel (Kafra Beach Hotel) and the House of Council, the main government building.


Image above: The House of Council, in Downtown Kafra

The storyline is made, mostly so far, by the life of the current Royal President. At all the entries Sidebe Mallam shows himself as trustworth, peaceful and ambicious (in a good way) leader. But, since the entry "Year Five", internal conflicts in the Council start to blow. And in the next update, we can clearly see what happens to almost everyone and everything: power corrupts. That leads to the first major blow to the perfect beginning of the nation - the separation of one of the tribes, the Torani.

This storyline writing is, in my humble opinion, great. Its details, facts and stories are building, in this CJ, one of the greatest storylines i've ever seen around here. The change of paces, from a calm growing and development to the suspenseful conflicts, is extremely exciting. It make me rebember when i first saw the first episode of Breaking Bad: after I ended watching, the first thing that passes through my head was...



That is my feeling when i see a new post of this CJ in the main journal page: the feeling that i'm going to read a wonderful tale of this young nation. No city journal so far made me actually read the story before seeing the images.

Oh, and about the images...



Image above: The Borkan Mountains

Ah, the visuals. It made me want to travel in a desert city. Maybe, in the future...

But while i still don't have money for it, i travel to the land of Desera and dont' get ever disapointed.

During the entries, it's very intresting the growing of the city so far, because nedal2001 likes to end every one of his 'Year X' with an image in the same angle of the city by far. This give us a great impression of how the city has grown by that year.

This system of "Year X' entries work amazingly. It kinda feels like when we visit a small town in real life, and then years later, when we come back, we see - God, it's completly different from the last time i've been here!

One of the most said things in the CJ comments are the excellent blending of the Middle East shanty towns, with narrow alleys, to the Euro-american styled neighborhoods, in tree-lined streets. This different styles are mixed in a outstanding and shocking way, making us see the different life situations of the inhabitants of the place. Nedal2001made an awesome job at the city ambient.

But, the natural environments... well...

STILL AWESOME! the beautiful coast filled with palm trees (or coconut trees, i don't know) and the small grass lands in the desert land are such a nice touch in the journal. It feels truly natural.

BTW, the images of the newly introduced Borkan Mountains... OH... MY... GOD... Such a beautiful and paeceful place.


Amazing. Truly amazing.

Amazing Story, amazing characters, amazing city, amazing buildings, amazing mansions, amazing shacks, amazing desert, amazing mountains...

Just amazing.

And what is more amazing: so far, "The Land of Desera" City Journal only had 12 updates. That means we still doesn't saw the true form of this fantastic land.



EDIT: Here's the link tho The Land of Desera City Journal. Enjoy it!


Thanks to yarahi for the suggestion!!

So, this was the very first Romanini Review. Sorry for any vocabulary errors (I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and thanks for your atention.

Please, leave your comment below leaving your opinion about my review or you can review the CJ Land of Desera yourself. Your suggestions are always welcome.


Luiz P. Romanini

Hello, boys and girls" This is Luiz P. Romanini anouncing the new review journal of Simtropolis. The fabulous, the incredible, the unbelievable, the amazing, the really stupid...


(in Comic Sans)

Here in this journal, I'll be talking my opinions about a specific CJ, pointing it's finest points. Those reviews won't come weekly or montly, they will be posted when i want to.

BTW, I'm going to be a good guy, so if you see the name of your CJ in one of my entries, you're going to have a good time. That means I'm not going to be a $%&^!, talking bad things about your CJ. Hell, I barely can make half of the things you can in SimCity.

So, brace yourselves - The Romanini Reviews are coming...

PS: The first review will, probably, be about a new place in the desert.

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