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The Land of Desera REVIEW - NOW WITH IMAGES!

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Luiz P. Romanini


"You're really growing on me,

(or am i growing on you)

Any fool can see..."

(The Darkness - "Growing on Me")




Kafra, the capital city of Desera, during the update 6

From two or three weeks, while wandering through the CJ's, i saw one called "Year Two - Building the Foundations" by nedal2001. The only thing that made me have some interest in that entry was the rating of five stars given to that. So I clicked, to see if those five stars were deserved.

Well, they were! 'The Land of Desera' delivers to us a great - and, now thrilling - storyline and eye-catching images of a small but growing city in the middle of the Atlantic. Let's know more about this CJ, shall we?



Image above: Kafra (Yes, it's the same town of the first pic!) in its first days

Acording to the author, Desera is a nation situaded in an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which has been rejected by explorers in the past. This nation is formed by nomadic tribes, which the responsibles for the growing of this land were, mostly, the Mallam.

The Mallam leader's son, Diallo, future Prince of Desera, discovers, after travelling through the seas, the discovery of oil in that very land to his father, the soon-to-be Royal President Sidebe Mallam. With no time, with the help of Brand Oil, they created the settlement of Kafra, which stayed behind the seaport and was cut in half by the only road of the nation at the time.

Soon after that, Sidebe Mallam, unites the other tribes and form the Nation of Desera, the new black gold paradise. During the years, Kafra, the capital, grew up in an instant boom. In the (current) six years of history, the city already have over 30000 residents. During this time, Desera has built the royal presidency residence (Independence Hall), an international airport, a national bank (Bank of Desera), a preparatory school and an university, a public hospital, a mosque (Bahr Mosque) and a christian church (Church of Peace), a resort hotel (Kafra Beach Hotel) and the House of Council, the main government building.


Image above: The House of Council, in Downtown Kafra

The storyline is made, mostly so far, by the life of the current Royal President. At all the entries Sidebe Mallam shows himself as trustworth, peaceful and ambicious (in a good way) leader. But, since the entry "Year Five", internal conflicts in the Council start to blow. And in the next update, we can clearly see what happens to almost everyone and everything: power corrupts. That leads to the first major blow to the perfect beginning of the nation - the separation of one of the tribes, the Torani.

This storyline writing is, in my humble opinion, great. Its details, facts and stories are building, in this CJ, one of the greatest storylines i've ever seen around here. The change of paces, from a calm growing and development to the suspenseful conflicts, is extremely exciting. It make me rebember when i first saw the first episode of Breaking Bad: after I ended watching, the first thing that passes through my head was...



That is my feeling when i see a new post of this CJ in the main journal page: the feeling that i'm going to read a wonderful tale of this young nation. No city journal so far made me actually read the story before seeing the images.

Oh, and about the images...



Image above: The Borkan Mountains

Ah, the visuals. It made me want to travel in a desert city. Maybe, in the future...

But while i still don't have money for it, i travel to the land of Desera and dont' get ever disapointed.

During the entries, it's very intresting the growing of the city so far, because nedal2001 likes to end every one of his 'Year X' with an image in the same angle of the city by far. This give us a great impression of how the city has grown by that year.

This system of "Year X' entries work amazingly. It kinda feels like when we visit a small town in real life, and then years later, when we come back, we see - God, it's completly different from the last time i've been here!

One of the most said things in the CJ comments are the excellent blending of the Middle East shanty towns, with narrow alleys, to the Euro-american styled neighborhoods, in tree-lined streets. This different styles are mixed in a outstanding and shocking way, making us see the different life situations of the inhabitants of the place. Nedal2001made an awesome job at the city ambient.

But, the natural environments... well...

STILL AWESOME! the beautiful coast filled with palm trees (or coconut trees, i don't know) and the small grass lands in the desert land are such a nice touch in the journal. It feels truly natural.

BTW, the images of the newly introduced Borkan Mountains... OH... MY... GOD... Such a beautiful and paeceful place.


Amazing. Truly amazing.

Amazing Story, amazing characters, amazing city, amazing buildings, amazing mansions, amazing shacks, amazing desert, amazing mountains...

Just amazing.

And what is more amazing: so far, "The Land of Desera" City Journal only had 12 updates. That means we still doesn't saw the true form of this fantastic land.



EDIT: Here's the link tho The Land of Desera City Journal. Enjoy it!


Thanks to yarahi for the suggestion!!

So, this was the very first Romanini Review. Sorry for any vocabulary errors (I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and thanks for your atention.

Please, leave your comment below leaving your opinion about my review or you can review the CJ Land of Desera yourself. Your suggestions are always welcome.


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Recommended Comments

All I can say is THANK YOU!

What an AMAZING review - truly moved me to see you having enjoyed my CJ that much!

I am honoured to have had such high praise bestowed upon Desera and honoured to have been your first review :)

Thank you, again!

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And I forgot to mention - your review was a fanstastic read. Great details, and great observations! It shows you really took the time to study the CJ, and it is very much appreciated!

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Great review. Very very well laid out and all that :thumb:
But one suggestion would be to include a [b]link to the Cj[/b] included.. this will surely give it more views (people are lazy you know)

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@nedal2001: Hey, don't mention it, man. You deserved it. Keep doing the good work!
@yarahi: Thanks for the suggestion! I've already put the link on it.

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