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Seeds of a Rebellion

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Thank you, TekindusT (Yes, as Kafra becomes richer, the shanty towns will continue to spread out of the center!), SimCoug, hammysonata, Mastof, and Mithrik! Your comments are very much appreciated! This update will focus on the storyline of the CJ - for those interested, the House of Council building is actually the CSX Palace of Justice BAT :)

Seeds of a Rebellion

Anwar Torani had heard enough. Merfil Hamana was at it again, babbling on about how his people were getting the short end of the stick when it came to welfare distribution, all while work was being done day and night in order to complete his new E2 million mansion in Akhdar. The nerve of these people, Torani thought, the sheer audacity. The worst part about it, the most frustrating part, was seeing the Royal President sit back and say nothing. How could he?! Torani never understood it, and he never would. How could Sidebe Mallam, first Royal President of Desera, sit back and listen to this garbage while he knew full well the systematic corruption that was beginning to eat this council alive. If Mallam was going to be quiet, Torani certainly was not. Not anymore.

“Enough!” screamed Torani. The entire council, which just seconds before had been an incomprehensible noise of loud voices trying to talk over each other, turned completely silent. “If I had my way, all of you would be thrown into prison for the blatant theft you all have been a part of. Shame on you. All of you!”

No sooner had Torani completed that sentence did another member of the council, Kamel Shallam, speak up in an even louder voice. “How DARE you – who in the world do you think you are?”

Recognizing the situation was about to about to spiral out of control, the Royal President intervened. “Alright, quiet, both of you. It has been along session, and some of you have long trips ahead of you. We will pick up after…”

All of sudden, the Royal President’s voice was drowned out by Torani. “No! This will not continue! It cannot do. I will not be part of this mess any longer!”

“You watch how you talk to your leader!” interrupted Prince Diallo Mallam, the Royal President’s eldest son. “I will have thrown into jail for blasphemy and treason, you runt!” He reached for his Desert Eagle, conveniently placed on his waist.

Anwar Torani looked around the room, observing his colleagues and the so-called leaders of the nation. Truthfully, he had no respect for almost all of them, and he could not allow himself to be part their game any longer. He had to watch his next move, however – a wrong move and he knew the Prince would be true to his word. The Torani tribe was known as the fiercest warriors in Desera, but he was not in the Borkan Mountains, where they hailed from – he was in Kafra, stronghold of the Mallam tribe and home to the Deseran Armed Forces. He already knew what had to be done - it was just a matter of getting himself and his personal guards out of the city safe and alive.

“You are right, my prince. My temper got the best of me, as it has so often in the past. I apologize, my Royal President. Please forgive me.”

Never a harsh man, Royal President Sidebe Mallam smiled and replied, “No forgiveness necessary, my old friend. As I said, it has been a long day. We all need our rest.” He looked towards his son with a stern look and said, “Diallo, remove your hand from there at once! I will NOT have such barbaric actions in my council!”

The Prince hesitantly complied with his father’s wishes, all while keeping his eyes on Torani. For his part, Anwar Torani breathed a silent sigh of relief, and immediately dismissed himself. He called for his guards to prepare the motorcade, consisting of two SUVs, to pick him up at the front entrance of the House of Council on Mallam Road – the only way out of Kafra. He wanted to waste no time and take no chances by heading towards the SUVs in the parking lot behind the building – he might have been safe in the presence of the Royal President, but there was no telling what would happen afterwards. He knew now that Mallam no longer had control over his council – it was they who controlled him. Without them, his reign as Royal President would be short, and it was only through the other tribal leaders acceptance of him was his he still ruling. He was not a bad man, but he no longer was to be Royal President of the Torani tribe. As Kafra disappeared in the distance, Anwar Torani had made up his mind – the Borkan Mountains was no longer under the rule of Kafra.


The House of Council in Kafra.



A typical village in the Borkan Mountains.

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I am absolutely ashamed of myself for missing all those updates. School started back up and I went back to being online only at night and somehow managed to let them all slip right on by me. Capt. Picard facepalms me.

Anyways, your story is interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out. The Borkan Mts. look very peaceful. For now...

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