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Sandbox: Middle East

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Another sandbox update from me, this time, showcasing how I build my rural areas of Onubis.

Some useful downloads and links:

http://community.sim...loads&mid=10536 - Frogface's content includes Middle Eastern buildings and other mods.

- Farming kit based on Frogface's Middle Eastern buildings.

- HBS Tropical Flora Pack (Mayor Mode)

- Sphinx Rock Mod

http://sc4devotion.c...88785#msg388785 - Marsh's mods; you'll find his desert terrain mod here.

(Keep in mind, I used the lot editor the create smaller lot sizes of Frogface's MEB sets.)


Since this is not my main region, I created a different region solely for sandbox updates. First, start with a blank canvas.


Terraform the landscape, you should have a part of the land being almost at sea-level. This is so that vegetation can grow as well as crops.


Next, drag a couple of streets and place something unique such as an obelisk.


In order to make this a functional town, I zoned a couple of low-density residential 5x5 zones.


In addition to zoning, add some 1x1, 1x2, and 2x2 residential zones along with a 4x5 low-density commercial zone. Fast forward the game time and buildings should start to grow.


Since the unemployment amounts are significantly high, zone more 4x5 low-density commercial zones along with more streets.


With this empty space, add some filler lots that has the same base texture as the lot.



Zone more 1x1, 1x2, and 2x2 commercial zones and farm zones to fill the empty space.



Then, add some vegetation. Do not add vegetation on any other areas because it would look unrealistic.


Finally, the eye-candy.



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Recommended Comments

That's lovely! What water mod is that?

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arab cities don't look like that you know -_-
also not all arab cities are the same
not all climates are the same either

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[quote name='IL.' timestamp='1341518656']
arab cities don't look like that you know -_-
also not all arab cities are the same
not all climates are the same either

I am fully aware of that. Since I am faced with limitations such as not having a grassy shore or not having different terrain mods flowing smoothly, I can only focus on cities that are in Saudi Arabia or something similar. Not only that, but this fictional nation is based of Saudi Arabia, so all of my cities are based on that real life nation.

I am not telling the person how to exactly build Middle Eastern cities, just a general idea of what it should be. Maybe I should have clarified this in the beginning.

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[quote name='IL.' timestamp='1341518656']
arab cities don't look like that you know -_-
also not all arab cities are the same
not all climates are the same either

Of course all Arab cities don't look the same. But given there are about 10 middle eastern style lots to download, I think the work that Evillions and others do creating middle eastern cities is remarkable. By using Lot Editor, Evillions makes a very small number of BATs go a long way to creating a believable middle eastern environment.

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Hiigarar: Thanks man!

dubaidude303: Thanks!

MamaLuigi945: Same here. :P Hence the reason why I like to make sandbox updates.

keder: Thank you!

Schulmanator: Indeed. :)

escilnavia: Glad it be used in the future. :)

westy177: If there was more content, then I'm sure more people would build Middle Eastern cities.

hahei: Thanks! The water mod I used was: [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/17115-smp-teal-water-mod/"]http://community.sim...teal-water-mod/[/url]

elavery: Thanks man! I would say the same for you.

Mastof: Thank you!

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[quote name='VMIUJcadet09' timestamp='1341620434']
Looks good, a couple mosques thrown in would be awesome too though. Frogface has some good mosques out there.

I already know that Frogface uploaded a mosque set, I did not want to use one at the time. Again, this is a fast [b][u]sample [/u][/b]of how I build my Middle Eastern cities.

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