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  1. Tranquil isle

  2. Krasnoslobodsk: Linear City

    That maybe looked like this in 1300.... of course that over the top :P   This how a russian city looks like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leqyze7Py0o :P   Great soviet city! Reminds of elektrostal.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZoRIP2XJRQ New story update coming soon! Returning to a dark future.
  4. Kniaze-Kozlovsk.

    Please listen to this to set the mood. Kniaze-Kozlovsk ( http://vocaroo.com/i/s1rDZegIT4d5) administrative center of Kushan Oblast in Lesovian-Kushan Tzardom. The old medieval city was founded 754, on lake of Gnilka. Majority of the population is Kushan (Finno-Ugric) and other part is Lesovians (Slavic). Right now the city its unofficialy named - Banking Capital of Hiigara. Multiple banks have there HQ in the city. The city is one the most loved tourist destinations in Tzardom and many name it the best place to relax outside the loud and imperial Tzargrad. The name of the city roughly translates from Kushanian - Kniaz, knyaz, knjaz or knez is a Slavic title found in most Slavic languages, denoting a royal nobility rank. It is usually translated into English either as Prince or less commonly as Duke, however, both terms do not represent a sufficiently accurate translation, because Knyaz was derived from the Proto-Germanic kuningaz (king). Kozlovsk - Kniaz that founded the city surname was Kozlov, which roughly translates as Goat. Kniaze-Kozlovsk center named Vesnia. The Cathedral of Saint Paul, is the dominant building in the city center. Catholics are the majority population of the city, 74% are Catholics. Channel of Tzar Gromuslav the II was build in 1721, connecting the Lake Gnilka with river of Poltava. Gnilka Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in the country. Many visit the lake for relaxation or to watch the famous - Kozlovsk Fountain. The symbol of the city. Many citizens own the yachts which they can sail straight to Tzargrad, from channels connecting the two cities. On the left side of the river, you can find the "Research Center of Kushania Number 14", build in 1996, its one of the most famous research facilities in Hiigara. Also you can see the Cathedral of Jesus the Saviour of Kniaze Kozlovsk. Also below you could find farms (Next Update) and hunting grounds. (Next Update) Cathedral of Jesus the Saviour of Kniaze Kozlovsk - build in 1632, by Tzar Dorslak the Builder, it was the Cathedral for the Wife, which died while giving birth to his 12 daugther. Its one of the most romantic cathedrals in this part of the country. The Bridge of Volkov, was build in 1320, the bridge was build in the old medieval entrance to the city. On the right side you find the small communities on the Gnilka lake. Small districts like this stretch around the city. Kniaze-Kozlovsk at night. Kniaze Kozlovsk at night gets quiet and peaceful. The clubs and neon is located outside the historic district. Small cafes work at night if you wish to drink coffee or wine and just take in the beauty of the city or the nature that is around the city.
  5. Tzargrad...

    ============= Tzargrad ============= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti6dGfXt-r0 Please listen to this to set the mood. ============= The capital of the Lesovian-Kushan Empire. The city of dreams, build on bones. This is the black sea venice. ============= Tzargrad was founded in 1643, as the new capital of the growing Lesovia and soon Lesovian-Kushan State. Victorious against the Ottomans in the east, the new capital supposed to show the greatness of the Lesovian people and its Tsar Vsevolod the IV. Trough its history, the city saw many great glories days, from the victories of the Lesovian-Kushan armies, to great building projects, to the marvels of human ingenuity. ============= ============= Central Tzargrad. The Novot River and the central Islands. ============= ============= The Segesmund Royal Palace in Tzargrad - "Lesovian Palace", Cathedral of Tsars - Vsevolod Cathderal. ============= ============= View from the palace on Novot River. ============= ============= Entrance to the Pantheon of the Empire. Museum of Vinogorsk. ============= ============= Gorfram Island. The Pantheon of the Empire. Now the island is famous for its art gallery and it shops. ============= ============= Torkoburg Island. Once the industrial district of the city, its now a quiet place to live in. From here in 1926, the failed revolution started, which almost destroyed the monarchy. ============= ============= Senatski Island and small island of Kronstaff. Here you can find the main business hub of the city and the Imperial Senate. ============= ============= Kronstaff Island. The former fortress in the sea, it is now a lovely district to go shopping and hit the clubs at night. ============= ============= At night the city changes. ============= ============= Central Districts at night. ============= ============= Senatski Island at night. =============
  6. Dawn of Cyberage...

    Listen to this please, to set the mood. ================================ The overcrowded cities of Hiigara, are coming to the new age. After the "Plague" years, humanity restored control of parts of Europe. A huge wall was build to defend the surviving zones, from the unknown. This is the new age, of a dying civilization. ================================ Pizen is the new capital of Hiigaran Federation. The gliming lights of the city hides the horrors of the slums and overpopulation. Crime, unjust law and corruption are eatting the new megapolis. ========================================== Outside the wall, the ruins of once major cities only remind of human presence there. Missions to the "Plague Zones" are banned, after multiple failures.
  7. Dark Future Comes.

    Year 2112. Albion Oblast. Hiigaran Federation. Megapolis of Pizen. Smog. Two of the night. ===================== Hey all, will return with new update. Mostly set on Earth 2112. Ecological Catastrophy, destroyed the world that we know and now humanity lives in ever changing world. Next large update in two days.
  8. SSSR-Khrushevka-1-464-1pack

    Прикольно молодец! 5 из 5!
  9. Death of Civilization.

    Kartoba Acirifia. Central District. Cathedral of Jesus the Saviour of Kartoba. Forest of Kartoba.
  10. Sentai - Oriental Hiigara.

    "Where did you get the stairs that go into the water?"  Its on a japanese site, will try to find how its named. Its for fishing village port bats.
  11. Ruins of Civilization.

    Ruins of Civilization. ----------------------------- Every week, I will post a picture of pre-apocalyse and after it. Civilization is gone, but nature lives on. And trought the death of our cities, the real beauty appears. ----------------------------- Pizen Nogovickan Avenue. Main street of Pizen. Subway station - Pobednaja. Also called Broadway of Pizen. Pizenian Desert. Subway tunnels are collapsing in. Nogovicka Avenue is now a small river. The city will soon collapse on itself, down to the tunnels. =================== Please comment or add a like, if you liked the update.