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Zones of Ionica - Foundation

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Welcome back,

Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement so far.


ggamgus - Yeah, like I said, I really love that borg cube

mrblisterdunde - the rail on the coast is a rail to ferry port. I don't think there is one that connects to tram as far as I know

gman28 - Your observation about the trees has been acted upon. I used to just brush trees in randomly along the highways, but over the past few days I've been replacing them with ploppable seasonal trees. It looks much nicer now, but there are still places that have trees popping out of the highways.

7891122562059523 - I'm not familiar with slope mods and what a slope mod will do for me.

g.yau - The spiral tower in Sanctum is the BLaM Tornado Tower

AboveTheCity - Thanks for your praise, but I do not consider myself anywhere near a SimCity GOD. A Modern Warfare GOD - yes, SimCity 4 GOD - no. The crazy thing about this game right now is that there is so much you can do with it. I haven't even come close to what I've seen is possible in other CJs.

Before I get started,

I don't intend to make advertizing movies a habit in my journals, but I got so hyped when I saw this trailer I thought I'd share it with you since this is a film that should appeal to most SimCity lovers.



I'm still working on making Avalon really nice. It is going to take a while because I'm working on new zones and remodeling old zones at the same time. Also, I want to make a super huge mosaic full zone mosaic of Avalon which I know will be kind of tedious to do. I'll post a preview of Avalon in my next post. I have some interesting pictures from when the zone was first starting out. I need a place where I can host high-res images for free so that I can present it in the best quality possible.

Night in Foundation


Foundation is on the far East end of Ionica. It is across the river from Veritas. This zone is known for it's joy-de-vivre and nightlife. It is directly south of the International Airport and a lot of Sims who come to Ionica for short stays often find themselves in Foundation. There aren't even that many clubs or bars in Foundation, it is just that there is always a party going on somewhere and they usually have open door policies.


I made this mosaic a week and a half ago which means it doesn't show how I've implemented the seasonal trees yet. The bridge that goes off screen to the left leads to an small island with a few low density homes and a Simtanic port. This zone still needs some work to be great but so far I'm glad with how it turned out. There is currently no zone beneath this one.

Like I said I'm trying to find a place where I can host higher resolution images. The quality of the picture is 70% of the original which is much crisper. There is just something I really love about the graphical style of SC4, especially with all the custom buildings that have been made over the years.

My favorite building in Foundation is the Troglodyte Complex, a massive underground experimental planned community. The residential units lie on many levels below ground level. Being an underground community, it takes advantage of geothermal energy for electricity and heat. It makes use of its roof space for solar power, and some limited food recycling and water treatment. The troglodyte complex draws its water supply directly from the water table.


That will do it for now. I've got a few things lined up to post as entries while I take pictures of Avalon and make it denser than it is.

Thanks for visiting and thank you Simtropolis.

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Guest hahei


Good job! What theme are you trying to convey? Cyberpunk is what I've picked up, and of course, sci-fi.

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Very nice :O

Where did you get that building in the last picture?

& what an exciting movie :D

But, what is it about?

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Just some ideas to make your city really awesome. Take them or leave them ;)

1) Terraform the landscape before construction. Just laying the zones and roads on steep hills will not bring nice results. Make the hills stair-like to have a better organization and a greater looking.

2) Use a slope mod to make the transportation slopes smoother.

3) Take your time to make your cities as detailed as you wish.

4) and most important, make a question to yourself. "Am I happy with the result?" If yes, go on and hare your cities. If no, take your time and make it as awesome as you wish.

Make your best and keep it up :)

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