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Konrad, the Capital City of Imaginia




"Awesome work Maarten! I like the mashing of styles you got going there (in a good way, playing off your words )"

-- Blue Lightning

Thanks, I've quite mash-up some old and new city styles in my city. In the old city center I have a mix of Parisian, dutch and Polish buildings, while in the modern CBD I have a mix of Maxis buildings and Asian and Western architecture. I love to mix my buildings!

"Long live the RHW but also long live Maarten :) Good Job Buddy. This is 10000000 times better then NY"

-- katherman111

I wouldn't say that. NY has also its charms, but this is thankfully quite different than NYC.

"Looking awesome!!=) very inspiriational work there maarten =) Whenever I run out of ideas I always look at your creations ^^ Very impressive Great job maarten! ヽ(^o^)丿"

-- Johan_91

And I've seen some things of you, and I'm also impressed by you. I'm glad that my work inspires some people ;)

"Fantastic work, it looks great. I like the terrain mod you are using, too. Doesn't look too green. The RHW and city centre are my favourite parts of the update."-

-- sim_link

I also like my new terrain mod. It's Lowkee33's Apalachean Terrain Mod from the SC4D LEX. I used the Italia Terrain Mod before, but I switched since these textures looked better and it represents a colder climate like in Scandinavia instead of a warm Mediterranean climate.

"this is an amazing set of pics here Maarten! It had to take you a lot of time and work to do all this reconstruction ."

-- b22rian

Yup, about two weeks, but as you can see, it was totally worth it!

"Awesome highway! It is always nice to see something different from pictures and this video was interesting and amazing "

-- ee99

I simply had to do one film one of these days...

"Fantastic stuff. One of my favorite bits is where the road is a bit 'wavy' right before junction 4. And then the driving! One major accident, 2 vehicles forced off the road, and on at least one occasion overtaking on the inside lane, also know as undertaking. Where are the traffic police in this city????"

-- Benedict

My sims are equally bad drivers; sticking on the left lane, undertaking, trucks on the inner lanes, driving too close to each other, suddenly switch two lanes, drive on the exit lane and then go back to the main lanes... You see, I'm not the worst driver here. By the way, the UDI controls can be sometimes tricky, especially because you're not looking from the driver's perspective. I'm learning to drive at the moment, and I'm a way better in RL than in SC4 (at least, I don't cause any accidents...)

"For a moment I forgot this is SC4 and not some action / racing game :-P"

-- taliz81

UDI is amazing, isn't it?

"Very nice! I enjoyed watching your driving skills "

-- vivapanda

You mean my bad driving skills :P

"Loving the RHW, Maarten. This is just superb!"

-- Samerton

"This is one of the realy interressing city journals. Im one of them who dont like this rural citys. But yours is a real city, and i find the Old city is realy great!"

-- nexttome

"@Samerton: How dare you, calling this just "superb"?! This is one of the best CJs I've ever seen in all of Simtropolis!!! WOOOOOOW! I will give every one of your entries 5/5 from now on. This... is... epic!"

-- ggamgus

"Your updates are always amazing. Love the variety here, but here my favorite images are the nightshots."

-- Benedict

"Lol, so true. Love your youtube videos by the way. Their so helpful for a freeway loser like me :P , and great city. Every block is another spectacular combination of buildings :yes:"

-- 10000000000000

"very nice city there"

-- kakado_to_save

"Incredible stuff. 10/10"

-- pielover94

"picture 3.04 looks great! also all the interchanges."

-- Paulobergonci

"Truly amazing, especially with those unreleased RHW bridges "

-- mystic_destiny

"awesome highway, i felt like i was inside the car"

-- Paulobergonc

Thank you all!


Konrad is the capital of the Republic of Imaginia. The city itself is not really that big (only about 300 000 inhabitants). However, the city is part of a large agglomeration, known as the Capital District. The Capital District is the economic and political heart of Imaginia and it contains the cities of Kapish, Konrad, Hoogerhey, Newlandervayne, Hertenkamp, Karlshonk, Jonkersmond and Maxtor. The cities from this agglomeration function as one large city and together they house as much as 1.5 million citizens. Konrad used to host the gouvernment, but this is nowadays allocated across the river Kareel in Hoogerhey. We'll visit Hoogerhey in the next update.

We start of at the railway station Konrad-West. It's part of the old railway line between Kapish and Konrad. Trains drive no faster than 50 km/h here. Looking at this picture you get an overall impression of the city infrastructure of Konrad: It's griddy, unstructured and for quite some parts under capacity. The freeways are OK, but the city itself is known as the Drivers Hell of Imaginia...


We go further down the line to the Central Station. The Central Station District is surrounded by office buildings. Because, isn't it good for business if your customers only have to walk a few minutes from the station instead of going through the congested city roads?


More offices. Konrad is full of them...


Get used to it: the city streets in Konrad are lit with blue-ish!


And even more, quite some pre-fabricated offices here...


The old highway to Newlandervayne and Suessensee, now downgraded to a city Avenue.


And now for my famous RHW constructions. Here we have the interchange between the Continental Route 40 (C40) and the Continental Route 75 (C75), both major routes in Imaginia. Their actual administrative numbers are A3 and A7, but Imaginia doesn't sign them, just like Belgium and Scandinavia. The C75 is the thorough route here while the C40 turns off from the west to the south...


(I don't know what happened to the pillars there...)

And here's the interchange with Vreerust Avenue...


The same intersection from another angle. Here we also see the Konrad Twin Towers. The left one, the Peace Tower, is build in 1982. The right one, the Prosperity Tower, is completed in 1986. Together they form a nice couple and a landmark of the city.


And one of the exits in the CBD. The C40 has Plus Lanes on this stretch. These open during rush hour to releave traffic. You might wonder "why not build full-blown lanes anyway". The answer is that it's juridically easier to construct Plus Lanes than regular lanes, since they have lower design values concerning exhaust gasses and noise production. This principle is applied quite some times in the Netherlands. At the looks of it, the Plus Lane is closed at this moment...


And this is one of my most crammed interchanges. It's notorius for its sharp curves and short ramps...


The Konrad Central Freeway at night...


Some close up pics...



And another intechange. Here the C40 turns from north to east, while the A5 starts here and goes west. The whole section of the A5 here is sunken.


Those Belgian "Ossenkop" lights have their odd charms; they are so ugly, they look beautiful...


And again, the lights are fully functional, showing off this sunken freeway in all its awesomeness! 8)


And what do you know, there are some exits on this section too (you don't say!)


And here the N20 connects to the A5. The N20 goes north across the water to Hoogerhey. The road also marks the western border of city of Konrad.


And another interchange of the A5 further west...


Back to Konrad, the suburb of Nieuwgaarden. It even has a Golf Course, which has been totally financed by the upper class of Konrad and surroundings. It's one of the very few Imaginian golf courses and it has only 8 holes...


And here we have some nice appartment buildings, quite some with a few across the river Kareel...


Nice, green and spaceous, that's the way to go!


And last but not least: a sunken railway line, leading to the Central Station!


Well that's it for today! 8)


Next update: Hoogerhey. Stay tuned!




Recommended Comments

Awesome update! Both by its lenght and content, of course your highways were amazing as always! And finnaly somebody explained me about those plus lanes, I never got that :)

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Some pics are a bit too crowded for my taste, but your highway building skills keep impressing me a lot! Some scenes (specially 4.12) have reminded me a lot to those massive and complex highways [b]haljackey[/b] did years ago... A very cool update overall!

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Very nice, and as Tekindust said, these highways are certainly reminiscent of Haljackey's. I love the night-lit highway and the sunken rail through the urban area.

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That was honestly awesome! Amazing Job on the highways in all of your pictures the picture of the south konrad highway at night was unbelievably realistic.

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I like this a lot. I can tell a lot of thought went into your city, and the highways in particular. I really like pictures 4.12 and 4.18

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Absolutely lovin' this CJ. Great to see so many pictures in the updates, I really, really can't wait to see more.

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interesting mix of very different kind of buildings. i like especcialy that pic with 3 bridges! :)

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[size=2]CONGRATULATIONS!! THIS ENTRY WON [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/journals/2774/entry-16296-week-16-41612-42212//"]BEST OF THE BEST! - WEEKLY EDITION[/url] FOR THE CATEGORY [i][color=#0000FF]TRANSPORTATION[/color][/i][/size][/b]

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