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Hoogerhey - Gourvenors & Labour

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"Awesome update! Both by its lenght and content, of course your highways were amazing as always! And finnaly somebody explained me about those plus lanes, I never got that "

-- vivapanda

It's a vague explaination, but I heard this one during my study. Glad I could help you understand the purpose of these lanes ;)

"Some pics are a bit too crowded for my taste, but your highway building skills keep impressing me a lot! Some scenes (specially 4.12) have reminded me a lot to those massive and complex highways haljackey did years ago... A very cool update overall!"

-- TekindusT

"Very nice, and as Tekindust said, these highways are certainly reminiscent of Haljackey's. I love the night-lit highway and the sunken rail through the urban area."

-- Bipin

It does look a bit like one of Haljackey's cities, but I actually tried to cut down the skyscrapers. It was a lot more crowded in this city when I started, and a lot more chaotic too.

"Wonderful!!!Can you give me the link to those amazing prefab offices you've shown????"

-- Gugu3

By all means!



"what light mods did u use? its pretty.."

-- felano

That's my very own Light Replacement Mod Version 4.0. It's available on the STEX:


"Nice work!Where did you get the 3-track station in the 2nd pic?!"

-- nathanthemayor

That's Amsterdam Central Station, created by xannepan, also known for his excellent Parisian BATs. Love that building! It's available on the LEX:




-- spursrule14

Oh boy! Another honour title! I'm flattered :blush:

"Great!! Can't be better!!!"

-- ABHosting

"Cool job among the motorways! "

-- Skimbo

"I love those pictures! Those intersections are just beautiful! "

-- Macko123456

"Amazing Work!! "

-- Frex_Ceafus

"Bro, this is amazing bro! "

-- Kevenbro

"I like it"

-- Simmytu

"4.07 is my favorite! Looks awesome! Great job!"

-- hjbk

"4.02, 4.04, 4.11 are my favorite. every single one is jaw dropping though. great Job Mrtn!"

-- iowndiscti

"That was honestly awesome! Amazing Job on the highways in all of your pictures the picture of the south konrad highway at night was unbelievably realistic."

-- Domoscafidi2010

"I like this a lot. I can tell a lot of thought went into your city, and the highways in particular. I really like pictures 4.12 and 4.18"

-- Jill Jacobs

"Absolutely lovin' this CJ. Great to see so many pictures in the updates, I really, really can't wait to see more."

-- Samerton

"interesting mix of very different kind of buildings. i like especcialy that pic with 3 bridges! "

-- testuser1234

"Very cool looking city. Those highways are crazy and awesome at the same time."

-- Wynresat237

"Another excellent update, your highways are always interesting to see!"

-- sim_link

Thank you all!


Hoogerhey is a neighbouring city of Konrad. It's right across the river Kareel and it's alos part of the Capital District. Hoogerhey hosts about 200 000 inhabitants and the Imaginian gouvernment. The is the capital of the Republic of Imaginia. The city itself is not really that big (only about 300 000 inhabitants). The rich and powerful and the poor and powerless are quite close to each other in this city, and sometimes this leads to social stress.

We start of at the office district in the city center. It's quite spacious; there's room for small parks as well as tall office buildings. This is the economic heart of the city.


Moving on east to the river, we come to the Nederheye district. This contains some offices, but also some residences in the south. You see here the entrance of the Vreerust Tunnel (N25) leading to Konrad.


The Nederheye area at night. At the right, you see the International Congress Center. Here the Imaginian politcians have meetings with their foreign colleagues...


And here we have the Gouvernment Districs, showing off some of the Imaginian ministries...


The main Parlamaint Building. Glad I could give this most excellent BAT a worthy purpose ^_^


Moving to the higher grounds of Hoogerhey, we come to Overheye. This district has quite some variation in building styles. It's home to poor as well as rich people in the city





Moving west we come to Sallandia. This city district is mostly made of pre-fab buildings...


But there are also some appartment blocks for the middle-class...


"Yo dawg, I heard you like prefabs..."




Soccer (or football, as we Europeans would call it) is also very popular in Imaginia. Here we have the stadium of the KSA (Konrad Sports Association) soccer team.


And I'd like to conclude this update with some Road-geek pics. Here we see a brand-new stretch of the C40. The C40 has the nickname Konrade Freeway, because it follows the river Konrade. This stretch is wider and less steep than the old stretch, which was running one kilometer west. The old stretch has been demolished. We are heading south...


We're approaching a major interchange: Hoogerhey Crossing. Here the C40 links with the C75 and N20. You see you already have to split up here..


Hoogerhey Crossing. It's not the best interchange, but it will do. However, you can't get on or off the N20 when heading east. The C40 (coming from the north/right) joins with the C75 and heads east (bottom). Straight ahead, the route continues as the N20 (left), which is not an official freeway, though it looks like one. The N20 is also called the Hoogerhey Bypass.


Heading further south on the N20, we come to Exit Hoogerhey-West...


A close-up...


A large junction rail and freeway junction, everything perfectly planned like a baws! B)


And finally, one other pic of the N20 to conclude. A bit further East, the N20 ends on an T-intersection and turns south to join with the A5.


Next update: Newlandervayne. Stay tuned!



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Pic 5.18: I love that intersection.

The RHW6C splitter to 2x RHW4+RHW2 is a piece with so much potential yet i seldom see it used.

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Wow. Your cities look so cool especially your highways and transit system. Pic. 518 definitely gives new meaning to the name 'Spaghetti Junction'.:D

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Now that's what I call a great all rounder! Urban, poor, transport, rural (5-17) and industrial! You really know how to spoil us.

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I don't think that I'll be the first to say wow :O
I love that you still use Maxis landmarks :D

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