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Biking Tour I

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A lot of replies from a lot of different entries, thanks everyone! :D

From: “Make over at Outer Port part deux:

Great update vivapanda! Really like the looks city here. :)

@Hampi: Thanks you! You can see more of the city in this update, I hope you like it too!

From: “A warm summer evening”

wow, I am really amazed! :O

@Pielover: Thank you so much!

Great entry... *giggle* What'chu gigglin' at?! In the iPod picture, it says "...after Illium City was CELEBRATED yesterday..." I think he meant to say "liberated". :)

@Ggamgus: hahaha! Huge fail! That really made me laugh, I indeed meant liberated, thanks for noticing! I’m glad you like it :D

-12c... Hah the lowest where I live was like -7... God it wasn't winter this year! Can I have the snow your city will get?

@Waterclaw: –7 is not that bad either, it’s been –23 where I live! You must know that the city lies far north, have a look at the wiki: http://novaproject.wikinet.org/wiki/Haerneborg

From: “Alexander Park” New section

Nice layout of the parks .. I personally think the maxis trees look so bland and fake compared to all those beautiful custom ones available. Nice job on the tunnel surrounds as well. :blush:

@Fox: Thanks! I agree with you, unfortunately I don’t have Rush Hour so all custom BATs appear as brown boxes. I hope you’ll enjou this update too!

Beautiful. No wonder this is now a 5-star CJ...

@Ggamgus: Thank you very much!

Plenty of open space and park area, I'd love to visit! However, I think you should start using some custom trees (as Fox suggested) for both parks and natural untouched areas. Anyways, great job!

@ 10000000000000: You can come visit it today! As I mentioned to Fox, the custom tress will not work. Thank you!

Awesome as always

@Mystic_destiny: As always? Thanks, that means a lot to me!

From: “Alexander Park” Old section

I like it! The park looks really good, I like all the path and grassy areas. Also cool to see the original/first subdivision.

@Sim_link: I’m glad you like how it looks, today I have some more pictures of the park and some experimental subdivisions!

Looking good. I like all of the green space.

@Schulmanator : Thanks a lot!

The park looks very appealing and nicely laid out. I like the retaining wall around the tower.

@Rewright: Thank you very much, I was trying how the all the retainwants would look, I’m happy it turned out well!

From: The wiki page

The wiki looks great

@ 10000000000000: Thank you!


Last three weeks were very busy, so I decided not to make any update or play Simcity until the end of the test week. Luckily yesterday was the last day of test week so I found some time to prepare an update. Last time we visited Alexander Park, the first part of the rebuild city of Bijsterveld. When I was preparing this update I found this advertisment of a company specialised in bikig tours trough Bijsterveld, why don’t we join them?


It’s 9.30, Saturday morning. We’re at Hotel “Aan de Dyk” (At the dike). After a couple of minutes everybody is here. Then the tour guide comes outside.

“Welcome everybody! I hope you’re up to some physyical activity?” Everybody nods, some half a sleep. “If you follow me to the back of the hotel we can get our bikes.” We walk to the other side of the hotel and see bikes in all sizes and colours stored in a shed. “Just pick one you like, mind that you pick one that fits your size. You must reach the floor with one of your feeth in case of an emergency.” Soon everyone found a good bike, we’re off to go!

( First have a look at how the area we start used to look like a year ago )


We take the biking path in the median of the road. “This is the Turerlaan, or in English, Ture Avenue.” The guide says. “It leads all the way from Ture trough Bijsterveld to Arden, Heimen’s three largest cities. To the left you can see the Port Stadium, home to FC DEP, the capital’s football club.


We cross an busy avenue which leads trough a tunnel. “The tunnel was finished recently, it takes the traffic under the old port and Alexander Park. The tunnel has proven its success and many other tunnel projects will follow throughout Heimen.” We take Parkweg (Park road) to the left (up). At you left hand you can see one of the many experimental neighbourhoods in this area of the city. It was build in 1906 as a project to house new inhabitants, it was one of the first actually planned subdivions and the very first suburb of Heimen.


“We’ve now entered the Old Port, it used to be on the edge of the city and many goods were shipped here to bring them in the inner city. Nowadays most of the port is gone, only the name and the landscape show the history. At your left is the Old Port hotel, the most luxurious hotel in the city it offers specrtacular views of the Port Boulevard, on the other side of the canal, especially at night. We’ll visit the Boulevard later this day.” After we biked around the hotel we see another experimental neighboorhoud. “Very popular by the older ones in Bijsterveld” he says. We take the path next to the exit of the tunnel end enter Alexander Park ( which you might have seen already )


“ Now we’ll climb Alexander mountain. Alexander Park was opened in 1908 on an old dumping ground. The Park has the only hills in the flat city Bijsterveld. On sunny afternoons it can be quite hard to find a place in the grass to have a picknick or enjoy the good weather. On top of the Alexander Hill you can find Alexandertoren (Alexander Tower) which is dedicated tot King Alexander II who passed away in 1907, just before the park was finished. From the top of the tower you can have beautiful views of the canals and the city center. Take your time to climb and enjoy the view, we’ll wait at the tower!”

Once at the tower we take the stairs to the top and enjoy the amazing view of the old city.


We take our bikes again and roll down the hill. “That’s the good thing of hills: it hard to get to the top, but when you’re done it’s easy to get down” We ride trough a street lined with old row houses and take a bike path to the left.


“Now we’re at the Royal Memorial, all kings and queens were buried in or under this beautiful building. The first memorial dates back to the 1500’s but later on new buildings have been builded over and around it.”


And it certainly was beautiful! “ In the middle of the dome is a statuee of the first king of Heimen, Steven de Veroveraar (Steven de Conqueror, click to read more), who united the Heimic Norman tribes.”


“Koningslaan (King’s Avenue) ends at the memorial, the avenue is a straight line between the memorial and the former capital Ture. It’s a wide avenue that created a green corridor trough the city.” We bike on the curvind biking path that leads between the two lanes of the avenue. After we crossed a canal we stop on a square before a tiny chapel. “This is the Sint-Maartenskapel (Saint Martin’s Chapel). There are many different religiong across Heimen, in the north Cristhian-Orthodox and nature believes of the Sápmi ), in the very south Catholic and in the other parts mostly all kind of protestant churches. This church is one of the few Catholic churches in the area and was builded back in the 17th century.” We take the cycling path next to the chapel.


This neighbourhood, Soelemon, has been home to a French minority for century. The name comes from the French “Sous les Mons”, under the mountains in English. The French minority created a very unique dialect: “Francheimiene”.” We go trough the somewhat denser neighbourhood and end up at Willem IV laan, the most right avenue and follow our way up.


We’re back now at the Turerlaan, were we started but couple kilometres to the north. It looks very different here, tenements and old factories. “This is probably the less visited part of Bijsterveld, many tourist skip this run down area but I think it has something nice. Some of the abandoned factories were boight by the city and are open now for urban exploring, I can certainly recommend all of you to day it since it’s illegal to do in most places around the world.”


We follow the avenue and see large tenements. “These buildings were the proud of the socialist city government in the end of the sixties and in the seventies. In the nineties many apartments were abandoned but in 2005 they were redesigned, made larger and more modern. Now they’re again a place where many people live happy.”


“On the other side of the canal are smaller apartments, mostly used by students from the nearby university”


After the end of the canal we go to the left. “From this point the avenue turns into a highway, a psur into the city, we don’t want to bike there!”


That was it for now, I’m planning another two or three continuations of the bike tour, but it might take a while to them to appear since I’m not really done yet rebuilding the city.

Please leave a comment if you have time, I hope it wasn’t too long or boring ;)

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Great work considering you don't have Rush Hour! Reminds me of my years in Holland... only you have more hills. [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/17.gif[/img]

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