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Novaya Tulsk

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Novaya Tulsk - A bit of exploration

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The music accompanying this update is curtesy of those greedy capitalist pigs from the London Symphony Orchestra.



Welcome comrades!

You just got off a Sapsan train after an exhausting journey from Vladivostok into the Thulakian Socialist Republic. You are tired but happy to be back in Novaya Tulsk, the mighty capital of the Thulakian S.R. where people are freer than anywhere else on the planet! Right as you step outside the station you notice the smiling faces of the proletarians warmly welcoming you!

Before you further explore the city, please bow in front of the statue of Our Dear Leader (mandatory).


Novaya Tulsk's main railway station is gigantic, being the end of the line for many national and international lines, and a massive underground transit hub where 600 000 people commute daily on the 4 metro lines stopping at the station.

Historical Interlude : The Novaya Tulsk Metro system

The Novaya Tulsk Metro (Tulsky Metropoliten (Тулский метрополитен), official name is "Novaya Tulsk Metropolitan N. La Violette of the Order of the Red Flag) comprises the subway and commuter train lines serving the Novaya Tulsk region and its 8 million people.

The network's first line was opened in 1902 and has been expanding ever since. As of today it has reached a fairly large scale, with 9 lines, 98 stations and a route length of 145,02 km (about 91 miles) and has an annual ridership of about 950 million passengers, making it the 12th most-used metro system in the world after the London Underground.

The system operates in an enhanced "spoke-hub distribution paradigm," meaning that the majority of the lines run from the centre of Novaya Tulsk to the outlying areas. Line A and B form two rings which enable passengers to travel between these spokes.

Here is the official schematic transit map of the Novaya Tulsk Metro (click through for a high-resolution version) :


(Note : It's in French, sorry. I'm in the process of making a newer version of it, as I'm not very satisfied with the quality of this one, it should be in Russian with transliterations to make it more realistic.)



Behind the station is the City Hall. That's where I'm writing you propaganda these updates from!

Contrary to many government offices in capitalist countries that only are open between 3h25pm and 4h36pm on even-numbered weeks, the Novaya Tulsk City Hall is open 24/7.

There you'll find the grievance committee where the citizens that have something to say about the way the city is managed will receive quick and efficient help along with a free trip to one of the many luxurious People's Corrective Labor Camps of our Republic.

"Gulag"? More like "Fun-lag"! Okay, moving on.


La Violette Avenue is a prime example of Soviet architecture. Built in 1964, it replaced an entire neighborhood of old, unsanitary and small houses on narrow and dark streets (some "intellectuals" will tell you they were "heritage," don't listen to them!). Nowadays workers can enjoy spacious, modern and comfy apartments (and the army can send tanks in case of a capitalist treachery, that's nice too.)

Line 7 of the Metro goes under the avenue between the stations Dubrovka and Moskvaskaya. It's not covered so that the riders can enjoy the sunlight! (and also because it gets kind of expensive if we have to cover everything)


But the best way to experience Novaya Tulsk is at night. The Statue of the Motherland, the city's emblem is continually lit up, even during the mysterious power outages that happen in some neighborhoods (probably another capitalist conspiracy!)


The railroad tracks slip under the city as they approach the station's platforms.


The Tulsk Arena is the largest indoor arena of the Republic, with 25 000 seats. It is located at the heart of "Blok 25," one of the many high-rise residential areas of the city.






Blok 52, a more modern residential neighborhood.



Bridges over the Tulsk River.

From top to bottom, Akademiya bridge ; a railroad line mainly used by freight ; and line 3 (Lyublinskaya) of the Metro between the "Thulakaya" (Thoulakaïa) and "Motherland" (Mère Patrie) stations.


I hope you liked it ! Please don't forget to leave a comment, and as always, advice is welcome :)

See you soon in Novaya Tulsk ! thoula10.gif


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Recommended Comments

Fantastic! The music by the <strike>capitalist gree-</strike>&nbsp;I mean, "trusted allies" was wonderful and really went well with the update!<img src="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/44.gif" alt=":thumb:" class="bbc_emoticon">

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Ggamgus : Thanks! We'll get those spies someday! :evil:

Elavery : Haha I actually messed up the NAM settings when I first installed it, so very very few cars were showing up. I also have a habit of taking pictures with the game paused so that wasn't halping either. But I reinstalled the NAM so it's working fine now, you can expect to see some Moscow-style traffic on the next updates! Thanks for the comment :)

10000000000000 : Thank you :)

kakado_to_save : And long live you sir! :D

testuser1234 : Thanks! :golly:

hahei : Thanks a lot. I'll be putting music with every update from now on :)

art128: Thanks for the comment! I actually increase the darkness on Photoshop, I don't find the in-game night (even with the Darknite mod) gloomy enough. ;)

pooky969 : It's actually the "Warsaw Main Railway Station" that you can find on the STEX. I did some custom lotting and I added the Metro signage on photoshop though.

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Your city is simply amazing. Excellent job with the relot of the Warsaw Train Station - wonderful.

What's the name of the city hall building - it's from a japanese batter?

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I wish I saw this earlier, it looks great, as everyone else has said.

Quick question, that arch/bridge thing at the bottom of the last mosaic, and that building with the courtyard in the middle of the first one, do you have links for either of them? I'd really appreciate it :)

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Thanks for all the comments :D

Urielgarcia and K50dude : I'm so sorry but I found the city hall and the bridge deep in the Japanese BAT thread in the Simtropolis forums.:lol: I don't have the links but they are in there, you're gonna have to dig deep :ducky: As for the "building with the courtyard in the middle" its actually a series of Bats called "MS Jubiler" and it's on the STEX :)

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Thanks folokashi - I actually already had it in my files :blush: :blush: :boggle: - its called the OBP Castle Tower - I don't know the batters name but I recognized it and checked my files and their it was. Thanks for answering though.

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