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Sankt Amursk - Gates to Hijara.

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Largest port in Hiigara, Sankt Amursk its is one of the most important entrance to Hiigara. There are three canals, one natural and two human made. We will be mostly see the Zolotvrat (Golden Gates) canal, which is located near the central districts of the city. The city is right now the fastest growing cities in Hiigara, this is the show of Hiigaran Economical Growth and Power. Hiigaran States will soon reach the Three Largest Economies of AOIN and in some spheres has even entered the first. Lets look at the city.

Sankt Amursk, is named ater Saint of Kran'et Amursov, which lived in this region and believed to save this lands from Turks. The Town of Ri was renamed to San Amursk in 1632, by Argindian Ibericans. It was changed to Sankt Amursk in 1701, when Albionic Kingdom invaded this town. The city was taken by the Argindian Republics only in 1823. The city started growing fast in 1910-1920, the population of the city grew and first skyscrapers wore build in Argindia wore build here. The Imperskaja Tower was build here, making it the symbol of the city. Port of the city expanded and close to 1930 the city became the central port for entering and leaving Hiigaran Black Sea Nations. In this time, the city became known as the Jazz Capital of Hiigara. The city was bombed by Soviet Navy in 1953 for only one time, but it created great stress to the public, Two military bases wore build near city and one in cities industrial district. Right now the city is the Gates of Hiigara, this is the troat of Hiigara.

Central Streets

"Quick, Dirty, Powerful - Its Hiigara" - President of Argindia, about Amursk. The city is a crazy mix of styles, on one street you can see the city in 1930, but looking out you will see Ultramodern homes and offices. Lets look?

Central Districts, mostly build in 1930, the district was rebuild in 1990 and many old buildings wore taken down. Creating for many the so called "Killing Culture". This is the heart of the city. Here you can find most expensive shops and offices in the city. The district is ultra capitalist and all here says about the power of the growing city. Not many old buildings survived and one Monument to Sajuuk.







Preindustrisk District

The old city was eaten by the new offices and the expanding need for more homes. Right now a few old buildings survive. Here are located the most important Offices for Dock Lifes and Factories located not far from this district. More will be shown soon.



Industrial Hiigara

The Hiigaran Industrial District of Porti. Here are located the most of the industry and largest factory in AOIN, the CUAC (Confederacy United Auto Company), build in 1980. Here you can see first show of Base Zeleznaja. Thanks to it, Hiigara quickly reacted in the Cattala conflict. This base is connected to 3 Major Bases located in Argindian Republics Asian Side of the region. More to come soon.



Sankt Amursk Classical and Modern

Admiralskaja District

The Historical City, from here the city grew to one of the largest economical centers in Hiigara. Here you can find the VMF (NAVY) academy of Rihtor Erskov, Temple on Blood, Military High Command Office and many other impressive buildings. Below you will see the district architecture with more information.

Admiralskaja District. This is the oldest part of the city, many of this homes wore build from 1750-1850. The first port of the city was created here, it was a military one. The city first main goal in 19 centuary was to be a main location of Argindian Navy and in needed time blocking the Black Sea. The city was seen as the Military center of Argindian Republics, standing on defence against Britain and Turks. The city defended it self for many times, Turks taken the city for 3 weeks in 1821, but soon Argindia returned control of the city. Now Sankt Amursk is the main Navy Base in Hiigara, here is located the Military High Command Office.


VMF Academy or Voeno Morskaja Flotskaja Academija. The Academy was founded in 1775, by orders of Duke of Sien, which seen the need to modernise the military against the leading countries of Europe. The academy, is a huge palace near the military port of the city. From here many of the greatest military minds came out. Right now its is one of the leading Navy academies in Hiigara.


Plaza Floota and Navy High Command Building. Originally this building was Mayor Office, given to the Military High Command Office in 1957, after it being moved from New Port. Here is located the Admirals, from here the Command went to the Brave Ships to block Cattala Port and from here the victory came. Statue is for President Almazar, which created the Iberican Argindia and soon liberated from Turks Slavic Argindia.


Admiralskaja Central Streets. Here you can find all the main Monuments of the city, from all markets to new shops.




Temple on Blood (Hram na Krovi)

The name comes from the Temple being located in the meats market, its to Goddes of Trade Rub and Tivko. It is the symbol of the city.



Confederacy Tower

The Tower of Confederacy build in 1957, its a Telecommunication tower, made to connect all Hiigaran Cities.


Ultra Modern Sankt Amursk

Build from 1998-2009, this is one of the most ultra modern districts of the city. It is located on the old location of Ports and Industrial Districts. This is the Show of Economic Power of the region and is the Gates to Hiigara. Welcome to City Amursk District.

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Thans for the great comments. My first plan was to build St.Petersburg, but well i took a look on greatest port cities like New York, Honk Kong, St.Petersburg and Murmansk. And created Sankt Amursk :P

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It looks so good, and I admired your old towns. The CBD skyline surely look very futuristic, with super-tall buildings. I will keep my eye on this! :D

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I hate to ask--but what are the two skyscrapers in the 3rd pic down?

Great city, btw.

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I smell a homeworld fan.
Also use another image hosting service or upgrade to photobucket pro, 'cause I can't see any images, their bandwith expired.

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Il. - Which bell tower exactly are you speaking of? )))
Wheelbarrow95 - Thanks!
Tagtag - One is made by Honk Kong team. And the other is from a japanese site i think, but you can find it here just write dubai i think. If i find them i will pm's you.
Joe323 - Thanks!
Djohaal - Yes homeworld fan, but after that all ends :P I will try to find what the problem is, but as some of members of the alliance said they still see the update.

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