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Dietrich Staadt

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  • Page 1
    >Old Dietrich Staadt
    > Old Orange Bay
    > Orange Bay Industrial District
    >New Dietrich Staadt
    >Gunn Island
    >Air Port
    >Downtown Josef Bay
    >Updated Regional Shots
    > Gunn Island Volcanic Activity and development
    >New Manhatten Marina

    Page 2
    > Downtown New Manhatten
    >Suburbs of Josef Bay
    >New Miami/Mountain City
    >New Miami 2
    >Teaser Upadate

    Page 3
    >Miami Hills

    I've ended the Orange Bay CJ so that I may do the journal of my region instead, Orange Bay being the current project. Here is a road map of the region


    So there's Detrich Staadt
    Back to Orange Bay
    As the Population grows to 140,000, Commercial Demand starts going up and down causing a lot of out of work sims, however, undaughnted are the citizens of Orange Bay, they rebound exodentionaly(Sp?)
    Night Views of Orange Bay







    random timenorangedown5.jpg


    Sorry for the bad Update but I really just wanted to introduce my region that I hand made.
    I have a question for anyone who reads this, what are growth phases and when do you hit growth phase 2 and 3

    I'm using Simoleon to have enough money to get my roads and still have enough to recover before making an income.
    That's the only mod at this moment I can think of that I'm using

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    Whoa... almost missed this. Nice region view with routes plotted on the map. 44.gif I'm looking forward to see what you fill up that space with... suburbs, farms, etc. As far as growth stages, I don't know how to explain them exactly except that when your city hits a certain size/desirability/wealth/education you have bigger/taller buildings. For example, you won't have sky scrapers (e.g. high-end business/shopping) without high wealth residents and well-educated people. Same with industry.... dirty vs. manufactruing vs. high tech.


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    Not bad.  My major complaint is how small the images are, especially at that zoom level.  As always, you can never tell from the first update, so do continue so we can see whether this proves to be good or not.

    although I see you're naming one tile after Ybor city1.gif - isn't that the strangest place?  I used to live in Orlando, and Tampa was an hour's drive away.

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  • I live about 45 mins from Ybor. Yes it's quite special. Right now my clock reads 00:00 and I have school at 5:45 so this update is short, and on South Orange Bay, I will work on Orange Bay later. No update tomarrow, me and my girlfriend are going swimming while it's still warm here in Tampa.
    I'm using an offsite thing here so my images are automaticly resized, it's kind of annoying.
    So South Orange Bay just starting off with The Orange Bay Port Authority and a few major important things to downtown orange bay.
    As industry see's it's potential i nthe smaller portion they take advantage of it and request zonning, Abliging I set up a Grid for them.
    As the City Grew, I noted that I-85 had to be drawn through here as it wasn't before [igh bad picture, photobucket likes resizing them]
    align=baseline> align=baseline>
    Here's the Suburbs of South Orange Bay[sorry for the small pictures, all of these pics are suppose to be 640 or 800 but they some how get resized even though photobucket says they only resize if its above 512, so I reduce the quality of my images to less than that but somehow they are resized anyways.]
    That's all for the next two days! Peace out!

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  • No Update really, just that Orange Bay had a riot and everyone died.
    So Orange Bay is being restarted.
    I don't know why there were strikes at small clinics when there are huge medical centers right next door that barely have any patients at all..
    Oh well, I got a new set of peg cdks so I can apply them.

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    Date: 2/22/2006 10:21:51 PM
    Author: josefmayor

    I don't know why there were strikes at small clinics when there are huge medical centers right next door that barely have any patients at all.

    I hate that too, that always happens to me with subway stations, one will be like 110% and the one next to it will be 3%

    sorry to hear about the riot, hopefully the rebuilding years will be better

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    Really good start!

    I like the use of Bats and the network of your transportation,but I wonder...maybe you could practise your terraforming a bit more...

    Other then that great start!

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  • I had to scratch this idea due to lag, so during school I drew up a new region and I'm in the process of making it as I develop the cities there.
    So far I have Downtown Josef Bay (Old orange bay), Historic District, Airport and Gunn Island.
    Here's the new region.
    In the south is mostly flat, small hills, as you head northward the hills turn into moutains.
    Starting from Guinn Island today...
    The Marina Port.(Thanks to Rocheford for the concept and tutorial)
    South Beach
    North beach.
    Now onto the Airport area, I made the air port from I think Joergs pack, and the San Fransisco terminal.
    Secracy... shhh!

    If you notice, I accidently put North Orange Bay instead of North Josef Bay.
    Tune in next time for Josef Bay!

    And ofcourse photobucket resized my images....

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  • Thank you jacqulina.
    So I got pulled over this morning at 7:10 in the school parking lot for driving on the wrong side of the road... lol that's funny because the entrance is oneway from 6:30-7:25 and 2:45 -3:15... I got off with a warning but because I didn't have my liscence... argh...
    So Downtown Josef Bay... this is an artical from the Sim Times.
    It's noble begining of a city stemmed from the University put there by the Dietrich Staadt president Josef. He also named the city after himself.
    Josef Bay University is a small private University which is known for it's soccer program. The stadium is named after Josef's wife, Bevin.
    The Lovely Phenoix statues, representing the power of knowledge.
    Josef Park
    Martin Luther Kirsche
    Hanging Gardens of Babalyon exhibit and the University Library
    Bevin Stadium and the University Tower
    The University Art Musuem

    At the time that this reporter discovered Josef Bay, its land was nearly completly occupied, but as you can see there's still much growth to go!
    What a beautiful downtown, entering from the west:
    Once exiting from the T-Intersection (this was made in advance because the mayor and president of Josef Bay noted that there would be a lot of  trafic by the ciities completion)
    I then became on Brisko Dr. (which is the mayors last name)
    Looking to the side I notice the entertainment district, which is complete with a historic movie theater, and some more projects to come along, athletic entertainment is there too.
    Josef Bay hopes to win selection for the World Cup in the Sivitz Stadium.
    The Convention center is used for many things, mostly for Josef Brisko's father's company WWE. There are Concerts there and conventions of sorts.
    Moving on into the Parasian District..
    The Halles Batard and the Eglise!
    Moving to the East on the Southern Island we enter the government district
    Many Corperations are located here in Downtown Josef Bay
    One Willshire
    and Coca Cola
    No picture...
    As we look at the wonderful view from the 2 expensive hotels... the Trump Tower and the Riverside Hotel, we take a look at the park and condo next to them. riversidehtoel.jpg Riverside Hotel
    Trump Tower
     Looking back toward the government district we take a look at a corperate head quaters and the Wilfreid Dietrich Library
    If you Look at the 1 willshire building you will notice the Opera House.
    And the Amark Tower has the stock exchange directly infront of it.

    As we move northward we enter a very diverse area...
    The Cities Art Musuem being the first thing in site, leaving the island
    We see exclusive condos
    The shady betting casino called the Cobos Casion, after a wrestling teamate of Josef's
    visit Josef Bay!

     - Newsy Newsman


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    Good to see this up and running again, which is more than I can say about my CJ. Nice work, I like what you did with the university. Looking forward to seeing more.


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    very nice job josef i really like all the green in the university but i think its lacking in your more cbd areas..theirs alot of empty spaces but i guess that makes me enjoy the skyline better4.gif

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  • Dan: Thank you, you'll enjoy this small update
    Capitol1: what's in your wallet? j/k... theres empty spaces because It's an unfinished city.
     Heres a road map of the region so far
    and heres the satelite
    I will add the gunn island update either late tomarrow or on wednesday.

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  • Fabiocb: Right here on STEX I can't remember what it's called but search for Tour and you'll find it.
    So Here's Whats going on... Gunn Island is having some volcanos appear...
    Is this good or bad?

    For Gunn Island, this is good. These Volcanoes created beautiful moutains that could be teraformed and made into housing and small towns...
    as you can see this is the development of Volcano Mfor
    Here is the AeKaeFortieSefen Volcano
    A close up of AeKaeFortieSefen dtwnmoutain.jpg


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    This CJ is doing great. Great idea to terraform a volcano... For the sake of the people living near it, i hope its an extinct volcano... is it???

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  • So the suburbs are not completed so instead I'll put a log on New Manhatten, Which I just built by hand. It took me 2 hours to make it.

    New Manhatten which is Mayored by Josef, the President of Dietrich Staadt.
    New Manhatten is in the state of Frankreich, which include the cities of Belleville, and Gainesville. Gainesville is where Frankreich State Univeristy is.
    New Manhatten is the capitol of Frankreich.
    New Manhatten is the 2nd Largest city on the East Coast of Dietrich Staadt. All journals based on New Manhatten will be displaying it's development. As oposed to all the others which have been already made.
    Here we go.
    New Manhatten before any development.
    Paving the roads on the Marina and Coast Line Ave.
    The beautiful Piers and docks
    The Marina Intersection.
    A far off view.

    This is currently all I've developed, I had wrestling practice today, and now I'm leaving for my girlfriends, I might update later tonight on New Manhatten.

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