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  1. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hey Element, Thanks for the fast reply, I have those packs already, but I cannot find just the piece I even thought it could be because of the missing 2nd pack. Any suggestions?
  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi everyone, Could someone help me in finding this "blank" fillers for the taxiways Here is pic from another gamer, you can see the "blank"/filler tile Thanks in advance
  3. SimCity Aviation Group

    Hi Guys, I have a question, I know it should be easy, but I just cannot find the filler for the spots on the pic below I already looked several times on the menu and there is nothing there to fill out the space for the dark area. Here is a pic I just saw above and I see there is a blank/filler pavement. Help, where can I find this blank/filler pavement? anyone please
  4. Simcity EA is up! Just super slow.

    @ Fabiocb: You can get them here Hey Yarahi, thank you very much
  5. Simcity EA is up! Just super slow.

    yeap really slow, but I wish I did not need their site, but since I just restarted to play SC4 I need maxis official landmarks, otherwise some bats won't work Help, any suggestions or alternative sites where I can find the official landmarks from Maxis?
  6. I saw it too, and just now that I am back By the way I cannot find the original landmarks from Maxis, anyone knows where I can find them? Thanks in advance
  7. The Mystic County Project

    OMG wow wow and wow this is simply the best farming town on SC4, the detail and custumized lots bring life to the village and make it so pleasent oh and please, where did you get this dock?
  8. CHICAGO...As real, as it gets...

    great work man and what an awesome region view.
  9. The United States of Westernland. 10-5-08!

    nice work, I really like the region view with those green areas among the cities.
  10. Anduin Valley Revisited

    Hey John, I hope you to have a great time on your vacations, about the update as usual is very well done, the way you made those small terraces is very nice, I tend to like them as the buildings look more real on flat areas, the location of the freight station is very nice too, great industrial area. Au revoir mon ami, et bonnes vacances à toi. Fabio
  11. Three Rivers Region

    WOW what to say, well I really don't know, this is extremely awesome and perfect, the terraforming to place the streams and falls is mindblowing, not to mention the pines, woods and rocks that add a great touch to the emsemble, the roads lauout is very well planned and take the largest advantage of the scenic views arround them, it must be a dream to drive into such a beautiful place. Congratulations David. Fabio
  12. Developing Macedon

    thanks for the help and very nice pano.
  13. Battlefront Zanapolis | SciFi BAT plant

    great work man, and the presentation is something else, keep on the great work.
  14. :: Novaya Tulsk ::

    wow this is a very nice and impressive start, nice level of details, nice design, impressive farming area on the cliffs, keep on this great work.
  15. Omaha, NE & Council Bluffs, IA Metro

    Mr. Beer, I really don't know what to say anymore, your attention to details in this huge sprawl is simply amazing, everything fits perfectly, I must try this style some day, congratulations. Fabio