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Any mod to control building level after Parklife?

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I'm also patiently awaiting any update regarding either of these mods. Heck, at this point I'm waiting for a whole new mod entirely! And knowing that Control Building Level Up hasn't been updated in over 2 years makes me really nervous, the whole way I play the game essentially hinges on that mod. With Find It!, Control Building Level Up, and some other minor mods I can place growables like RICO buildings, which is something I have to do since RICO has never worked for me. Really hope these mods update or some new one is created to replace them, I'm hopeful since it seems like so many people used them and are awaiting any updates. Just gotta wait and see.

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  • "Force Building Level" was really great. You could click up a level or down a level and it would lock at that position. This can't be too hard to fix. Would any modder be so kind as to rewrite this mod? You'd be very popular. Many of us are just sitting on our hands waiting for it!

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  • I can't do anything with my Berlin 1:1 project until a version of this mod is fixed. If any modder would look into this, I would be forever grateful. Been waiting a week and I'm starting to lose hope. I wanna make parks :(


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  • I can't play until this gets resolved or I'll lose dozens of hours of hand-picking buildings. I don't believe it could be sooooo hard to fix this mod:


    Force Building Level: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1275678215



    The code is available here: https://github.com/coarxflow/Skylines-ControlBuildingLevelUpMod

    Can anybody fix this? The code is posted in the link. Do we have an idea of why our little "x"'s have vanished and cannot be added back? Is it because something changed the way Parklife does zoning?


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    Is this only relevant for growables? Or could it affect RICO buildings if I let my game play for a long time (I have only build on pause to my best efforts).

    I ask because I am only about 10% into a project I don't expect to complete until Nov so I have been very paranoid about trying to avoid things that might cause this problem. For instance I haven't used network extensions roads or even Traffic manager and a few others  because I am so paranoid about losing my saves. 

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    Only relevant to growables. RICO buildings cannot level up or get abandoned.

    If we're talking about if RICO can be abandoned and not get updated like this mod, then yes that can happen. And that will mean the RICO buildings you have will revert to what they originally was - either unique buildings, parks or growables. But RICO is such a big mod with no other options at all that I would be surprised if other modders didn't try and fix it. There's already been a bunch of people who made the fix for the High Density Fix version published by Whitefang Greytail. And that was bug fixes on the mod when it wasn't even broken.

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    Not a complete solution to this, but I think a mod which merely disables the whole leveling up feature of the game might be a simple fix. I don't actually zone or grow buildings when I play anymore, so a mod which gets rid of leveling altogether would be much simpler for me than either of these mods being updated. I could just place growable buildings and not worry about them changing at all! Actually surprised that a mod like this doesn't already exist. Obviously I want these mods also updated, but it's just an idea.


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  • Isn't that what "Plop the Growables" does? 


    That solution is no good for me because if I saved my game just once I would lose my hundreds of tickmarks on hand-picked buildings. I like to have both techniques -- freely growing areas as well as hand-picked individual buildings. I know this mod would be easy to fix if any modder had a moment to take a look at it. I was so hyped to try parklife and build a great Tiergarten and a Zoo... welp, let's just say my enthusiasm is gone after waiting for this. :(

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  • Thank you boformer. Perhaps I can save my save.


    The guy who made "Force Building Level" appeared finally and made a post, but who knows when he'll get around to actually fixing it. BloodyPengiun took a look at fixing that one as well, made some progress, but didn't have time to finish the fix. The issue wasn't as simple as I'd hoped.

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