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If your computer graphics card can support the hardware renderer then that is best because is relieves the CPU (Central Processing Unit) from the workload related to graphics. If the hardware renderer does not work on the first try, let us know and there are some threads we can link you to that can help troubleshoot that part. Often times (at least on Windoze comps) the hardware option will simply work by selecting it.

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If you have graphics hardware, then try to use it. If your first try has problems, then see our threads about DirectX and coaxing SC4 to recognize newer cards.

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks for reply... I note that since Ive installed some plugins, the game is more slow... and for load a city take some more time...



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    Posted (edited)

    Use hardware rendering, it works with that GPU reasonably well and clearly better than the software.

    About the slowness, it's not related to the GPU, but to the storage: when adding plugins, you force the game to open more files from the hard disk to open a city tile. There are 3 solutions:

    1. Datpack your plugins in an ordered way to reduce the number of files the game opens. The ideal size for a file is 350 Mb.
    2. Defrag your disk, prioritising the plugins folder to put it on the top of the physical disk, reducing the time needed to find the sectors on which the files are stored.
    3. Buy an SSD disk exclusively to save your plugins on it, increasing notoriously the loading speed. If you do this, it is still useful to datpack, but not to defrag (indeed, you can ruin an SSD disk by defragging it too much).

      Edited by matias93  

    speed, not loading time ;)

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    On 5/12/2018 at 12:49 PM, matias93 said:

    Buy an SSD disk exclusively to save your plugins

    If you take this step, then I think you have a config step to tell the game where its program data is (because it will no longer be in the default folder location). From the Shortcut Parameters tutorial:


    Change Path -UserDir:path

    Specifies the directory where the user's game directory is. If the default subdirectories of "Regions\", "Plugins\", and "HTTPCache\" aren't found, then SC4 creates an instance of, (in the case of Regions, it copies the default set over). The default game data directory defaults to being the same directory as the game installation directory. Quotes are necessary if the path name contains spaces. Make sure there is a "\" on the end of your path or else SC4 creates directories like "testPlugins\" and "testRegions\"

    This will have the knock-on effect of relocating ALL program data (e.g. regions and their saved cities, which then will also load a bit faster).

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        This thread is aimed at users who cannot run SC4 using Windows 10, if your games starts but has other issues, this is not the place to go into that. The only way to try and understand why certain users can not get the game to work, and hopefully, find a solution, is to start gathering some data.
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        Let's not forget this is the entire operating system, not just a standalone app being upgraded. Even for the average home user, it requires at least some basic thought and preparation (i.e. backups). They're trying to make the upgrade too simple, and Win 10 sound essential.
        Don't be afraid to proceed -- Windows 10 may well have some benefits. But people have reasons for choosing to postpone it or not upgrade altogether. Whether due to compatibility (such as legacy software like SC4) or just being familiar with their current setup. You keep hearing in the news of users with broken systems after upgrading. Just type in Google "computer broken a", and see what pops up. Such issues can be resolved, although not everyone is prepared or has the time to resolve them.
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        Has anyone here been affected by this?

        It would seem Microsoft has responded to the outcry from users:
        This is an improvement, but really it's still far from ideal.
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