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Tutorial for SC4MacInjector & Ways to use it

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For anyone who hasn't discovered it yet, @simmaster07 has done some helpful and lovely work (and brilliant) for those of us in the Mac community. :bunny:

  1. He has converted/reprogrammed a couple of .dll plugins and made them into .so plugins so that they can be read by a Mac.
  2. He has created a plugin loader to load those .so files.

First Things First
Be aware of the following notice on the MacInjector page. Back up your files. To be safe, I made a back up of my plugins and regions directories.


Prerelease note
This mod is prerelease software and has only been tested on Steam and Mac App Store copies of SimCity 4 on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. It is recommended that you back up your regions (and, especially if using an App Store copy of SC4, your plugins folder) before using this mod.

Download & Install MacInjector
I will try and give a painstakingly detailed step by step. :kitty:
Follow the link above, read the "About This File" notes, and click on the "Download File" button

  1. You can try opening the package directly from your Downloads folder (double clicking) but if your security is like mine, you will get a message that "“SC4MacInjector.pkg” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer."
    In order to bypass that security, right click on the .pkg and choose "Open" from the menu.
  2. You will then get a pop-up message "“SC4MacInjector.pkg” is from an unidentified developer. Are you sure you want to open it?"
    Click "Open" and the installer will open.
  3. Follow the instructions on the installer. 

Three changes I noticed after the install. 1 - When I have SC4 running, if I switch windows and leave the game running, the icon in my dock changed from the SC4 icon to a black system icon. 2 - The first time I restarted the game after installation it reverted to the Timbuktu tutorial region so I had to navigate back to the region I was building in. 3 - There is now a "libinjector.dylib" file in my plugins directory. (Leave it there.)
None of these are any concern - just don't want you to be surprised. :) 

Great! I have a New Tool! What Do I Do With It?
Hopefully there will be more future developments, but for now I know of at least two. (If I discover more or if you discover more, please comment and add them!)

Buggi's Cheats
This allows Mac players to use Buggi's extra cheat codes (for those so inclined - no judgement). I know I'm working on recreating a specific city right now and not playing the traditional game, per se. Being able to to type "Moolah 1000000" and instantly have $1 million to develop with sped up my process.

Take the downloaded file "ExtraCheatsMac.so" (it's not zipped - it's ready to go) and move it to your plugins folder. Done. When you are in-game all you have to do is hit Ctrl-x and then either type your command/cheat code (if you know it) or right click in the dialog box and a list of commands will appear.

Real Upgradeable City Halls 1.1.0


Instead of implementing the three City Hall stages as separate reward lots, this mod implements Maxis' originally intended behavior of actually replacing the City Hall lot as new stages are unlocked. It also prompts the user with advisor messages asking if they want to upgrade the reward, just like the airport upgrade behavior.

When you click on the download button, choose the Mac only version. Open the zip file and place the .dat and .so extracted files in your plugins directory. Done.

Have FUN! :party:
That's all for now! Have fun! Build the region of your dreams! I am NOT a technical person, but post questions for clarification below and I'll do my best or someone will hopefully have an answer. And THANK YOU @simmaster07 for your work while you juggle school! Also thank you, @Hamish for the suggestion to write this up. If it needs to go elsewhere, please do whatever needs to be done.



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Thanks for writing this tutorial. While I don't use a Mac it's great to have peeps who do understand them to help out others. I see someone on staff already pinned this topic so it'll stay in the top group and not get lost.

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