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Hello Mitchell's

I got an idea LOOONG time ago

"Why I should waste my time puttin discs to my drive all the time so they can get stratched IF I can simply ISO them and make game think "Oh Its CD of the game ! lets play" "

{Makes me remember days where people did






And this time I will reinstall the game

But worst of all

Game discs are nowhere to be found and I dont know which patch to install

The SC4Deluxe CD ISO's are in my USB

Should I install SKU1 (NA/NZ) or SKU2 (Europe the place of dirtiest and bloodies people got turned to nice people thanks to Muslim Ottomans) ?

I Learned that SKU 1 is for older games [1.60] while SKU 2 is for newer games [1.62]

Is there an file in the ISO's that tells me version of the game ??

Thanks for answering

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  1. Install game (i.e. run the installer)
  2. Navigate to the install dir / Sku_Data folder
  3. Now you know which SKU you need for the EP1 Patch.
  4. Install the EP1 or 1.1.638.0 patch, then I'd recommend also the Nitelighting or 1.1.640.0 patch. Note only the EP1 patch has SKU Variants to worry about.
    Do this right after installing, before any other fixes are applied. Otherwise the patches will fail if they recognise modified files.
23 minutes ago, Danyal said:

I Learned that SKU 1 is for older games [1.60] while SKU 2 is for newer games [1.62]

Not exactly, SKU1 - 5 is a region thing, but beware where the disks were bought, won't necessarily correlate to the region you have. So check the folder above to get it right first time.

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    • By chfzdn
      Did you confused with BSC, AOIN, BAT, PLEX, STR etc? Here are the collections of them that adapted from https://www.kaskus.co.id/show_post/53cc0c3aa3cb170a768b4669/12/kamus-istilah-sim-city-4 (Indonesian) and the famous SimCity 4 Encyclopaedia (this is will be grouped appropriately):
      AIN/AOIN: Alliance of Independent Nations.
      Automata: object that can move automatically, including vehicles, pedestrians and animals.
      Building Architect Tool, an official app to make structures for mod making. Structures made by the app. BSC: BAT Squad Certification, the largest BAT team besides NAM Team.
      BLaM: BATters, Lotters, and Modders Team.
      Brown box: structures that replaces the original buildings due to missing dependencies.
      BLS: Barby Lot Studio. Part of BSC.
      BTM: Bullet Train Mod, modifies elevated rail network. Part of NAM.
      CAM: Colossus Addon Mod, modifies growth stages and demands.
      CAN-AM: Canal Addon Mod, makes canals to be used as mode of transportation. Part of NAM.
      CARCH: Cerulean Architecture and Design.
      CDK: Coastal Development Kit, a set of seaports and related facilities made by Pegasus.
      COFR: Confenderacy of Free Regions.
      CSK: Channel Stream Kit.
      CSX: Colyn Serfontein Expanded. Part of BSC.
      D66: Dolphin66.
      DAE: Deadwoods. Part of BSC.
      DT: DuskTrooper.
      El-rail: elevated rail.
      File exchanges: places for mods, maps and other stuff related to the game.
      Flex pieces (FLEX pieces): combination of override networks and puzzle pieces. Since NAM 34, it used heavily.
      FTL: Flex Turn Lanes (stylized as FLEX Turn Lanes), replacement of TuLEPs. Part of NAM since NAM 36.
      FLUPs: flexible underpasses, made using ramp and special pieces. Part of NAM.
      Growable: lot that grow automatically in the right zones when the affected factors is fulfilled.
      GA: GrampaAl, a BSC founder.
      GC: Gascooker. Part of BSC.
      New networks based on elevated rail network. A mod added them. Part of NAM. HKABT: Hong Kong/Asia BAT Team.
      HSRP: High Speed Rail Project, adds new networks based on monorail network. Part of NAM.
      ITC: International Team of Creators, a team founded by Yoshi (Ian), Travis and CasperVg.
      JENX: Xannepan.
      JRJ: Jeronij, a short-time modder and webmaster at SC4Devotion.
      LEX: Lot Exchange, a file exchange part of SC4Devotion.com.
      Lot: the base upon which structures and many other objects in the game are built on.
      Lot Editor: official tool made by Maxis to modify lots.
      LBT: Latin American BAT Team.
      Mega prop: huge bundles of props often split in volumes.
      MJB: Couchpotato. Part of BSC.
      MML: menu management lot, shows specified menus when placed.
      MRC: multi-radius curve.
      NAM: Network Addon Mod, adds tons of new networks and fixes to traffic simulator.
      NDEX: N74704, DuskTrooper and Equinox, a group of BATters.
      NHP: New Horizon Productions.
      NWM: Network Widening Mod, adds larger version of road network. Part of NAM.
      Override networks: emulated networks based on game's existing networks. Used in the NAM extensively.
      OWW: Old Wooden Waterfront, a set of wooden waterfront made by PEG.
      PEG: Pegasus, a famous modder.
      Prop: anything to improve detail, aesthetic and realism of a lot including trash can, flower pot and more.
      Ploppable: lot that can be placed directly without zoning.
      Puzzle pieces: ploppable yet functional transit network pieces. They can't be modified and not draggable. Used extensively in the old version of NAM.
      RCI: residential (green zone), commercial (blue zone) and industrial (yellow zone).
      PLEX: Pegasus Lot Exchange, a file exchange part of Simpeg.com (now defunct).
      QC: QuickChange, pre-made intersection stubs. Part of RHW.
      RealHighway, a set of highways that mimicks real-world highways. A mod added them. Part of NAM. RRW: RealRailway, realistic railway mod. Part of NAM.
      RLS: Real Life Syndrome, BATs from SimGoober.
      RTMT: Road Top Mass Transit, adds mass transit on the top of the road.
      SAM: Street Addon Mod, adds custom streets. Part of NAM.
      SC4: SimCity 4.
      SimCity 4 Devotion. SimCity 4 Deluxe (although rare). SFBT: SimForum BAT Team, a German BAT team.
      SITAP: (OWR) Signalization and Turn Arrow Project. Part of NAM since NAM 34.
      SG: SimGoober. Part of BSC.
      SMP: Simtropia Productions Team.
      SNM: SimNation Military, a pack of mods for military.
      ST: Simtropolis.
      STEX: Simtropolis Exchange, a file exchange part of Simtropolis.com.
      STR: single-track rail. Part of NAM.
      TE: transit enabled (lot), which have "network pieces" inside the lot. Often used in stations.
      Terraforming: process of land modification (not usage).
      TLA: turning lane avenue. Part of NWM.
      TuLEP: Turning Lane Extension Pieces. Part of NAM.
      TSC: ToutSimCities, a French community.
      UDI: U-Drive-It, a feature for riding automata.
      W2W: wall-to-wall.
      WFK: waterfront kit.
      WRC: wide radius curve.
      I hope this helps you. Suggestions & critics are welcome. Thanks.
    • By Cool_Z
      Good day everyone!
      I have become curious about how the simulation was working in SC4.
      Of course I know that unlike Skylines, Sims in 4 are simulated only in "presence", but how?

      I'm also cursious about health, wealth and education. Is it just a global percentage applied to groups of population in map areas or is it more precise?
      Do Sims get wealthier? Do Sims really age?
      I am wondering what the underlying mechanics are, do we have a full documentation about that somewhere or are we just guessing by observing what happens ingame?
    • By Doni98
      Hello everyone! I'm back with another cemetery!
      In this time, a cemetery where our sims can bury her beloved pets, a honest place.
      Simply put the file in Documents/SimCity4/Plugins
      Peg Memorial Park Kit (probably)
    • By Doni98
      I'm back, my friends!
      I recently made a place for bury the lovely pets from our sims. ENJOY! 
      - Peg Memorial Park Kit (maybe)
      Simply put the .bat file in Documents/SimCity4/Plugins
      Pet Cemetery_87e975e1.SC4Lot
    • By Duco
      When bulldozing something, dust en debris is shown.
      After loading my city I noticed that some debris remained from the previous time, visual, just lying there.
      I bulldozed the squares again, but it remains.
      I tried the immortally killer, but no effect.
      It looks like this can't go away, but I'm not sure. Most off all I want to know what it is.
      If it is there to stay, well, I will make it an truck accident . :-)
      The question: Does anyone know what this freezing debris is?, How it occurs and can it go away? 

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