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I feel like I've done it before, but I'm having trouble in the city I'm currently working on. I don't have a university, but plenty of community colleges and a high school. Education is maxed to four, all of my industrial buildings are medium tech, but I only have one gear in the education menu. Is it possible to get all high tech industry without a university? Maybe ground pollution is the problem? I'm on seven game years so pollution is pretty bad under my industrial sector..


Any ideas?



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The community college only gets you to tech level 2. If you want 3 you will need to get a university in the city.

The good news is that once you do you can get rid of the colleges to free up cash.

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For some reason the universities don't do a good job of spreading tech beyond the city that they're built in. If you want high-tech without a uni, you can put the Vu Tower in your city or build the space center, which maxes out the tech for the entire region, eliminating the need for local colleges or secondary universities.

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Do u still need high schools/grade schools tho with a Uni? I had a uni in my city with a grade school and when I closed the grade school in an attempt at increasing students at the uni, around 300 students went to another high school in another town!! Thought it would have been the other way around!!

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  • Original Poster
  • I already have a space center. Turns out the great works don't help the entire region, only the cities that are connected to it via highway, which I think is pretty ridiculous. So four of my cities are maxed out, and the four on the other side of the region (with the arcology) are struggling. And I don't want a university in every city, kind of takes away from the regional form in my opinion.


    Oh well. Maybe one day students will commute out of the city to go to the university like they're supposed to

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    Having educated sims has many other benefits. So getting rid of your colleges isn't a good idea. Lower crime, lower injury rate, higher rate of recycling are just a few of the benefits to having high educated sims.

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        One of my biggest problems with my cities as they grow is traffic.  I've tried subways and (with many issues) elevated rails but my success has been hit or miss.  My latest try was trams.  They have been very helpful traffic wise but they appear to be heavy polluters.  I thought - without any prior knowledge mind you - that trams were a more green solution than regular rail so I was very surprised.  Does anyone have good pollution management in place for their trams?  Please let me know if you do. Thanks
        p.s. my "many issues" with elevated rails has been with rail stop connections connecting to the rail tracks.  The "many" in that is I've tried several different versions with limited success.
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        This lot has been tested in-game, it was found that at least 2 of them are required to almost completely reduce pollution across a large tile as well as to provide water across a grid of pipes covering the whole tile.  It was tested also with the Utility Radius and Traffic Pollution Modd.  Use the Data View and Cheetah Speed to monitor changes in water supply, air and water pollution.  The pump is programmed to consume a very small amount of water so plop the pump in a non-polluted area as tests indicate it will not immediately clean its own base area and may fail to operate. 
        Location: Water Menu under Utilities Menu, and Power Menu for 1x1 Generator
        You must connect both the large water pump and the sewage treatment connectors to realize both the effect of the radical volume of water and the treatment.  The large water pump is the re-lot that will appear in the water utilities.   The dual purpose is combined into one lot with its own unique menu icon. 
        Lot Size: 5 (width) by 6 (depth)
        Water Produced and Treated: 1,000,000 cubic meters per hour.
        Pollution Reduction: -1200 over 300 
        Plop Cost: 25,000§
        Maintenance Cost: 10§
        Jobs: 15§, 290§§, 15§§§
        Moderate Landmark and Park Effect. 
        Transit and Network Enabled
        Power Consumed:  200 MWh (megawatt hours)
        Dependency: Included base texture .dat file.
        Maxis Night-lighting
        FOLDER: Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction V1
        File: List of Alternate Water Systems.txt
        File: Preview and Install.html
        File: Readme.txt
        SUB-FOLDER: Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction
        This is the folder inside the unzipped title folder to be placed in your User\Documents\SimCity 4\ Plugins folder.  It contains 2 files: 1. the Radical_Water_Pump.SC4Lot, and 2. the BaseTexturesElements_RadicalWaterPump.dat file with base textures extracted from my Vol.1 Base Textures Elements package.  If you use the larger package then delete the smaller .dat file included as the textures don't need to be loaded twice.  The larger package is linked below:
        Base Textures Vol 1.1: Elements, for SC4 1.1.0
        SUB-FOLDER: 500 MWh Power Generator 1x1
        File: RadicalWaterPump_PowerGenerator.SC4Lot
        I've added a 1x1 lot to generate power for the water pump.  If you use the Data View Moisture Mod to locate a high volume of water it may be in a remote area, otherwise a non-polluted area may also be in a remote area.  The power generator is equal to 2½ times the wind power plant.
        The 2nd preview shows the progressive reduction of air pollution; the reduction of water pollution is about the same. The test city has 2 heavy industry areas and congested traffic generating severe pollution over the entire tile. A third radical water pump would completely eliminate both across the entire tile.
        The 3rd preview shows at bottom Cori's Data View of Moisture mod which uses the radiation data view to show changes in moisture from rainfall.  In more complicated terrain the moisture data view is useful to see where to place water pumps which depend on aquifers. The mod is linked below:
        Cori's DataView - Moisture v 2017.01.22 by @CorinaMarie
        The top 2 frames show the progressive increase of water-flow over the entire tile.   Water pipes are tedious to place in large tiles requiring about a 30x30 grid.  To make the task of watering the tile easier use the Utility Radius and Traffic Pollution Reduction Modd by RalphaelNinja linked below:
        UtilityRadius TrafPollution Modd by @RalphaelNinja
        The last preview is of this .SC4Lot in production in the Lot Editor for anyone who has enjoyed using SC4 as a design tool, creating .SC4 city tiles, and who may be considering taking the next step of creating .SC4Lot files.  Using Lot Editor is not much more complicated.  Below is the tutorial that got me started almost a year ago.
        Lot Editor: Beginner's Tutorial by @jbbry232
        To install copy and paste the Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction folder into your User\Documents \SimCity 4\Plugins folder. 
        To also install the power generator copy and paste the 500 MWh Power Generator 1x1 folder into the folder above.
      • By huzman
        Do ALL trees -Maxis and 3rd. parties- really influence pollution ?
        I started a new city for this purpose. So I built an electricity factory in one corner, some distance away laid several industry zones, some more distance away i put some commercial zones, and still further away and build the residential zones. There a tile free from the zones and the road along one and/or two sides of the zones.
        Then I peppered those empty zones everywhere with ALL kind of trees. Then I ran SC4 and let it run for almost three years. Then I checked the pollutions levels and I didn't notice much change. Ergo, my first line.
      • By Mary Maurine Mayo
        This Lot will clean the air in your entire city with just one plop. Covers the small,Med and Large Citys. Because it covers the entire city and cleans all air pollution except Car Pollution this baby will cost you $500 a month. It also shows up under Garbage menu in SC4 If You have any problems with this lot please let me know.
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