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Bridges & Tunnels - Traffic Management

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Thought I would share some experiences on a little experiment I ran on trying to utilize bridge's and tunnels for traffic management, I had previously replicated the structure of the 400K city with no Transit by HalbyStarCraft (

). I liked the approach on a square Map but wanted to try and see on a map with various elevations, islands and water what could be done. There are some successful points and some failures to learn from.


Below was "Stackolee Ravine" City On Discover Delta,


First a view of the City, The various elevations and bridges make an interesting look;



Next is the Highway entrance to the city, I was too busy planning out the rest of the city to set this up better, it handles rush hour rather well and I had experimented in setting the $/$$ to disproportionate levels but they are simply too close together to be effective. I at first attempted a roundabout concept, this created total gridlock so instead used a split to split with T sections. works ok but not sustainable on larger cities.



Now a real success was the tunnels to various locations of the city, starting from left to right I will show the path of the tunnels, (left to right)

Tunnel #1 (Starts at Highway, Through Island #1, Exits Middle of Island #2)










Tunnel #2 (Starts at Highway, Through Island #1, Through Island #2, Exits at Island #3 at the diagonal opposite of Highway)






Tunnel #2-A (Tunnel #2 connects the far side of Island #3 to the highway directly, this is a Tsplit which then also : Travels back through Island #3, Through Island #2, Does a loop in island #1 (had to avoid train tracks) and then connects to the industry on this island)

Purpose: Have residence travel from Top Right of Map to Middle Left without intersections)









Tunnel #3 (Starts at Highway, Through Island #1, through island #3 and to the lower 'plains' of the map.)






Tunnel #4 (Starts at Highway, Through Island #3, Reenters Island #3 then Exits in the middle of the island)









I also set some traintracks up in a circle around the map,

Starting at the tracks, on Island #1, then to Island #2




Forced an opening in Island #2 and placed a trade depot here (this is technically overlapping the road tunnel but that apparently doesn't matter)






It then goes back underground on to island #3 where it exits in the middle of the island where I placed a rail station,




It exists at the far side of the Island (crosses over Tunnel #2 / #2A from above) then loops back towards the plains.





It exists at the plains and then does a loop to a higher elevation on Island #3, It then has a massive bridge that spans the Map back to Island #1 and to connect back to the tracks.



I have also set up two massive avenue bridges that loops back to each island.



Also made these fun little loops for people who reach the end of the street:









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  • Original Poster
  • What seems to work really well in this setup is the following:


    1.) Tunnel #2 which provides a direct route to the opposite diagonal of the Map of the highway. Aside from the tangled mess of an entrance, once passed this moving from anywhere in the city to anywhere else has essentially a direct route, this tunnel especially opens up both sides of the map as core entry points.


    2.) Tunnels that exit in the middle of the island, the downside is that they take up a bit of space, what I had to do was extend straight roads far and then delete the road up until tunnel entrance then use the curved options to manually loop it around, otherwise it will take up half the island. Having the main entrance to your city be in the middle allows rather simple transit inside the city.


    3.) Trains that popup in the island are also very useful, it acts as a subway system but takes up some more space, quickly had this filling up,


    4.) the silly loops in the last picture resolved a serious traffic issue without taking up space, We know deadends don't work when density increases and they are a simple solution to keep flow going and provide a bit of extra space for traffic to congest itself in.


    The downside on these maps is obviously that you have less space to work with, not just on the water but on the hills of the islands.


    Its also unfortunate that you cant build anything or zone anything under the bridges, I still need to see if theres a bypass on this, perhaps delete the bridges, zone the areas and then replace the bridge, currently with the bridge being there first it views it as a road location and cant be built on, I have rather high bridges here so im sure a medium density apartment could "grow" here.

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    Now, if only the game had proper tools to place bridges, tunnels and overpasses.

    I am jelly. The only thing I have ever bothered to do is a silly curved railroad bridge to connect a trade port at the bottom of a steep hill, and that took me dozen tries whilst looking exceedingly silly.

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