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  1. Is the game too easy?

    And because ore, coal and oil resources area finite, all industry will eventually be loss making; further, electronics will only be viable on the handful of maps that have both oil, ore and coal. What's more, there will be no point in any advanced oil/metals industry since raw materials are worth more than the finished product (otherwise, manufacturing with imported goods would not be loss making). You know, for the same effect you could just have given oil/mining regions bonus cash at the start, As for the difficulty, yes, it is too difficult. Take out a loan, build an ore mine and you'll be swimming in cash - so you might just as well be playing in sandbox mode. As for the puzzles you mentioned, due to the lack of complexity they do not have a solution: there is nothing you can do about pollution, or traffic because the game does not give you the tools to do so (e.g. The ability to designate bus lines, or build overpasses, etc). After the first two hours maybe the game has the depth of a screensaver.
  2. The meaning of that quote is made clear by the very next sentence: So make sure to build one massive factory for every three huts...
  3. Hours Played

    The game was released 6 weeks ago, so that makes 1000h in 1032h which seems a bit unlikely (less than 1h sleep per day for over a month). Not even my tf2 total reaches that - 942h
  4. Protesting "high rents" vs tax rate

    Hang on, what does "not enough housing" even mean? Population is created by residential, so how can there be be "not enough housing" and zoning more residential will just result in a proportional population increase.
  5. Regional unlocks and ability to buy water/electricity/sewage affect early game strategy (bypassing the entire tech tree concept) and has very minor endgame effects (e.g. extra income from "volunteering" vehicles). Collaboration on great works (presumably the point of making the game multiplayer) is farcical at best - there is no voting process, so odds are that one city will unilaterally make the decision and build the great work whilst the neighbours are offline. But what else is there to do? Once you've built your city you are done and all that's left to do is to start another city, and it only takes an evening to do. Unless they add significantly greater depth (any reason to keep playing a city for longer than 4h), I can't see any real multiplayer happening.
  6. Parks

    $$$ Amphitheatres have the same footprint as high density R so you can mix and match/upgrade later.
  7. The Official Second Amendment / Gun Ban Thread

    Oh, I do understand that perfectly but I think it is plain wrong; again, many nations are doing just fine without ubiquitous guns so clearly it is not "necessary" in the mathematical sense. The US constitution is, like anything else, a product of it's time and not necessarily infallible truth forever after. Correct, and local "no-gun" zones are consequently a bad idea. If you go for arming individual citizens to prevent crime then you have to go all the way. Yes, but criminals do not make guns from thin air - they buy them legally, or steal them from legal owners, or smuggle the, etc. If there were no gunstores in the US then the criminals' willingness to break the law would not matter.
  8. The Official Second Amendment / Gun Ban Thread

    Three things to consider - firstly, the response to gun violence and such has been "we need more guns" for a while, yet the the problem of America having more gun violence than any other nation remains. That suggests that "use more gun", whilst maybe convincing in theory, just doesn't work. Secondly, the pro-gun arguments always ignore that criminals will adjust to the general population having access firearms - sure, it might deter some muggers but those that still risk it will just shoot first (the more people you allow to legally acquire guns the more potential criminals will have them), and I'd rather have my wallet stolen that get shot. Thirdly, many nations seem to be doing just fine without everyone carrying assault rifles, so the argument that "the only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" cannot possibly be true (if the general population cannot legally acquire guns then there will be significantly fewer bad guys with guns). Finally, I suspect, that it's more about ideology than practicality - Americans are very much about individual responsibility (if you can't afford healthcare then that is your fault and society should not lift a finger to help you), and the pro-gun argument ultimately boils down to the same thing - rather than limiting guns and having the police protect the public, they would much rather buy a gun and shoot criminals themselves (if you are too poor a shot then that sucks for you).
  9. Mastering traffic

    Which is by and large impossible - for example, the university serves an order of magnitude more students than can a bus/tram stop can serve. Rather than waiting for the bus, student agents who travelled to the university by bus will magically produce a car ex culo to drive home. Or how about placing park-and-ride at the highway on the city border to limit commuter traffic? Nope, they just ignore that. Which is a simple workaround for stupid bus/tram agent behaviour (or the lack of bus/tram lines) Yeah, when I am out of food I frequently visit parks, too. Who needs food? Just because you can work around the broken parts doesn't mean that it isn't broken.
  10. Counterintuitive Tips

    Actually, you don't need a large population at the start - just enough to unlock a city hall; then take out three bonds and invest everything in mining/oil. That way you won't need police/medical/fire services before you start raking in tons of cash
  11. Because server farms cost money, duh, in particular if the purpose is to hand calculations that quadcore i7 processors can't handle. You cannot provide servers which cost $30 a month to rent for a one-off purchase of $60. As for agents, the problem could be much improved if they tracked sink capacity to any extent (if 15t of garbage need collecting then dispatch only 3 trucks, and dispatch them to randomise their destination)
  12. That's a terrible idea - you need to add a crude oil storage lot (set it to export) to every last trade depot or you will lose resources when supply trucks return to the nearest garage (without a crude oil storage lot) after failing to drop off oil at a refinery. Further, fuel is more profitable so there is no point in ever making plastic (or metal, or TVs) - if you need plastic for some reason, sell fuel and buy plastic on the global market.
  13. Sim City advice - Radiation disaster

    Hang on, tourists are still visiting your irradiated municipal wasteland? Gotta love the simulation detail I guess. If you are still making profit you could just leave the game running in a small window overnight/week until it goes away.
  14. Or be a nice region mate and keep them running in case someone else wants to start a specialisation.
  15. Nope. Uninstalled the game after 5 days or so.