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I sugguest the Network Addon Mod as a must have . Then you need to figure what building style you are going to use .

Also there is the Network widening Mod and RHW .

There are thousands of buildings here on the STEX to download , but make sure you get all of the dependencies or you will get brown boxes , hope this was helpful and have fun .

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  • I was more hoping for tips like lots or something.

    I did download seawalls bud I can't make them working, downloaded every dependency etc, bud the only thing i'm getting is a pavement.

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    I was more hoping for tips like lots or something.

    I did download seawalls bud I can't make them working, downloaded every dependency etc, bud the only thing i'm getting is a pavement.

    Try making the slope greater, they only work if the slope is high enough. As for lots, you would have to have a style of buildings in mind, and getting started on BATs is quite easy with a few searches on the STEX or LEX for that style or related keywords.

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    I was more hoping for tips like lots or something.

    I did download seawalls bud I can't make them working, downloaded every dependency etc, bud the only thing i'm getting is a pavement.

    I'm not sure I understand the general question you're asking. Making a realistic city is more than just downloading lots, modds, dependencies, etc. It's an art that requires careful attention to details and sculpting of the landscape. Figure out what you want your city to look like, and then sit down and browse through the entire STEX to find lots that interest you. Make sure you follow the instructions for downloading them, and be sure to download any required dependencies. You only need to have each dependency once, so if you download a lot that requires the same dependency as another one, just download it one time. After you download everything you need, start crafting your city. Take cues from photos of real-life cities and try to match the details as best as you can by using the terraforming tools. Look here for a master list of dependencies so that you don't have to keep hunting around for them if you encounter a broken link in the Readme files.

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      • By Roadman20
        Entry 1: Beginnings of Seattle, Washington... and early setbacks/rebuilding.
        Hello everyone!
        As most of you know by now, I've been showing off bits and pieces of my work in progress of building Seattle, Washington for Cities:Skylines.  I feel it is time for me to consolidate my progress work in a CJ place so I can share and you see my continual work in as close of an interesting city.  Some background on myself, I've loved SC4 finally came back to the city simulator world when Cities:Skylines came out.  My decision to build Seattle is due to living in the Pacific Northwest, although not in the city itself, for a number of years and the challenge it presents to a city planner. 
        So without further ado, presenting Seattle!
        I took Steam workshop map of Seattle and then I roughly recreated the regional highway network.  This work goes back sometime before After Dark.

        It was here that began my work on perfecting multi-level interchanges with the signature work on the Interstate 5 and Interstate 90 interchange.  This is first version built in map editor, obviously not perfect.  You'll see throughout this journal the gradual improvement on this design, which influences how I build interchanges now.

        As you can see, learning the finer details of onramp/offramp placement is pretty key to making good looking interchanges.  Too bad there was not any retaining walls at the time...

        Oh hey, look sunken wall assets are made.  This was my first real test of using them to prop up a hill slope while using duckclog's pillars. Unfortunately, I only had a single save file at this time of Seattle and the save file was corrupted.

        Well, it was a learned lesson to have two save files of that ever went down again... but the corrupted file incident provided an opportunity to rebuild in a more correct way.  I started Seattle again in the southern industrial heart near the I-5/I-90 interchange and made some immediate build changes. 
        First, Holgate Street Bridge and rebuilding Interstate 5 as elevated viaduct highway as it should be through this area.  

        Second, rebuild western termius of Interstate 90 near Safeco and Century Link Fields.

        Rebuilding the Interstate 5/Interstate 90 interchange in it's third and final configuration.  Sorry about the quality of this particular shot... As noted that new placement means a new alignment of the rest of Interstate 90 northward eventually.  Note that Interstate 5 is fully elevated now throughout this shot compared to earlier shots.

        Finally, overview of Pioneer Square, Sodo, and Industrial Districts.  Plus, early work on Seattle CBD layout.

        Next time, the challenge of building Interstate 5 through the Convention Center.
      • By BloodyPenguin

      • By KriZy
        OSL Airport is located at the bottum!
         Post 1: Since summer is over and school has started, so I finally got into Simtropolis and all it's prettiness, I thought why not make a CJ for you and me to enjoy together.
        I chose a map which I think is cool and so let's get started. The style i'm going for would be an American style, but a little different.

        And of course a Strictoaster Fuel supply.
        Our source will mostly be renewable energy, but a oil field or two will be made in the future.

      • By MarkShot
        I am currently living in Taipei, Taiwan.
        I was driving around yesterday thinking about this place doesn't look like anyplace else ... meaning even in a flexible game it might not be easy to capture the feel of Taipei:
        (1)  The lanes don't line up across intersections (and some cases the streets as well).
        (2)  I learn from SC4 and CS that roundabouts (not common in the USA) are to keep traffic moving.  There are many in Taiwan except that they all have traffic lights which seems to defeat the whole purpose.
        (3a)  Multizoning.  Like LD/MD residential with LD shops on 1F and 2F.
        (3b)  Multizoning.  Little farm patches simply stuck here and there.  (I suppose a ploppable vegetable path would cover this.)
        (3c)  Multizoning (underground).  Huge underground shopping complexes at major subway junctions.
        (4)  Roads within city limits which wind up mountains with slope and turn sharpness hard to reproduce in a game.
        (5)  Motorcycles everwhere (yes, on side walks)
        (6)  Tons of two way short residential blocks not wide enough for two ways; not gridded; often deadend
        (7)  Large amount of vacant real estate not abandoned (Chinese invest in real estate like in The West people invest in financial markets)
      • By Stellaris88
        Are there any good cold war era strategy/ political Simulation games? Or are most cold war era games bad? And there are not really good cold war era games?
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