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  1. BSP Allmendinger Organ Co

    Thank you.keep them coming.FInally can build a real urban industrial.mixes well with alot of other building.10/10
  2. Hey.I was wondering about some NYC and Philadelphia style buildings.Mainly found in outter boroughs of NY.Bronx,Brooklyn,Queens. Some residential Buildings: Some commerical building:
  3. Low Wealth Rowhomes

    thank youu soooo much.im trying to build up areas that look like the bronx and brooklyn.ive been putting in similiar looking buildings in the bat request forum.keep it up.pleasee.the big project i want to work on with one city would be like the south bronx with walks up liek these and some bigger wall to wall tenemnets.beatiful work.10/10.
  4. SHUR Hammond Building

    Yes.Im tryin to build my urban cities with large wall to wall buildings like this.Keep it coming.This is a 10/10.perfect.keep going with this style
  5. BLaM FBP Shanties Pack 1 Version 1

    Yeah I like this alot.Keep making some more.Id like to be able to be a Shantytown like the oens they had in Central park in NYC.
  6. New Fleidner Block

    thank you.i have been lookign for some art deco buildings.please keep building more.thank you thank you.
  7. Fisk Insurance

    This goes great in the larger areas in your city because it goes wall to wall with everything.keep building more buildings like this.This looks realistic and blends well Great Great Stuff
  8. SCB Cellphones Shops

    These go great in my suburbs. I tend to build denser suburbs.nd these are great for it.i hope you continue to make stores such as these in the future.
  9. Low Wealth MEGA Lot Set Vol01

    this is great stuff.keep going with this type of buildings.it really looks like the bronx.try nd build some attachable row apartments.like higher up then the houses.this looks realistic too.well done.