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  1. Simtropolis Site Bugs

    When I access the forums, I am automatically logged on as me. -- No problem there! Unfortunately, the STEX dosen't recognise me at all; which is a heck of a let down. Can anyone help me? Please and thank you in advance.
  2. UK Flag Plaza

    Spiffing... 10/10
  3. PEG Pine Trail Extender

    Excellent work again, Peg! These will be used a lot in my mountains... 10.
  4. RAH Dirt Alleys

    Hmm... Great idea! I believe that your logic deserves a 10!
  5. RAH Dirt Alleys

    Looks great! Two questions:- 1. Can you drive on them (or are they just a eye-candy)? 2. If you can drive on them, can they placed directly next to each other (as in without some street inbetween)?
  6. Floral Plazas

    Why couldn't Maxis include something this blindingly beautiful!?! -- 10/10
  7. 9/10 -- Fantastic, we need more hotels. (Saying that, Simgoober has done a fair few...)
  8. TAPAIPolice

    EmergentFungus. You do...
  9. Amusement Pier

    Oh I do like to live beside the seaside, Oh I do like to err... Live by the seaside! *Continues singing and everyone else dies* (10)
  10. Footlongs Hot Dog Stand

    Its great... But I won't download it until its growable, sorry!
  11. Beach Mod with 9 beach bits

    This is absoloutely perfect! 10 out of 10!!!
  12. Animals Revenge

    10 all the way!
  13. FDG Enhanced Nuclear Power Plants

    Only 145kb for 4 lots!?!
  14. NuclearMissile Silo Complex

    Its sooo beautiful! 10/10!
  15. Advance Missile Testing Range

    The origional looked cool... But compared to this it isn't worth thing! 9/10.