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  1. Working on a series of colonial buildings in south-east asia, specifically the ones in my own backyard. I'm hoping to get a good mix of sino-portugeues, dutch, british & edwardian. It's good practice for my modeling skills as well since these buildings have finer details. Here's the first one, a 2x4 size, with just a diffuse: I couldn't find a good texture for the front entrance. I might have to actually go there and snap some pics for the textures So far i'm trying to maintain a 700~800-ish tri count for these lots & 1000+ for the corner lots. I'm quite happy how clean & simple the model turned out.
  2. Just pushed an asset into workshop - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=946557436
  3. @Ronyx69 That means other players will need to subscribe to that mod in order to see my asset as I intended right? Also I realize I made a mistake when importing the glass panels as a whole prop, instead I should have made them smaller so it's less tedious to place. Thanks though, in the end I'm getting the look I wanted.
  4. @Matthias King Hey thanks. It was such a simple asset I just felt it didn't need to be posted here. Anyway I am making another building & played around with the rotor shader but ran into a few problems/questions, which I'm hoping someone here could help. I made some transparent window panels as a prop so I could plop it on my main building, only to realize how impossible it is to position the panels where I actually want it. Also the prop visibility issue where it disappears before the main building could turn into the LOD model. So I thought let's try to make the window panels into a sub-building instead. I finnaly got to position it perfectly except I noticed it completely removes all the props/lights I placed on the main building's corridor. I wanted the lights to appear 'inside' the building but I couldn't get it to work unless I place the lights in a way that makes the lighting really weird. Then I also found out adding sub-buildings to growables will not spawn the sub building unless plopped. Well damn I'm at a lost now, any ideas what I should do?
  5. New building released: The Egon Building.
  6. It's been awhile but I started playing C:S making assets for fun again. I see that someone discovered how to have actual transparent glass!! I would love to know how to achieve that if someone is kind to teach me. I currently only have 9 fingers to work with (right index got crushed, entire nail had to be removed plus some stitches) so I'm trying not to go crazy with model details. I've always wanted to make a building with a road that goes through! Here's what I am working on so far. Not planning on publishing with the elevated road attached, it's up to players what kind of road/rail network they want there with the help of Mods of course. ===Edit: squeezing an update here on my progress instead of another post. Decided to go with some Art Deco style & liking it so far, working on the windows now & experimenting with night lighting. Oh and I've stumbled upon ronyx69's thread about transparency, really cool!
  7. I guess some of you already seen it but anyway, the houses are released. - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=814522381 I don't thikn can make any more variations of these because even in irl there are a few variations only. There's actually a decent variety of american homes in the workshp already by other makers so I don't think I'll be making more soon, probably a few unique looking ones like the very ornate victorian style or plantation mansions.
  8. Got some progress to share with you all . I made 4 slightly differnet variations of some low-residentials based on these american houses. One asset includes 2 homes in a 2x3 cell, which can also grow on a 2x4 zone with trees at the backyard, and a 3x3 corner lot all level2 buildings. Tri count varies between 620~800 and what you see here are only diffuse & color maps applied. Hope you don't mind but I got some questions: I know nothing about american architecture, what style would this be called? and what would this building be classified as? terraced, semi-detached, town houses, etc. Thanks in advance. Off topic but anyone else experiencing sudden sluggish performance in asset editor when loading custom sewage/water assets that are locally saved? loading from steam workshop directory seems fine though, really weird.
  9. Relaxation Radio dlc

    Makes sense I guess. Well they certainly know more about business than me anyway. Still weird though...
  10. Relaxation Radio dlc

    Hmm I'm still confused. Why put relaxation station as dlc in steam when it's already in our game data regardless? I'm not concerned about the marketing aspect of it, at the end of the day we are the one holding our wallets anyway, I just find it weird they would include the files for free for all users when at the same time they are selling it Arghh I think I'm going to let it rest and continue with my asset making instead lol.
  11. Apparently I have the contents/songs of the paid dlc 'relaxtion station' in my steam folder, all .ogg files. I don't have Natural Disasters but I assume these were added as part of the free update. Anyway I'm kinda confused to why is it a paid dlc when I could just take the songs in the game folder put it in winamp or something and just minimized that and continue playing the game instead of you know.. paying for it
  12. Hello. I have released my new building the COB, featuring 2 of my favorite adultswim shows which are unfortunately cancelled. - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=810459532 For my next project I'm trying to make a bunch of american small & low level residentials, suburban ones based in atlanta.
  13. Mods and Natural Disasters

    Oh yea I got the flickering too as well some other players on reddit (nvm I missed your comment). Even when laucnhed with -noWorkshop/-disableMods it still persists. Here's a pic of a default tree in asset editor. Has it alwasy been like that or have I been using custom trees too long?
  14. That's good to know thanks
  15. Mods and Natural Disasters

    Is it me or are the vanilla trees looking low-res again like when snowfall was launched?