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CJ on Banished

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Saint Vinis

Saint Vinis!

Welcome back to the The Foltson Pact CJ!

Year 3, Rigo and his crew are getting settled and he sets up a scout party to discover new resources.


A group of 5 start a small scout trip. After walking a few miles the stumble on a collapsed tunnel.

they hurry back to Rigo to report what they've found.


Rigo immediately sets up a team to clear the tunnel. He is nosy and needs to know what might be behind the tunnel.

It took them 3 weeks to clear the tunnel and they lost a member due to a collapse in the tunnel during digging work.

They couldn't believe what they've discovered. Another town, housing approximately 150 inhabitants.


He walks into the village and asks the first man he finds who's in charge.

The elder, probably 55 years old which is a very old age for this time, tells him Victor Invictus is in charge and leads them to the, work still in progress, town hall.


The team, satisfied because they are not alone and hoping on some help, walk up to an young man. The man has a big scar in his face and is missing an ear.

Rigo introduces himself and the man winks to some guards. Rigo and his crew look get a bit closer to each other and are holding a defensive stand.


The young man, named Victor, replies the their behavior: "Where are my manners! My name is Victor Invictus;" "I am the town leader, may I offer you something to drink?"

One of Vic's guards walks up to Rigo and offers him ale. Rigo doesn't hesitate and shares the ale with his crew.

Victor starts laughing "Haha, you thirsty ey? Let me guide you to our pub."

Rigo and Victor had a chat with each other and drunk some beers. At the end of the day Victor tells Rigo he could ask everything he needed.

And he and his people are always welcome in Saint Vinis.




I hope you guys liked this episode!


Getting Started

Getting Started

A few months have passed and Rigo end his crew are getting settled.


There are plenty of resources and a local tradesman delivered some sheep after he heard the sad story.

Six houses have been build and, now Rigo wants to focus on food supplies and firewood to get through the winter.


The weather hasn't been an ally the past couple of months and with the winter knocking on the door they'll have to hurry to get some food supplies.

Rigo's brother, Frank, is an excellent archer and is going to hunt some deer real soon. But we need some more wood the build his hut.

So they start cutting trees and clear some space to settle the sheep.


Stay tuned for the next part, you'll get a lot of pictures!


The Foltson Pact

Meet The Foltson Pact. A group of friends, and family, who got banished from Tempus. The capitol of their homeland.

You might wonder why? I'll take you back 2 years before they got banished.

Meet Rigo, a very intelligent but ambitious man. the former of The Foltson Pact. He is 24 years old and studied military strategies, which will be pointed out later in this story.

Because of his stamina rigo had many friends and eventually followers who shared the same thoughts.

This group became much bigger in very less time, one year later he even reached 240 followers throughout his neighborhood.

Robertson, the formal king of Tempus, led the kingdom with a hard hand. Sparing none who didn't share the same thoughts.

Rigo was getting tired of Robertson's regime and started forming a pact, the The Foltson Pact.


10 months traveled by and Rigo finally had enough followers to put out a putsch.

He and his men where able to fight themselves to the court of the Palace but got serious outnumbered.

After a short fight only a few of them remained, Rigo, his brother and some of his friends.

The king was impressed, and decided not to kill Rigo, but his youngest son together with some of his friends.

They all got banished and got a bounty set if they ever tried to reenter Tempus.

This is how Rigo and his pact, or atleast what remains.



After a few months of travelling they finally arrived a good spot to restart their lives and bread on vengeance..


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