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  1. BAT Help - Render Related Issues

    Date: 7/16/2005 5:10:51 PM Author: Odd from Sweden Okay Creature... If Your building is 16 meters wide, the street facade will be about 110 pixels wide. If that is what You get is everything OK, that is what it will look like in the game at the closest zoom. To be absolutely sure that there is nothing wrong with the size of Your building, draw a new box and type in its dimensions of 16 x 16 x 16 meters. If Your building fits fairly well inside the box then the building has the right size. quote> Yea, the building fits right into the box. Cheers for the help mate -creature-
  2. BAT Help - Render Related Issues

    Date: 7/16/2005 4:36:09 PM Author: Odd from Sweden Creature, If You want to have a closer look at the rendering: If You have a scroll wheel mouse, just roll the wheel to zoom. If I zoom in any further, it becomes pixelated. -creature-
  3. BAT Help - Render Related Issues

    Date: 7/16/2005 4:08:44 PM Author: Hanson784 creature, make sure your building is the correct scale. Just scale up your building with the button in the middle of the toolbar, 'select and uniform scale.' Also, make sure you refit your LOD'S before exporting. Hmmm, I dont fully understand what you mean, purely because i'm a total $%&^! at this sort of thing. Here's an image of what I mean. I have everything set out like phillipbo did in his tutorial aswell. -creature-
  4. BAT Help - Render Related Issues

    Hi There. Whenever I preview or export something in BAT, it always comes our really small so I can see the detail fully. If anyone knows what is wrong, help would be greatly recieved. -creature-
  5. Anduin Valley Revisited

    The stadium area is excellent Darmok, all the buildings go together like a jigsaw piece. Great update yet again mate -creature-
  6. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Howdy y'all. I'm from bedfordshire, UK, and i'm a sales advisor at Halfrauds.
  7. Anduin Valley Revisited

    Date: 7/11/2005 9:14:27 PM Author: aldara6166 Darmok, I'll answer this for ya. creature, we use this as a method of leveling the ground we wish to build upon.  If you have an area that you want to uniformly be the same height, you can plop a single street or road tile on that tile.  Then, if you start plopping single street or road tiles around it, all of the adjoining tiles will automatically adjust to the exact same height as the first tile.  Hope that helps...it is a super easy way of terraforming without the god mode tools. Cheers mate. I thought it might have been something along the lines of terraforming, just wasn't 100% sure. -creature-
  8. Anduin Valley Revisited

    Absolutly fantastic Darmok. Everything you've built works really well together, which means that the cities look stunning. Small question, why do you and several other people put little bits of streets everywhere, such as per the first Modifying the Avenue image? Again, fantastic work. -creature-