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  1. DV8 Night Club Tucson

    Tucson in the House! I WILL find a spot for this in my Berlin map!
  2. Cyberdyne Systems

    Just rewatched T2 last week!
  3. North Point Plaza

  4. Diagonal Bridges??

    Well thats a bummer. I'll have to tinker around with it. I may use the "land bridge" idea and just put a horizontal bridge portion in it to allow for boats and ferries to pass underneath. I'll plop some water to make it look good. It should work the same.... just kind of a disappointment. I'm leaving today for the holidays and won't be home til the new year so I'll have to try it in a week or so.... Happy Holidays!!!!
  5. Is it possible to drag a diagonal bridge. To be more specific: a long diagonal bridge? I'm trying to put the Oakland Bay bridge in the appropriate spot, but I can't seem to draw a diagonal bridge. I can drag a horizontal bridge to Treasure Island, but the bridge has to start in the Fisherman's Wharf. Just wondering if there's may be a mod that will help drag diagonal bridges....
  6. Is the stex down?

    I haven't been able to either
  7. Brand new to Simtropolis

    Thanks! I guess thats another question.... How/when do you know if its a "Nam related download?"
  8. Hi all.... just dusted off my old SC4 Deluxe edition and found Simtropolis! Its all a bit overwhelming. I downloaded and installed the NAM. Now, where do I put all the other stuff I download (buildings, MODs, etc)? Do I put it in the "mydocuments/Simcity4/plugins" folder? - OR - Do I put it in the "mydocuments/Simcity4/plugins/network addon mod/plugins" folder or some other folder? To simplify, do I put it in SimCity's plugin folder or the NAM's plugin folder? Thanks guys! I did search for this answer.... there's just soooooo much to go through after just discoving this awesome world!