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  1. Problem with SimCity 4 on Origin

    Even then, it seems to be suppressed at a lower level. If they were willing to give me a different game, it means there's more to this situation than just "we don't have access to the patch." If it was reverted, it seems that someone had to decide to do so. In addition, they had made the decision to give people the patched version after a rise in complaints. After a few months, they quietly slid in the unpatched version and are probably repeating the same excuses they offered people before. I may not own a business, but I would think that this isn't the way to treat your customers. I sent an email to PCGamer to correct their article. It just seems so petty that a company like EA would be acting like this over a game this old.
  2. Problem with SimCity 4 on Origin

    I was going to ask if there was any way to bring this up to the public. Maybe contact PC gamer to correct their "corrected" article. I am extremely irritated as well. I paid with PayPal, so the $10 I originally paid came back almost instantly, so I purchased a copy from GoG. The fact that a company can treat customers like this is unacceptable. You'd figure that with the massive amount of access people have to the internet and the amount of different venues reviews can be posted to, companies would respond a little differently. Guess not. If there is anyway I can help to bring attention to this, please let me know. Their cop out by offering a refund after pretending that they don't acknowledge the issue and pretend it isn't there is enough to give me the drive to pursue complaints against EA. I'll probably try to contact PC gamer myself to update them on the situation.
  3. Problem with SimCity 4 on Origin

    So after contacting EA, again, and spending almost 1.5 hours waiting and then chatting to someone who kept stalling to keep me from speaking to a "specialist," I received a phone call. I explained to the agent of all the links and history you all posted (thanks again, that helped a lot.) The agent said that they do not "have access to the patches and can't just give out the patches/updates" but she "will keep an eye out for it." Even though I linked Tarkus' blog, even though I linked the PC Gamer article, and even though I jumped through every single one of their unnecessary hoops, I still was told it wasn't their fault. She tried to offer me the newest version of Sim City, which after all I've heard about it, I turned it down. I mentioned that Amazon, GoG, Steam, etc all sell the patched version, I just don't understand how EA doesn't. Even though I felt that there would not be a chance in hell to get a refund, she was very quick to offer the refund. Although I'm happy that I received the refund, I am extremely disappointed that a company, which produced some of my favorite games from my childhood, treat their lifetime customers like this. I've purchased every Sims, Sims 2, and Sims 3 games as well as others. EA isn't going to make another penny off of me. I am truly beginning to understand the disgust with gaming companies of today. To rsc204, I wanted to thank you for your complain letter. With a few minor modifications, I used most of your letter. Apparently, the person who kept stalling and later moved my case up to a "specialist," was unhappy with my responses and general mood, that he/she abruptly disconnected the chat with nothing regarding contacting them in the future or any pleasantries, which further drove me to show my dissatisfaction in their survey. Thanks for all the good memories EA, shame we had to part this way. To everyone that responded and helped me, thank you so much. I was getting close to just throwing the game and letting it rot forever in my Origin library. It's a shame how everything went down, but I'm glad there is a great community here to support each other. GoG will be getting my money. I haven't even heard of them before, but their library is impressive. They will definitely be getting my support.
  4. Problem with SimCity 4 on Origin

    I'm in queue right now for support. Got about 30 minutes of waiting, which is my favorite part of enjoying a purchased game. Tarkus, that's what I noticed too. Even after repairing and reinstalling multiple times, I noticed that as well. The date of the exe was back in November 2015. To me, it seems like it was intentionally pushed back, but I hope I'm wrong. One of the EA support members gave me a 15% off code for a future purchase, but obviously after having to waste my time trying to fix this issue, I'm not going to bother purchasing from Origin again. I may even ask for a refund, even though I have 9 hours played, but it's worth a shot. Last resort is downloading it off GoG and then storing it on multiple CD's to make sure I never lose it. Hope this gets resolved in this support chat session. Edit: Refund is out of the question. Way past their return window. Lesson learned. At least it wasn't learned at full price.
  5. Problem with SimCity 4 on Origin

    Tarkus, I did share the link with the rep. It was obviously ignored. Here is the screenshot of the version. rsc204, I did try. I even went so far as to reinstall Origin (under suggestion of the rep,) but there has still been no change in the version number. Repairing the game doesn't work, reinstalling doesn't work, and updating doesn't work. I know for a fact I used to have the updated version back in November because I installed NAM without issue as well as using a custom resolution. I will definitely contact support, again, and ask to be connected with someone higher up. The fact that I'm getting the runaround by EA is ridiculous. I'm glad I bought SC4 for really cheap when it was on sale, but if I knew I would have these issues, I would have just bought the $20 GoG one and not have had to go through the headaches of dealing with support. And regarding DRM, you're exactly right. One of my favorite all-time games is Hitman. The newest one essentially has two DRM's. One is Denuvo, the other is that you have to be online to use any of the content you unlocked. I feel like I rented the game for $60 rather than actually owning the game. Other games are getting cracked, so Denuvo at this point is only a minor inconvenience. For the record, I don't pirate games. I like to support PC games because if they keep getting pirated, no profit from PC means no games for PC. This is getting ridiculous though.
  6. Problem with SimCity 4 on Origin

    Thanks for the quick replies. I will contact EA Again. I don't think that to update the game, I have to disable UAC as well as a bunch of security features. I feel like I'm getting the runaround by the last support agent who didn't understand my issue or just plain didn't care. I'll contact them now and see what happens. In regards to purchasing of GoG, would I be able to burn those files onto a CD and keep it forever? I like Steam and Uplay (not Origin,) but I always feel like if they ever go under, all those games will be lost. I still prefer my physical copies. Also, I decided to include this for giggles. It's from the last time I contacted support. I got this. Edit: No luck. They had me delete local files, temp files, repair the game, etc. Still stuck at 1.1.610. I got disconnected from chat when they had me restart my PC and don't have time to reconnect with them. I linked them to the blog above, but the rep didn't seem to care.
  7. A while back, I purchased Sim City 4 on Origin when it was on sale. I had no issues installing NAM, RHW, and even using a custom resolution. I had to reset my PC due to a virus. I reinstalled SC4, but now Origin won't update it past 1.1.610. I tried contacting support and they gave me a long list of things to do that have nothing to do with getting an update (disabling anti-virus, safe-mode, etc, etc.) Why did they go from giving you the fully patched version of the game to blocking you to 610? Is it something on my end or did EA actually change something? No matter if I download the game to my SSD or HDD, I get the same result. A separate patch I downloaded with NAM tells me old files can't be found and won't allow me to install a new patch, so no NAM. Anyone here have the same issue? A solution besides buying another copy on GoG?
  8. Issues with NAM

    That's exactly what it was. I was following tutorials that I thought were recent. It looks like I have all the parts. It seems that they're just put into different categories and it's a matter of digging into certain options to find it. It's just strange because the single-sided ramps weren't there before, but when I reinstalled it without the Traffic Simulator, they showed up. I even tried to go and check as many things manually as possible and it still didn't show up until the third reinstall. Regarding the diggers, I guess I was referencing to ones that were in outdated tutorials. The ones they had would say a specific task (sunken, tunnels, etc) while the current ones only show meters. I had to do some searching, but eventually found that sunken highways are 15m.
  9. Issues with NAM

    Hello. I'm late to jump on the SC4 train, but better late then never. I played for the past week without NAM. I've build and bankrupted a handful of cities, but I'm doing better each time. Most of the time, traffic kills the city. Enter NAM. It started with simple street modifications and I am currently adding a highway that runs through the center of the city. I am trying to build a sunken highway, but I seem to be missing options. At first, I was missing the single-sided ramps. I uninstalled the mod, re-downloaded the newest version from ModDB, reinstalled it, didn't have it. Deleted the mod, reinstalled again, and the ramps are there. Now I'm missing the overpass pieces to let roads go above the highway. I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong. I installed JAVA, had no errors, and menus are showing up, but it seems there are certain options that are not there. Another one I noticed would be diggers that were specific to certain projects (sunken, tunnel, etc.) Any ideas?