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  1. Urban farming: Industrial hemp

    In the waning moments of voting, I'll confess, I think my city looks pretty crappy, too. Rest assured, however, this is just my "test city." My true city of New Termonfeckin will be much better, with fully-converted graphics, as well as thoughtful terrain and city design. The mayor of the city seen here is actually meant to be quite a jerk. He benefits, probably undeservedly, from the hard work I've put in on behalf of New Termonfeckin. (If you are curious, this also explains the strange red trees. I was experimenting with palette animations. I had to rush to get my entry in when voting began, otherwise I might have submitted an animated gif, which I can safely assume would have irritated EVERYONE!)
  2. Pastoral beauty

    Your town needs its own version of this!
  3. Fall - Harvest Time

    nice woodlot! :~)
  4. Urban farming: Industrial hemp

    By the way, re: my description, I'm not really trying to preach, I was just worried people might have prejudice against an urban farming scene! :~)