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  1. Hello. I am going to buy a computer second hand (a HP G62) and I would like to know if I can run cities: skylines on it (it's mostly what I want to do in it, since I own a Mac for all other personal tasks). I am totally illiterate when it comes to processors and video cards so I was hoping someone could help me out. Thanks in advance? The specs of the computer: HP G62 (bought in 2014) Processor Intel Core i5-430M (3M Cache, 2.26 GHz) RAM 4GB DDR3 Graphics Card HDMI ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Graphics Intel HD Graphics
  2. Thank you rsc, that was a big help
  3. Thanks for the reply. The problem is that I am not a gamer, the only game I want to play is cities: skylines. And I need mac OSX for my daily life and work purposes. So I really only have two choices: 1) buy a MacBook and play the game in it even if not with a perfect performance or 2) buy a MacBook and then also buy a PC laptop to play the same on the side (doesn't sound like a very smart choice). In that sense, I am more looking for information about the limitations of playing the game on Mac OS and how to minimize them (by choosing the right model of MacBook etc) than I am interested in being convinced to buy a PC because it's better for the game (I already knew it was).
  4. Hello everyone! I intend to buy a new macbook but I wanted it to play Cities: Skylines really well. So I have a few questions: What macbook models run Cities Skylines? The ones that do run the game, do they run it as well as PCs/is the game playable as in any other PC? If PCs run the game better, is the game still playable in macbooks and what are the limitations? Are the limitations so big that justify me getting a PC instead of a mac? Cheers!
  5. Any suggestions for sea ports?

    You can take lots of good ideas from these videos. This is the best and most realistic seaport I have seen in cities skylines:
  6. SC4 from app store

    So, all in all, so I buy it from the app store or do I buy the CD?
  7. SC4 from app store

    Hello everyone! Long ago I used to play SC4 a lot. I haven't played for a very long time but I want to start doing it again. The thing is that now I own a macbook, and I wanted to ask you whether buying SC4 from the app store, rather than buying the CD, is a good solution. Does it come with all the functionalities of the original game? Is it compatible with mods and other downloadable content from ST exchange? Thanks y'all.