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  1. They're categorised under parks but how do you 'plop' them? I don't see them on roadsides in the screenshots. These look excellent anyway. I've been using the temporary 'Beach Area' park that attracts Cims but that's just a temporary thing.
  2. Larger Maps

    Not a PC
  3. http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?845936-Request-Precise-road-height-adjuster Precise road height adjuster: Default Road height tool: Press UP or DOWN to raise or lower roads at big increments Mod Request: Hold MODIFIER key - your road is locked in place (on X-Y-coordinate) and now moving your mouse adjusts road's Z-coordinate (height) Release MODIFIER key - return to normally adjusting X-Y coordinates, but with the Z-coordinate you've just set