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  1. SimCity.png

    This was just a little place I made a few months ago. I thought I could maybe upload a few photos.
  2. City Ridge

  3. True, I never had played those. My brothers have. But not me. I'm a graphic maniac.
  4. Okkie, I got SC4 and I like it. Gosh, all of the things SC4 has that SC2013 doesn't! Ouch.
  5. Hmm.. I have six dollars left on my steam account, and I'd like to try SC4. I mean the graphics aren't my cup of tea(And honestly, I don't really like tea. Just using it as a metaphor!), but that's not really what bothers me. I like how there are bigger maps because when I play SC2013 I get bored quickly because there's not a lot to do and not a lot of mods to play with. But I really want SC4....
  6. Well, thanks. I'd like to try SC4, but I asked for SC2013 for Christmas this year. Oops! Lol. But, thanks. I'll defiantly consider trying SC4.
  7. Glad to hear you're enjoying SimCity! But brothers had SimCity 4, I believe, but I've never actually played it. I have SC2013, which I am perfectly okay with. I'd probably like SC2013 more than SC4, but I don't know. What's SC4 like?
  8. Rimouski is actually a rural area

    Lol. I agree. Poor guy in the wheel chair. xD   But nice entry.
  9. The gorgeousness of SimCity

    Happy New Year! Yeah, I'm late......... Anyway, the city looks great! So does that little picture. Creative! ;3
  10. Happy New Year

  11. Intro - The City

    Awesome! I'm excited for the next entry. ;3
  12. Yas! SimCity doesn't crash anymore when I try to play it. c:

  13. Woot! I got SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow... but SimCity crashes when I try to play it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iRowzie


      Hopefully my dad can fix it. C:

    3. Huston


      Is it worth purchasing SimCity these days btw? Haven't really given it much thought considering that I'm still consumed by SC4's alluring details :P

    4. iRowzie


      Personally, I think SC2013 is better than SC4. The graphics are my favorite. But the fact that the buildings look like windows were just slapped onto them I don't really appreciate. :O

  14. Merry Christmas! Yet when I look outside and see no snow, I start singing "Let It Snow" And then I realize it's not working.

    1. Tonraq


      Please let it not snow. We already have a myriad of problems this week :|

  15. Merry Christmas! Yet when I look outside and see no snow, I start singing "Let It Snow"