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About this City Journal

The New Quebec do not like the real quebec, but names of some biggest cities are the same names as real Quebec cities, and the St-Laurent is keeping. Most of the cities will be bigger as the real Quebec cities. Each region will be in categories.

Entries in this City Journal


Urban news:

A new commercial zone is planned and will be, in the future (at the end), huge skyline towers, same as the other commercial zones inside the Rimouski's downtown. Rimouski will look like Dubai at the end.

At November 30th, 01, Rimouski population is actually approximately 1000-1500 people.

Live/weather news:

Christmas 01 will arrive soon! Winter 01-02 will be mild, but long and snowy. March will be cold. August 01 was dry and hot.

Crime news:

October 23rd, 01: A robber have gunshoot the cashier to have money at the first small store at the west of the street just below the Boulevard St-Laurent (Rue Corrigan). The robber exit Rimouski after doing that. There were no police station at this time.

NB: The Boulevard St-Laurent is the avenue that across the Fleuve St-Laurent. It is also numbered QC Route 132.


Urban news:

This is the new commercial area, the central point of activities at Village de Rimouski, but it will, in the future, an area of huge skyscrapers. This will be the heart of Village de Rimouski. The Boulevard St-Laurent is the Quebec Highway 132 (Quebec R-132), at the up of the entry photo.

Crime news:

November 30, 00:

A car theft was happened at some gas station style shop at the vertical boulevard in this entry photo, at 10:12 PM. The guy was drunk. The guy was left Rimouski and possibly went to the Gaspésie region, where he was arrested.

Political news:

As of March 1, 00, The sentence of a murder will be a death punishment.


Urban news:

Rimouski was classed most important in New Quebec cities list. A new (the first) Rimouski industrial zone is in development!

Weather news:

it is cool temperatures, 13°C and rain, today, September 21, 00

Autumn 00 will be cold for all time, with normal temperatures at end of September and first half of October, warm temperatures for early November, and cold temperatures for the rest. November 00 will be normal snowing and raining, and more snow than normal for October.

winter 01 will be cold and long, will more snow than normal. February 01 will be sightly warmer than normal, and snowy.

spring 01 will be normal, with cold march and april and warm may

Crime news:

June 10, 00: A rage gun shoot was reported at late evening and recorded on video. Video posted on simnet (SC4 cities' internet). The guy was more angry than never and started screaming against the victim before shooting. The victim of that is today on wheelchair, because of that. There were not hospitals at small Rimouski town.

August 25, 00: A psycho guy in rage murdered his girlfriend at a small home, at night, in a domestic rage and violence. This guy was probably take drugs and drank before that. The same guy, after the SPVR (Service de police de Rimouski) autority guard arrived at his home, tried to murder the guard before getting arrested. There were not police large services at the small town.

Political news:

Rimouski will be an very important and influencing city in Province of New Quebec, mostly for the Eastern Quebec Pole.


Urban news:

Village de Rimouski is now established. It will be the Rimouski's Downtown Center.

Weather news:

Spring 00 is actually normal, but this year's april was colder than normal. Good news! The last half of May 00 will be very hot, but it is bad news for summer.

This summer will be not very warm and wet. Only the 2 last weeks of July and early August will be hot and sunny. Fall 00 will be cold.

Crime, fire and accident news:

At May 3, 00, an accident with 2 vehicules was happened on the Boulevard St-Laurent, near the intersection at the extreme west of the Village de Rimouski area, result of 1 death of teen boy. The teen boy was possibily drunk before driving very fast on the boulevard.

education news:

no education news

NB: The Boulevard St-Laurent is not on the entry photo.


3/9/00, 7:00 AM

Rimouski urban news:

New homes are building at Rimouski. Main street (rue Principale) is built.

Rimouski is actual a small locality. It will be a small village at the end of this year, or end of the year 01.

Rimouski weather news:

Actual weather:

Light rain, 3°C (windchill -1°C)

Afternoon weather:

Light rain, possibility of sunny, 10°C

Next night weather:


Next 4 months weather forecast:

The temperatures of the last half of March will vary. At all, March will be mild and wet. A 10-15 cm snowstorm may occurate at the end of the month, with temperatures below -10°C at night and average of 0°C at daylight.

April will be cold, but very sunny. The last week may be warm and wet.

May will be warm, on average, with normal precipitation. The first week will be cool and wet. The middle of month will be sunny, with temperatures turning hot. Some severe tunderstorms may occurate at the end of month, with some hot temperatures.

June will be unpleasant, with cool temperatures and wet. The early of Summer 00 may be disappointing!

NEW! Detailled 4 month forecast: mar 9, 00 Rimouski.txt

crime news:


education and school news:


politic news:



Beginning of Rimouski

January 3, 00, 7:00 AM

actual weather:

partly sunny, -28°C (windchill -35°C)


partly sunny, with few snowflakes (30% chance), -23°C (windchill -27°C)

next night:

few snowflakes (40% chance), -23°C (windchill -32°C)

weather 4 months forecast:

January 00 will be very cold, and little snowfall.

Temperature will be turning mild for Mid-February 00, with more rainfall and more snowfall.

March 00 will be mild, and wet in total of rain and snow.

April 00 will be cold, but some warm days will occurate at the end of month. The first and third week will be dry, and the second and last week will be wet.

city development news:

Rimouski was established!

The objectives of rimouski are:

-Population of over 1 million inhabitants

-Huge skyscrapers in the downtown

-Very large metropolis

crime news:


education/school news:


politic news:

Foundation of Rimouski

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