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  1. Freight magazine

    I discover that the little warehouse doesn't work, but larger one works well......mistery simcity
  2. Freight magazine

    I don't think so. Magazine is empty every time. And truks don't exit from garage for all day.
  3. I try to pull industry to produce more freight than necessary. I build a magazine with 4 lots of freight to collect it as commercial building died for "few freight". The problem is that freight it's not accumulated in the magazine as they remain empty. I've 14k produced freight and 6,5k used by commercial building. How can i collect freight?
  4. Chappers, isn't possible to do anything for these problems?
  5. Delete Regional Trees?

    What do you mean with "z axis"?
  6. The skyepack has inside project orion that enlarge the map and de-syncronize pollution, water, resources etc.
  7. Project orion is a mod that do something similar. Pollution and water are in a not real position. It depends on larger map. Not all the parameters are sincronized
  8. Yes, i start every time a new game in a new region to try. Now i've delete the mod but i can try as xordevoreaux suggest
  9. I've big problems to understand water and pollution. I begin my city, and then it says that water is on pollution site!!!!!
  10. I install the skyepack. I understand that i can put single building, but i cannot zone outside the smaller map. And i understand that map increases on north, north-est and est I understand also it's impossible to eliminate the trees in the huge map and that some things (such as water, pollution etc) are not real
  11. Ok. I'll try so. Thank's
  12. I try it many times, but nothing works. Now i'm downloading pack of capton and try again
  13. But is it possible to put down buildings on the new game field? I can only add roads, but there are no possibilities to build anything. Another problem is the camera. I can zoom out very well, but i can't reach the border line of the map, as the camera game respect the old limits.
  14. i think so. i've 287520926
  15. I try to download Nikola101 Mod to grow up freight production. I try the 1.2 and the 1.1.4 mod, but industries continue to produce 60 and not 600 as mod promise. Anyone can help me? Sorry for english