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  1. Aigo Cement Storage Tanks

    awesome work!
  2. Neeker s Earth World DEM

    del u funny boy, you sure complain a lot! And contributing STEX has no matter with manners right?
  3. The Great Seoul Palace

  4. NDEX Visweldt Tower gmax File

  5. Map of Soeul Korea

    thank you for noticing me, Kibumx changed that..........
  6. Map of Soeul Korea

    sorry It's Korean site....
  7. Map of Soeul Korea



    Made by ' Zooper ' of Simcity4.ez.ro (fixed mistake) Just translated by me.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zooper wrote..... Modified mountains from existing data of Seoul DEM map this time I used aerial photography as background so the map became more realistic and made mountains higher than before so it has better look. but many mountains hills could be annoying, when you actually playing the game. You may fix the map which you are dissatisfact about it. If you use my config.bmp Jam-Shil Tan-Choen and Yeo-ue-do could be bit distorted (check the screen shots) fix about this. Then.... make fantastic Soeul~ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy~!