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  1. My water and power aren't going through the intersection, is that a known problem or am I missing something?
  2. Hey all, After updating Simcity to 10.1 this morning, It won't load anymore. If I click on play in Origin it looks like it's going to load but after half a minute nothing happens and I can click play again if I want.. I have already uninstalled and installed again, but it still doesn't work. I also had a few mods installed, tried it with and without but this clearly wasn't the problem. I tried to set Origin in offline mode and then wait for a message to turn it on again as suggested somewhere else, but I don't get any message and nothing happens at all.. I would appreciate any suggestions, as I simply can't play at all at the moment.
  3. This offline version doesn't work for me. I can place a bus shelter, but there's no green area so I can't see which area is covered. Any idea?   I think I just stick with the online version which replaced the stops, that worked fine for me.