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  1. Quick Introduction: Gastaram is a major city within the nation of Teodoros. With its deeply rooted Spanish influence throughout its history, the city at present is a metropolis combining a bit of the old and a lot of the new. The city is nestled in an enclosed estuary along the Gastaram bai, a perfect haven for docking vessels and sea traders during its early days. Geography and Geology: Before we go around the city let me discuss a bit regarding its topographic setting. The geography around Gastaram undoubtedly forms a dramatic background against the modern skyline of the present city. The region is comprised of northwest-southeast trending mountain ridges bounding a shallow estuary onto which three major rivers (Languine, Oltrano, and Gastaram) drain. *upper left label: Languine river; upper right label: Oltrano river; lower label: Gastaram river; left label: Estuario Gastaram The mountain ridges are mainly composed of diorite (an igneous rock) thus profoundly influencing the weathering of these ridges, which often show smooth rolling slopes. Upstream of the Languine river, the Languine Canyon incised deeply on the ridge with steeply dipping slopes on both sides. The NW-SE trending of the ridges is mainly influenced by faults, also trending NW-SE. In fact, The Languine and Gastaram rivers are influenced by the Gastaram Fault, an active fault known to have generated major earthquakes in the past. That's it for a quick overview of the topographic setting of the city of Gastaram. I'll be presenting the city itself on my next journal entry but for now I'll leave you with a few peeks of the city itself.
  2. can i test a post here before proceeding to my CJ.
  3. I extended an friend request via Origin. Once you accept it, I'll extend the invite to the region. voting for airport
  4. Hi dlnewlf, Will I still be able to receive the invite even though I'm off the game? I'm currently at work and won't be able to return to the game until around 5.30-6am Tues (your local time). It is currently 7am tuesday here in my timezone. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, Is it possible to establish trade depot/s or ports on only a single city which would then store the produce from other cities? I tried doing so but the goods are not transported from their original cities. These cities are connected (road/rail) to one another. Are there game mechanics that govern such trade/transfer of goods? Thanks.
  6. Hi there, Interested here to joining this sandbox region. I'd prefer to take up Ingot Landing as I've always specialized in Mining industries since I started playing. My origin ID: digitaljetsetter Thanks.