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  1. I'd really love a mod which would add more bridges. I've always found the regular bridges a bit simple and bland, and the suspension bridges to be a bit too crazy unless you use them with very long bridges. Despite that, I do like the arched bridges available for low-medium density roads, and it would be good if there were more bridges in that style, or maybe even some old stone bridges. Just some variety for bridges would be a really nice addition.
  2. Yeah I agree with both of those. Oil tanker spills or something at intersections or maybe derailed trains would be really cool.
  3. New Great Works Suggestions! I'd like to see a mod which adds more Great Works, and also might re-work some of the original ones in both ways of how they work, perform, their construction, and what they look like. Here are some of my suggestions for some new Great Works: Nuclear Power Great Works Would add a large nuclear power station with an extensive layout. This would be more realistic as you don't usually see nuclear power plants right in the middle of main towns, but rather off in a excluded area. Generates huge amounts of power for all cities in range. Docks/Industrial Import & Export Center This would be something like an extensive area filled with lots of shipping containers, warehouses, cranes, and other industrial/docks items. Could have a canal leading in from the closest piece of water in the region, allowing cargo ships to come in and out. Supplies freight to commercial, picks up freight from industrial, and generates some income. Military Base Could add a quite large military base with a landing strip, and also barracks, supply depots, hangars etc. Maybe the military could be called in to deal with a natural disaster or meltdown at a nuclear plant for example. Would also look really cool in the Desolation or the other desert map. Farms/Agricultural Area Simply would be some different looking fields which would indicate rows of crops or grazing land for animals, with some barns and agricultural facilities such as silos, and farm warehouses and greenhouses. Increase happiness and health of surrounding cities. That's all I can think off for some new Great Works. I would try adding them myself, but I am not very educated when it comes to modding, modelling and texturing.
  4. Show Us Your Oddities

    Oh wow that is crazy. I usually have the typical 'dirt over road' glitch, or the 'stretched bend' glitch, but nothing this radical.