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    I play simcity 4 deluxe edition, Cities XXL, Cities Skylines, Simcity 2013 Cities of Tomorrow, Sims 3, Minecraft, Mass Effect 3, more coming soon
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  1. trying to get over 4.8 Earthquake that struck Victoria, BC at 11:40PM on Tuesday 29 of 2015

  2. Elevated Railway (Offline Only - replaces maglev)

    well the Elevated trains car are messing up the maglev train cars you should separate the maglev car and the elevated car i mean is the normal maglev train car on the maglev track and have the other elevated train car on the elevated track, the Elavated train car is on both that's what i hate
  3. Simcity 4 that's on my mind

  4. Megatower Base in Menu

    i can't bulldoze it
  5. Greenfield server That's new on my mind again

  6. Minecraft, Sims 3, Simcity 2013, Cities XL or Simcity 4 that's new on my mind!

    1. CitiesXL2815


      I do have screenshots of Simcity 4 on Google

  7. Greater Terran #3: Oil Expansion, Density, And RAGE

    So I was going to message on June 16th, but I'll message this. If you go in to your city look at your ground pollution and how much is it. So oil pumps it create's ground pollution. It lunch right now it at 11:15 am I'm off at 2:40 pm.
  8. Minecraft, sims 3 or simcity 2013 that's on my mind!!!!!

  9. Greater Terran #3: Oil Expansion, Density, And RAGE

    Sorry I'd didn't get to reply back too you, because I live in Vancouver in BC my family and I where setting up first aid, bins full of food, water, blankets, pillows and other supplies for us, so we can be ready for a large earthquake we are near a fault line in the ocean and it's near Vancouver island so we are prepared and at westview secondary they're get us to do earthquake drills so I'm distracted, I'll message you this, if you hear on the news about and quake in BC, it might be destructive. We already heaved magnitude in BC, I'll comment in June 16th
  10. An update to fix that bug

    1. CitiesXL2815


      Great Works bug needs to be fix now

  11. Greater Terran #3: Oil Expansion, Density, And RAGE

    Look at that many oil pump you have, I can't put oil pumps because I don't want create pollution in my region and all of the sims will get sick.